Location: Primorsko - Kiten (Wikipedia) - Primorsko (Bulgarian: Приморско) is a town and seaside resort in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province. A well-known resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, it is located on a gore 52 km south of Burgas and has a beach strip of about 1 km². The average temperature is 27°C in July, often reaching 30-33°C and making Primorsko a favourable place for tourism. The rivers Ropotamo and Dyavolska reka run close to the town, and the Snake Island reserve is also nearby.

Euro Folk Academy, The festival has an excellent quality certificate, issued by EAFF
Event Vacation, Municipality of Primorsko, Kiten

LIVE TV broadcast on the INTERNET of all concerts

Basic Information

The “Euro Folk” Black Sea Fest is held within the scope of “Euro Folk” Musical Feasts - The world is television, which is in different European cities and countries during the whole year. Musical Feasts “Euro Folk” comprise thirty five musical festivals.
Main event of the Musical Feasts “Euro Folk” is Festival №1 in Europe of the traditional folk arts – Stara Planina Fest “Balkan Folk”. Every year in the Festival participate from 9 000 to 15 000 musicians, singers and dancers.
Typical feature of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk” is, that all performances are recorded with professional audio and television technics and the best of them will be repeatedly broadcasted by 50 cable televisions in Bulgaria, the satelite and national televisions  "Travel TV",  "Bulgaria TV" and "Heros TV", as well as by the World Wide Internet television "EuroFolkTV" at tv.eurofolk.com. All this activities realize the main purpose of Musical Feasts “Euro Folk” – The world is television to make the traditional folk arts popular through the mass media.

Preliminary Program

The fest program includes competitions in the following categories:

  • folk songs;
  • folk dances;
  • folk ensembles;
  • folk customs;
  • popular and variety songs;
  • individual performers;
  • old-drawing songs and romances;
The jury will have the right to ask for partial performance and to interrupt it, if it exceeds the prescribed time limits. Participants, however, must be prepared, if requested, to perform the program in its entirety. The concerts of the “Euro Folk” Black Sea Fest are broadcasted live on the Internet Television „EuroFolkTV”. The program must not exceed 20 minutes.
During the Festival studio audio recordings and filming of professional video clips of the participants' program will be done free of charge of those performances awarded by the jury or against payment. It is recommendable that participants should consider 5 days stay in order to make audio recordings and video clips of high quality.
The made recordings will be broadcasted by 50 Bulgarian cable televisions, by satellite televisions with European holding as well as repeatedly on Internet television "TV Eurofolk".  
During their participation in the Fest, the group could be invited by the organizers to take part in the common events - official opening, official closing, parade, cocktail or others.
 1 day – Arival of ensemble after 14.00 h, accommodation. Dinner, overnight stay.
 2 day – Breakfast, facultative tour with attendance of professional local guides. lunch, Leisure, Dinner, Performance, Overnight.
 3 day – Breakfast, facultative tour with attendance of professional local guides. lunch, Leisure, Dinner, Performance, Overnight.
 4 day – Breakfast, facultative tour with attendance of professional local guides. lunch, Leisure, Dinner, Performance, Overnight.
 5 day – Breakfast, facultative tour with attendance of professional local guides. lunch, Leisure, Dinner, Performance. Receiving of certificates. overnight stay.
 6 day – Breakfast, abandonment hotels at 12 h.
You can see  program for 2016 here:  PROGRAM 2016
You can see  program for 2015 here:  PROGRAM 2015
You can see  program for 2014 here:  PROGRAM 2014
You can see  program for 2013 here:  PROGRAM 2013

Facultative tours:

Sozopol - town of God Apolon.
Tzarevo - In the past, summer residence of the Byzantine emperors.
Begliktash - Thracian megalithic sanctuary, built in the 14th century BC, and operates up to 5 century AD
Boat trip in river Ropotamo - Nature Reserve - 5 Euro ticket
Boat trip in the sea - 10 Euro per person.
Leisure - Beach


The “Euro Folk" Black Sea Fest is held for the fifth time within the scope of 5 performing days and evening concerts. Main task of the organizers is to ensure the creative groups an access to the stage, to gather them in a concourse programme aimed at defining the best ones and to popularize the award winners of the fest by broadcasting their art in the European TV channels as well as repeatedly on Internet television "EuroFolkTV".

