Welcome to the III International Dance Festival DANCE LINE. This festival is our aspiration to bring online people from all background and to show that dance is the perfect medium to remind us all of what unites us, joyfully celebrating equality and difference.
The main events will take place on Baltic Pearl partner platforms — YouTube, VKontakte, Zoom and Facebook. All performances which you send us will be stream online. The international jury will evaluate in real-time.
The festival DANCE LINE allows to break the barriers between the countries and to learn and expose the culture of nations from around the world. There is no need for travel expenses, plane tickets and pay for a hotel.
During dance festival will be arranged online conference (webinar) on Zoom to discuss dance works with the jury, so dance group’s teachers will get a chance to ask a question in live broadcast.
The Grand Prix winner will be awarded – 12 000 RUB (or 150 EUR).


  • Establishment of creative contacts, strengthening inter-regional relations and cooperation through the children's work, the formation of the creative potential of the younger generation
  • Revival, preservation and development of national cultures and the strengthening of international cooperation
  • Relationship with the best creative teams, promotion and popularization of choreography
  • Providing methodological and advisory assistance in the field of choreography, the exchange of experience
  • The support of the young, talented teens
  • Bringing together all the dancers and teachers, located far from each other


The team of professional, renowned and respected figures in the world of dance:
Andrei Taran (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Senior teacher at the Department of Choreographic Art at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Head of the department of contemporary choreography at St. Petersburg Zvezdny College. Author of methodological recommendations "Dance without Borders".
Kaja Kreitzberg (Tallinn, Estonia)
Graduate of Tallinn Ballet School, ballet dancer at Estonian National Ballet during 22 years, classical ballet teacher at Tallinn Ballet School, member of jury of Estonian Theatrical Union and Estonian School Dance Festival.
Vladimir Belyh (Belgorod, Russia)
Professor of the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture, choreographer, artistic director, honored worker of Culture in the Russian Federation.

Conditions for participation:

  • International Dance Festival is open for dance groups of different styles, ballet schools, soloists and duets, professional dancers. One dance group may participate in a few nominations and age divisions.
  • There is no age limit for participants.
  • All performers must be registered to the festival.
  • For the participation you have to direct the video with your dances to e-mail of the organizers.
  • Deadline for sending application form is 11 (th) January 2022. It is possible to correct the application form (only part about performances), but no later than 11 (th) January 2022. After we receive the completed application form, we contact you and send the confirmation. Deadline for payment: 11 January 2022.
  • The total time of all videos of dance performances should not be over 25 minutes.

Technical requirements:

  • Accepted the following video files: MP4, MPEG4, MOV, AVI and WMV
  • Video should be provided in good quality
  • Video should be recorded no earlier than 2 years ago
  • Videos can be recorded on the stage as well as in the rehearsal space (the dancers should be dressed in dance outfit)
  • Each video should contain only one dance performance
  • The dance performance should be recorded from the beginning to the end (without pause)
  • Each participant must be clearly visible during all dances
  • The amateur videos are accepted, if the videos correspond with all technical requirements
  • All rights to the video recordings received from the participants are reserved by dance Festival Committee
  • The video files should be renamed with Nomination – age division – dance name – name of your group.

You will be asked to re-record your video, if the video do not correspond with all technical requirements.


The dance festival has following nominations:
− Classical dance
− Сontemporary dance (modern dance, jazz modern etc.)
− Folk dance
− Stylized folk dance
− Children’s dance
− Variety dance
− Ballet
− Show
− Street dance (Hip-Hop, house, techno, funk styles, etc.)
− Flamenco
− Oriental dance
− Historical dance
− Dance theatre
− Tap dance
− Original art
Dance group may participate in several nominations.

Dance groups’ type:

  • Solo
  • Duet
  • Trio
  • Dance ensemble (dance group)

Age divisions:

  • Petite – 4-6 years
  • Junior – 7-10 years
  • Teen – 11-14 years
  • Senior – от 15-20 years
  • Adult – 21 years and older (no age limited)
  • Professional dancers
  • Mixed group

Evaluation criteria:

  • Performing skills-motion technique
  • Compositional structure of programs
  • Compliance with the repertoire of age peculiarities of artists
  • Theatrical skills (plastic, costume, props, culture of performance)
  • Selection and matching of musical and choreographic material
  • Artistry, the disclosure of the artistic image
During the Dance Festival on 16 (th) January the international jury will view and evaluate all performances (dance works) in real-time.
Final webinar with juries on 16 (th) January is a great way for teachers, solo artists and directors of dance schools to stay up to date with the latest developments in choreography and the opportunity to discuss each dance performance with experts.


