The Association of Cultural club ‘BISER’ was founded on April 14th 2006 based on Decision of Inaugural meeting and registered in the Ministry of Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The main goals of foundation are: preservation, promotion, development and public presentation of culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of tradition of folklore games and vocal instrumental music, permanent researching of folklore creativity with the aim of protecting its originality, gathering of citizens and schools’ youth as achieving of  extraordinary quality in presentation of folklore during the occasional festivities/ceremonies, humanitarian, economic and  competitive appearances, connecting with individuals and other associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as other countries, common achievement of status position of main Association, organizing of professional consultations and cooperation with other associations and institutions from domain of folklore creativity.
In accordance with this, the Association works in three sections/groups:

1)    Folklore group, which is the biggest one
2)    Choir group 
3)    Group of manufacturing folk handicrafts related to manufacture of folk costumes.