Dear friends!
This summer we are meeting again in Moscow!
From 13 to 16 August, 2021 we are waiting for all our friends from different regions of Russia, the CIS and foreign countries in Moscow - the heart of Russia. Let's keep our tradition to meet together, enjoy a celebration of the world cultures and get to know each other better!

Festival info:

  • The V International Festival of Music and Dance "Friends in Moscow" (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is held with the aim of developing, preserving and popularizing the multinational culture of Russia. The idea of ​​the festival is the development of public diplomacy and the establishment of friendship and peace on earth through music and dance.
  • The festival contributes to the strengthening of civil peace and interethnic harmony and is aimed at developing and strengthening friendly cultural ties between creative teams from different countries.
  • Children, youth and adult dance ensembles, choral groups, vocal ensembles and soloists, instrumental groups, as well as performers of other creative genres are invited to participate in the festival.
  • The age of the participants is 5 years and older.
  • The festival-competition is held both in person and/or online.
  • Each participant performs 1 competition piece

Genres of the competition:

I. Vocal genre
  • Academic vocals
  • Folk vocals
  • Pop vocals
  • Jazz vocals
Duration of performance: no more than 4 minutes.
 II. Choral genre
  • Academic singing
  • Folklore and folk singing
  • Pop choir
  • Jazz choir
  • Gospel choir
Duration of performance: no more than 4 minutes.
 III. Theatrical genre Nominations:
  • Artistic word
  • Author's poem
  • Musical performance (musical, ballet, opera)
  • Dramatic performance
  • Puppet Theatre
Duration of performance: no more than 4 minutes, performance no more than 10 minutes.
 IV. Instrumental genre
  • Classical music
  • Folk music
  • Pop music
  • Jazz music
Duration of performance: no more than 5 minutes.
 V. Folklore
  • Song folklore
  • Choreographic folklore
  • Instrumental folklore
  • Theatrical folklore performance
Duration of performance: no more than 5 minutes.
 VI. Fashion theatre
  • Pret-a-porter
  • Evening wear
  • The National costume
  • Historical costume
  • Modern suit
  • Fantasy clothes
Duration of performance: no more than 5 minutes.
 VII. Choreographic genre
  • Classical choreography
  • Folk choreography
  • Folk-stylized choreography
  • Contemporary choreography
  • Variety choreography
  • Children's plot-play dance
  • East Dance
  • Sports dance
  • Hip-hop choreography
  • Breakdance
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Dance theater
  • Dance show
Duration of performance: no more than 4 minutes, dance show, dance theater up to 10 minutes.

Age categories:

  1. 5-7 years
  2. 8-9 years old
  3. 10-12 years old
  4. 13-16 years old
  5. 17-25 years old
  6. Over 25
  7. Mixed
In each age group, performers of a different age are allowed, but not more than 30% of the total number of performers.

Video requirements:

  • Both amateur and professional videos can participate. The shooting might be carried out on stage or home premises, as well as video from another competition or concert is allowed.
  • Videos should be recorded without editing in one frame and posted on the You Tube channel.
  • Only the competitive performance of the participants is presented on the video (full concert or video clips as well as video-presentations are not allowed).
  • The faces, hands, feet of all participants in the video should be clearly visible.
  • The video recording must be the original without the use of filters and other methods of correction or editing.
  • By sending a link to the video, the participant automatically confirms his/her consent to the use of the material by third parties (organizers, jury members, other participants of the competition), as well as to post the video on the organizer’s website. The participant is responsible for complying with copyright laws and correctness of the materials provided.
  • The file name must be made in the following form: City - Team - Number name. For example: Tula - Barbarian - Russian dance

Evaluation criteria:

  • Complexity and technique of execution
  • Artistic impression (image creation, content disclosure, emotionality, artistry)
  • Presentation (costume, props, direction, musical accompaniment, selection of repertoire, stage design)


To evaluate the competitive performances, a competent jury is created, which includes cultural and art workers, representatives of creative and public organizations from Russia and foreign countries.
  • The list of jury members will not be disclosed until the start of the festival.
  • The chairman of the jury has the right of 2 votes in case of a disputable situation.
  • The jury does not take into account the age, material capabilities, social affiliation, nationality and place of residence of the contestants - only creativity on absolutely equal conditions in accordance with this regulation.
  • The jury may decide to cancel the competition for one of the nominations or combine the age categories specified in this regulation, due to the insufficient number of applications submitted.
  • The jury has the right to award not all prizes, to divide prizes among performers, to award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements, to decide on the termination of the performance, which goes beyond the regulations.
  • The jury's decision is final and non-negotiable.