The most essential and key principals of the Award and the Jury are objectivity, impartiality and uncompromising attitude.
The International Jury awards each dance group in each nomination and each age division based on the result protocols with Laureates I – III degrees and Diplomas I - III degrees.
  • The Grand Prix winner will be awarded with 12 000 RUB (or 150 EUR)
  • The prize for the best dance work - 5 000 RUB (or 65 EUR)
  • The prize to the winner in online voting in our official group in Instagram and VK
  • Diploma for each dance group/ soloist. Gratitude letters for teachers and sponsors.
  • The Juries may award a number of participants or the heads of dance groups (or teachers) with the following Diplomas: “Best ballet master work”, “Best virtuosity and dramatics», “Best contemporary work”
The award fund of The Festival amounts 4,000 EUR.

Participation fee:

  • Ensemble or Dance Group (from 4 to 15 participants) - 9 Euro (or 11$) per person
  • Ensemble or Dance Group (more than 15 participants) - 6 Euro (or 7$) per person
  • Solo (1 participant) - 40 Euro (or 47$)
  • Duet (2 participants) - 60 Euro (or 70$)
  • Trio (3 participants) - 70 Euro (or 80$)

Participation fee includes:

  • Participation in the III International dance festival DANCE LINE 2022 including 25 min for all dance performances
  • Official Diploma for each participant group (eDiploma per email)
  • Webinar on zoom with juries for teachers, solo artists and artistic directors – latest developments in choreography and discussing each dance performance with experts in live broadcast
  • Feedback from the professional juries about each dance performance on webinar (if desired)
Deadline for payment: 10 January 2022. Payments must be received or postmarked by this date.

Additional (optional) services:

  • Extra nominations, if your total dance time is over 25 min. – 12 EUR for every next performance or every next 5 min.
  • The memorable presents (medals) for each participant – 4 EUR per person
  • Paper Diplomas
  • Mailing Paper Diplomas via EMS, Pony Express or DHL

The general fee is the only required fee. All other fees listed above are optional.

Competition procedure:

  • All registered applications will be processed by the organizing team. We will make a competitive program available for viewing three or two days before the festival.
  • All the video presented in the competition will be streaming on our YouTube channel. You will receive a direct link after applying for participation.
  • Dance sections will be formed according to nominations and age divisions. Before the competition each dance group will get an information letter with the schedule of sections.
  • The international jury will view and evaluate all performances (dance works) in real-time.
  • We will also arrange an online conference (webinar) on zoom to discuss dance works with the jury, so dance group’s teachers and solo artists will get a chance to ask questions in live broadcast. We will provide you with a direct link for access (only for the dance teams` leaders, solo artists and teachers).
  • The online voting will be available in our official group in VK and Instagram. The results will be announced after the closing of competition. The winners will be awarded with prizes.
  • Paper Diplomas and memorable presents (medals) are mailed approximately within 7 working days after the competition date (on request).


16 January
10:00 – 10:10 (GMT+3, Moscow time) – Opening of the III International Online Dance Festival DANCE LINE (YouTube channel of Baltic Pearl Creative Association)
10:10 – 14:30 (GMT+3, Moscow time) – The III International Online Dance Festival DANCE LINE (YouTube channel of Baltic Pearl Creative Association - you will receive a direct link 3 days before the competition)
− The jury will view and evaluate all performances (dance works) in real-time.
− Dance sections are formed according to nominations and age divisions.
14:30 – 15:30 (GMT+3, Moscow time) – The online conference (webinar) with the jury. Each dance group’s teacher and solo artist will get a chance to ask a question in live broadcast and discuss your dance performances. We will provide you with direct link on Zoom for an access (only for the dance teams` leaders, solo artists and teachers).
18:30 – 19:10 (GMT+3, Moscow time) – Gala concert and awarding ceremony of the III International Online Dance Festival DANCE LINE (YouTube channel of Baltic Pearl Creative Association)
− Announcement of the Grand Prix winner, the winners of prize «high performing skills», the winners of online voting in our official group in Instagram and VK.

We open the world for talents!

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.

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