22 - 27 August 2022 Online
Nessebar, Sunny beach resort, St. Vlas and Pomorie     Bulgaria

Adults Childrens's Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Habits Authentic Processed Styled

Director:  Kaloyan NIkolov

Application Form

  until 20 August 2022

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Due to the difficulties for crossing the interstate borders caused by COVID 19, the organizing committee announces the holding of a parallel viral edition of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2022" - ONLINE.
Location: Nessebar and the resort complex "Sunny Beach" (Wikipedia)
The World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2022" is organized by:
Euro Folk Academy, World Folk Academy, Event Vacation.
With the support of:
The World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF;

The European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF;

Municipalities of Nessebar, Burgas, Pomorie, Sveti Vlas

Basic Information:

A special feature of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" is that all performances are recorded with professional audio and television equipment and the best of them are repeatedly broadcasted by 20 cable televisions in Bulgaria, by satellite televisions "Travel TV", "Rodina TV" and "Heros TV" with coverage across Europe, as well as by the Television "EuroFolkTV" at tv.eurofolk.com. With these activities the main goal of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2022" is being realized and that is to protection and popularize the traditional folk arts through the enormous possibilities of mass media.

The marks of the participants, appeared in the competition program of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2022", are valid for ranking in the World ranking list of folklore.

The concerts of the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk 2022" are broadcasted live on the Television "EuroFolkTV" at tv.eurofolk.com.

Preliminary Program:

09.11.2021 - 20.08.2022 - submission of applications and videos
22.08.2022 - publishing the videos of all the participants and starting the online voting until 25.08.2022
26.08.2022 - meeting of the Jury commission
27.08.2022 - announcement of the results of the online voting and the evaluations of the jury live during the last concert of the standart edition of the Championship


Main purpose of the organizers is to provide opportunity for presentation of creative groups, involving them into a competition program, and defying the best of them.

For participation in the competition is required accreditation of the participants, which is carried out under the following conditions:
  • Those wishing to participate should fill in the application form. Submission of an application means agreeing with the Regulation of the online edition.
  • A separate application form shall be filled in for each individual performer or formation.
  • Individual performers and formations from all countries can take part in the Championship.
  • There are no age restrictions for participants.
  • Each individual performer, vocal group, dance group, folk orchestra or ensemble participates with one performance.
  • Participants are responsible for compliance with copyright and related rights.
  • The videos of the performances are sent together with the application for participation until 20.08.2022 through a link to a video, published on YouTube or or by e-mail: office@eaff.eu, by using the web platforms for data transfer: We Transfer, DOX or Google Drive.
  • After sending the application form, you will receive a confirmation of participation.

Regulation of the contest:

Contest system includes the following categories:
A) Groups for folklore songs, authentic folklore; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
B) Groups for folklore songs, modern arrangement of folklore music; (choirs and choirs with accompaniment)
C) Folklore dance groups, authentic folklore; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
D) Folklore dance groups, modern choreography; (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
E) Folklore ensembles  (mixed), authentic folklore; (live vocals, instrumentals and dances)
F) Folklore ensembles (mixed), processed performances; (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
G) Folklore and Classical instrumental groups; (ensembles, orchestras)
H) Folklore groups for recreating customs - replicas; (folklore groups, ensembles)
I) Groups for old urban songs or Classical music. (groups, ensembles)

*i  individual performers and duets by all categories exept E,F,H;
*1  by all categories there is also ranking of children and young people up to 18 years. /in children's and youth groups can participate up to 30% of participants from different age
*2  by all categories there is ranking adults people up 18 years.

Formations that can take part in the competition program:
• folklore ensembles, song and dance groups;
• choirs;
• clubs for folklore dances;
• groups for old urban songs;
• brass bands and folklore orchestras;

• individual performers and duets;

Duration of performances:
  • Songs and instrumental performances – from 2 to 5 minutes
  • Round dances and choreographies     – from 3 to 10 minutes
  • Customs and ensemble plays              – from 5 to 15 minutes
Requirements for video files:
- Non-professional and professional videos made up to 2 years ago are accepted.
- For non-professional recordings, use the highest resolution of your camera and shoot from a tripod, horizontally. Group performances to be shot from appropriate distance to catch the group. Before sending the file, check for audio and video defects. Recommended video format .mp4 - 8 MB, HD.
- The use of video taken during other competitions and concerts is allowed.
- It is recommended that participants be dressed in national costumes.
- Title the video files with the names of the performance and the group; for individual performers - the name of the performance and the name and surname of participant.

