Children folk dance group "Pastalnieki" is one of the leading children folk dance groups in Latvia. Dance group founder and manager, choreographer is Aija Ruliete. Currently in folk dance group "Pastalnieki" dancing around 200 dancers aged 5 to 22 years. Dance group "Pastalnieki" is an active participant in major Latvian events such as the biggest travel tradeshow in the Baltics "Balttour", event dedicated to International family day "My family road", Latvian folk dance festival, Latvian midsummer festival, theather performances  and in lot of other regional and national events. Thanks to group high achievements, group also has received opportunity to dance in the presidential palace. Dance group "Pastalnieki" regularly is the winners of Latvian dance festivals and competitions. Groups has participated also in several festivals and competitions abroad: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary and Germany.