How to participate in the online edition of the International Festival ABANICO 2020?

  1. Shoot a non-professional video of the performances you would like to participate with in the competition. The video can be shoot on a phone, in a home setting, as the quality of the video is not essential - it is important that the voice/the singing or the instrument/the audio has the best possible quality. Every performance must be shoot on a different video! Note: You can use an already made video earlier, no matter where. 
  2. Upload the videos in a website for file sharing: we are going to download them from there and prepare them for the contest. For example, a free and easy to use website for file sharing is WeTransfer - If you haven´t worked with it, you can find instructions after submitting the application for participation.
  3. You have to give us the full name of the participant, the age group and the titles of the performances (in the order of the submitted videos). 
  4. After we´ve received the videos and the required information, the performances will be uploaded to a video sharing platform (such as YouTube, etc.), from where they will be available for the jury and for everybody who wants to see them during the competition days on the our Facebook Page. When all the videos are prepared, we will inform you additionally where they can be watched by you. 
  5. Deadline for the video submissions – 30 April – for soloists (duo, trio, etc) – instrumentalists, singers and dancers, etc. For the groups – vocal, dance and instrumental ensembles, etc, the deadline is 30 of May. All the videos must be with a copyrights statement and a permission to use the videos for the competition. 

Participation fee:

The price for Online festival is as follows:
  • Soloists - 55 Euro
  • Duets, small groups (3 people): 30 Euro per person
  • Groups (over 4 people): 165 Euro
  • for additional category – 30 euro
A jury of international specialists will vote for every performance.
The results will be published on here at the regulation.

The final round will take place in Sofia, Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture, 5 of September 2020.  


Подобни фестивали

23 – 25 Октомври 2020 Online


Несебър България
22 – 25 Октомври 2020

Фестивал на църковните песнопения "Св. Димитър"

Велико Търново България
20 – 22 Ноември 2020 Online

Международна научна конференция LCH 2020

Несебър България