Participation fee:

Participants pay fee for participation in the Online edition:
  • Individual performers (soloists)                                                       - 25 Euro
  • Chamber formations, ensembles (up to 12 participants)           - 35 Euro per group
  • Choirs, orchestras and ensembles (13 participants or more)    - 75 Euro per group

The participation fee is paid after filling in an application form and approval of the video for participation in the competition. The organizing team sends a confirmation for participation with the necessary payment instructions to the approved groups.

Additional fee: /by reqest/
Personal Diploms for participation /for groups/ in XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2022" - ONLINE - 2 Euro per person.
  • The evaluations from the participation in the online competition of the XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2022" - ONLINE will be valid for ranking in the World ranking list of folklore / (https://waff.org/) without additional fee.
  • Full payed collective and individual members of EAFF for 2022 will recieve 20% discount of participation fee.

Assessment and awards:

The videos of all participants will be published in a specially created platform on 22.08.2022 in the EAFF website which will start the online voting of the viewers. The voting period will last until 10:59:59 CET on 25.08.2022. After this period, likes will not be considered for the ranking. The winner will be determined by the number of likes of the audience. The participant with the highest score will receive a Certificate "Award of the spectators".

Members of the jury commission, authorized by EAFF:
  • Participants will be judged by a highly qualified jury, consisting of recognized cultural figures invited by the organizers.
  • The evaluation system is 60-point, taking the arithmetic mean of the sum of the criteria. 
  • The jury has the right to reduce the overall score in case of non-compliance with the regulation.
The jury evaluates according to the following 3 criteria:
  1. Level of complexity and technique of performance
  2. Vision /costumes, properties, staging, selection of repertoire/
  3. Stage manners /behavior on stage, gestures, contact with the audience, spirit emanation, artistry/


  • Planned prize fund - 4000 Euro.
  • All individual performers and groups will receive a Diploma for participation in the online edition of the XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2022" - ONLINE.
  • Recomendations for participation in World Championship of Folklore "World Folk".
  • The jury awards Diplomas - LAUREATE I, II and III degree in the individual categories. By decision of the jury winners of the Laureate Title I degree will also receive a 10% discount on the fee for participation in the XIII World Championship of Folklore "World Folk" 2023.
  • Special jury awards for Authentic Costume, Stage Costume, Modern Arrangement, Musical Accompaniment, Artistry, Soloist and others.
  • Special prize of EurofolkTV tv.eurofolk.com - one of the participants (group or individual performer) will be rewarded with free video recording. The organization and shooting of the video will take place with the participation of the winner of the award in the World Championship of Folklore in the coming years.
  • In each category and age group, depending on the level of performance and on the total score of the jury, participants receive titles:
    • Laureate I degree (Gold diploma)       - from 150.01 to 180.00 points
    • Laureate II degree (Silver diploma)     - from 120.01 to 150.00 points
    • Laureate III degree (Bronze diploma) - from    90.01 to 120.00 points
    • Diploma (Copper Diploma)                                  - up to  90.00 points
    • The number of diplomas for laureates is not limited.
  • THIRD PLACE - bronze medal, Diploma and a cash prize of 200 Euro in the form of a voucher for participation in the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk".
  • SECOND PLACE - silver medal, Diploma and a cash prize of 300 Euro in the form of a voucher for participation in the World Championship of Folklore "World Folk".
  • FIRST PLACE - gold medal, Diploma and a cash prize of 500 Euro in the form of a voucher for participation in the World Championship of Folklore "World folk".
  • The vouchers are valid for 3 years.
  • All diplomas and vouchers will be sent by e-mail in .jpg format.

Points, valid for World ranking list of folklore:



Points for participation

Points by Category

First round

Points by  Grand Prix

 Second round




  1. 300

  2. 200

  3.   90

  1. 600

  2. 300

  3. 210

Next:  - 12 p.

General terms:

  • Fees for participation shall be transferred by 22.08.2022 via Bank or card.
  • The fees for the money transfers are at the expense of the sending party.
  • Participants do not receive salaries / chonorarium.
  • Completed applications for participation shall mean acceptance of the conditions in this Regulation.
Explicit text: Upon approval for participation in the Championship, the teams or organizations representing them, release the rights to the organizer for the performances to be used in a program (movie) presenting the festival and broadcast on television or otherwise.

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