  • Organization of the prize fund is the responsibility of the Organizing Committee of the festival. Any organization or individual is allowed to make charitable contributions to the festival and establish their own prizes.
  • In each nomination and age category, the titles of laureates of I, II, III degrees, as well as the titles of diploma winners of I, II, III degrees are awarded.
  • The number of laureates and diploma winners is not limited, as there is a qualification system for evaluating the contestants, and not comparing them with each other.
  • The Grand Prix is ​​awarded only to one of the 1st degree laureates among children (under 18 years of age) and one of the 1st degree laureates among adults (18 years and older) who received the largest number of votes from the jury.
  • All Grand Prix laureates and 1st degree laureates are awarded with Certificates of nominee for the II International Award “Folk-Star”, which will be held during January 6-9, 2022, in Moscow. At the same time, the Grand Prix winners participate in “Folk-Star-2022” without paying the registration fee.
  • The best collectives and soloists are invited to participate in tours and folklore festivals in Russia and abroad on a free or preferential basis.
  • The best Laureates of the festival are awarded with Certificates of the European Association of Folklore Festivals to participate in the European or World Championships of folklore.
  • The jury reserves the right not to award prizes and to change the number of prizes.
Special Prizes:
  • People’s Choice Award
  • The best national costume
  • For the preservation of folk traditions
  • For the development of public diplomacy
  • Diploma “The youngest participant”

Participation fee:

Festival accommodation package:
  • Group from 16 people - 153 euro/person (for CIS countries 12828 rubles per person) (1 leader is free)
  • Group from 12 to 15 people - 170 euro/person (for CIS countries 14288 rubles per person) (1 leader is free)
  • Group from 10 to 11 people - 183 euro/person (for CIS countries 15400 rubles per person) (1 leader is free)
  • 3 nights at the Park Tower 4 **** hotel (10 minutes to Red Square by metro)
  • (2+2 bed) accommodation in a 2-room suite
  • HB (3 buffet breakfasts + 3 dinners (set menu)
  • sightseeing bus tour of Moscow
  • round bus to the competition venue
  • meeting at the airport / train station by our coordinator
  • airport-hotel-airport transfer
  • entertainment
  • 1 leader is free

Individuals (Airport transfer is not included):

  • DBL/Twin Room - 150 euro/person (for CIS countries 12600 rubles per person)
  • SGL Room - 254 euro/person (for CIS countries 21450 rubles per person)


  • 3 nights at the Park Tower 4 **** hotel (10 minutes to Red Square by metro)
  • Accommodation in a SGL standard room
  • HB (3 buffet breakfasts + 3 dinners (set menu)
  • sightseeing bus tour of Moscow
  • round bus to the competition venue
  • entertainment
  • The organizational donations are not included in the cost of the trip.
  • All travel expenses to Moscow and back are borne by the participants of the festival or delegating organizations.
  • The recommended date of arrival in Moscow is 13 August. Departure date is August 16.
  • Check-in time: 14:00 (2PM), check-out: 11:30 AM
  • Participants can extend their stay in Moscow at an additional cost
  • For those wishing to travel St. Petersburg, we can offer tailor-made tours
Additionally paid - participation in the festival:
Financing of competition and festival events is carried out at the expense of targeted contributions (donations) of the participants of the event.
  • Soloists - 30 euro (for CIS countries 2500 rubles)
  • Duets and trios – 17 euro per person (for CIS countries 1500 rubles per person)
  • Quartet - 14 euro per person (for CIS countries 1200 rubles per reson)
  • Ensemble from 5 participants - 10 euro per person (for CIS countries 1000 rubles per person)
- an international diploma
- a cup for a team or small form
- souvenir with the symbols of the festival
- a letter of thanks to the teacher
- participation in online voting for the Audience Choice Award
Payment order:
  • As a first step - 10% guarantee fee to EAFF
  • Registration to the festival and booking will be made after 30% prepayment is made to the Organizer's account. Full payment of the registration fee is due until August 5, the festival accommodation package until July 15.
  • If the fee is paid by an organization, you must provide the details of the legal entity. Originals of documents (contract, invoice, certificate of completion) are provided upon arrival or sent by mail.
  • In case of refusal to participate in the festival, the registration fee is not refundable.

Festival program:

August, 5
Publishing of video performances and starting the online voting for the Audience Choice Award
August, 13
Arrival of the festival participants. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.
August, 14
12:00 End of voting for the Audience Choice Award.
Departure to the Liazonovo Park. Defile of participants. Competitive concert. Rewarding.
Sightseeing tour of Moscow
August, 15
Breakfast. Free time.
Dinner. Meeting with the Jury. Friendship Party.
August, 16
Breakfast. Departure of participants
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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