"Asia Folk 2022" - ONLINE Folklore Festival-Contest


"ArtLar Culture" NGO
"Arts of Mongolia" Agency
"Bilguun Undarga" NGO
European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF
World Association of Folklore Festivals - WAFF


Musicians, dancers and vocal artists from all over world


No age limit


A) Folklore songs groups, authentic folklore (choirs and ensembles)
B) Folklore songs groups, modern arrangement of folklore music (choirs and ensembles)
C) Folklore dances groups, authentic folklore (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
D) Folklore dances groups, modern choreography (folklore dance groups, ensembles)
E) Folklore mix ensembles, authentic performances (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
F) Folklore mix ensembles, processed performances (live vocal, instrumental and dance)
G) Folklore Instrumental groups, folklore music (ensembles and orchestras)
H) Folklore customs groups, recreation (folklore groups, ensembles)
 I ) Groups for old urban songs (groups, ensembles)

*i  individual performers and duets by all categories except E,F,H;
*1  by all categories there is also ranking of children and young people up to 18 years. /in children's and youth groups can participate up to 30% of participants from different age /
*2  by all categories there is ranking adults people up 18 years.

The jury consists of three members. In jury committee may participate only members authorized by WAFF.

The jury evaluates by the following 3 criteria:
   1. Complexity and Quality of performance /level of complexity and technical skills of the performance/
   2. Vision /costumes, props, staging/
   3. Stage manners /behavior on stage, gestures, contact with the audience, spirit emanation/
The marks of the participants appeared in the competition program of the Asian Championship of Folklore 2022 are valid for ranking in the World ranking list of folklore.

Application process:

  1. Application form
  2. Link of Youtube video

Video requirements:

  • solo, duet and trio performance should be up to 5 minutes
  • group performance should be up to 10 minutes
  • can be sent as file and link
  • videos should have caption, including group name, country and application number, "Asia Folk 2022"
  • videos should be taken in last 2 years
  • video, which is longer than time limit will not be accepted for the audition

Participation fee:

  • 30 Euro for solo, duet and trio performance 
  • 10 Euro per person for group performance /total fee will not be exceeded than 250 Euro for larger groups with performers more than 25/


  • Grand Prix, Gold diploma – 500 Euro cash, Diploma
  • Silver Diploma – 300 Euro cash, Diploma
  • Bronze Diploma – 100 Euro cash, Diploma
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree laureates – Diplomas
  • Special prizes by jury team decision – Diplomas
Invitations and vouchers of "Asia Folk 2020" special edition "Ser Ser Salhi" are valid for "Asia Folk 2023" festival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Free participation in XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2022" - ONLINE.
Recomendations for participation in XII World Championship of Folklore "World folk 2022".


Registration and video submission deadline - 25.05.2022
Audition – 27.05.2022 - 01.06.2022
Result announcement – after 01.06.2022
Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.


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