1 - 5 July 2017
  Batumi      Georgia

Adults Childrens's Dances Processed Styled

Director:  Murat Erdem

Festival "Batumi Art"
World of Nations folk Dances Festival
Batumi is the second largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea in the country's southwest. Situated in a subtropical zonenear the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Batumi is a popular tourist destination known for its varying weather–it is a bustling seaside resort during warm seasons, but can get entirely covered in snow during winter.

Conditions for participation:

  • The groups are requested to arrive in batumi on 1 July 2017 - 12:00 and depart on 5 July 2017 - 12:00, after breakfast.
  • Dancers (except accompanying people)  must be between 10-45 years old. 
  • We will prefer for dance groups with live music but recorded music also acceptable. 
  • Each group should bring flags of their countries with them.
  • The groups will prepare 5-10 minutes programs. All groups have to prepare  minimum 2 different performances.
  • Pocket money will not be paid to the groups by Festival Committee.
  • Oil will given for these activities to each bus. (If groups came by bus)
  • Please, send this application form back by email  with minimum 6 digital pictures and a short description of your group and videos or links and descriptions of your performances.
  • Number of participants are not limited.

Participation fee:

  • 120 euro per person

Participation fee includes:

  • Organizational expenses
  • Accommodation in a Hotel for 4 nights with 3 meals per day.
  • Gifts provide for each person is an  attendance certificate.
  • On every 25 participants one member is free of charge.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.