  • The “Euro Folk” Black Sea Fest is organized by Euro Folk Academy, Municipality of Primorsko and other organizations within the scope of  Musical Feasts "Euro Folk"
  • To enter the participants must be accredited, which is realized under the following conditions:
  • Those who wish to take part in the Festival must fill-in application forms, by which they formally agree with the conditions laid by these Regulations.
  • It is desirable that the participants should send at the above-mentioned address of Euro Folk Academy the latest album of the artist /band/ or demo record of not less than two songs. Further to this it is recommended that the application form should be accompanied with annotation and promo-materials such as photos. All sent materials are not subject of return.
  • In case the request for participation exceed the necessary entries for the concourse day, the jury makes a preliminary selection based on the given records and informs in written form all candidates for which day they qualify.
  • All categories related with categoties of World Association of Folkllore Festivals - WAFF and piont of participation is valid for World Rank List of Folklore of RFS - 150. - http://waff.org/page/ranking-system


  • Grand-Prix “Orpheus” and a diploma. The award is decided by the jury in accordance with the procedures, set by the members before the opening of the festival and announced to the entrants on the opening day.
  • First awards and a diploma in each category. The awards are decided by the jury in accordance with the procedures, set by the members before the opening of the festival and announced to the entrants on the opening day.
  • The jury awards the best performances with a free of charge shooting and producing of a free video clip.
  • All award winners are granted with a Honorary sign and deeds as laureates of "Euro Folk". The awards are granted on ceremonies during "Euro Folk" Musical Feasts - The world is television.  
  • In the opinion of the jury and the producers the best performers and artistic leaders shall be honoured with a Diploma for obtaining the rank  Maestro or Maestro Academic.

All award winners get free of charge a copy of the TV product, which consists their performances, and has been broadcasted in Bulgaria or in Europe and by Internet television "EuroFolkTV".
Participants can order against payment on compact disc, videocassette or DVD the full recordings of their performances and video clips. These products will be with the right of broadcasting in the respective country.

The Music programme is live or CD, Flash. The order of sound-check and performances for each day is decided by the organizers.
Participants do not get paid for their performance.

The jury is international and consists of 3 persons.

Registration of the participants

The registration is made on the basis of an application form for participation by the collective. After confirming the application form, an advanced payment should be made.


(for participants and accompanying persons)

  95 Euro per person -   5 FB (full board) in 2 star hotel
180 Euro per person - 10 FB (full board) in 2 star hotel
115 Euro per person -   5 FB (full board) in 3 stars hotel
220 Euro per person - 10 FB (full board) in 3 stars hotel
In a group of 21 people - 1 person for free

The Registration fee include:

  • 5/10 nights, breakfasts, lunches, dinners in a standard double /triple room in a 3 / 2  stars hotel
  • 2/4 public appearances of 20 minutes for the competition program
  • LIVE TV broadcast on the Internet of all concerts
  • Winners obtain "GRAND PRIX", First award in the relevant category and diplomas of laureates.
  • Certificate for participation.
  • The distinguished by the jury artists and artistic leaders are awarded a Diploma of Maestro or Maestro Academic through the Ministry of Culture of the relevant country.
  • Information materials about the festival

Registration fee not include:

  • transport from airport
  • transport to stages
  • transport and guidе for excursions
  • international insurance
  • Air Conditioner - 5 Euro per day per room
  • Supplement for double room – 5 Еuro per day per person.
  • Supplement for single room – 10 Еuro per day per person.

General Conditions

A 20% advance payment of the total amount for lodging or board and lodging (calculated on the chosen by the group prices) should be deposited  /in EURO/
For example, for a group of 21 people who would stay at a three-star hotel, boarding and lodging for 5 days the amount comes out to: 20 (+ 1 free) x 115 EURO = 2300 EURO. The deposit is 2300 x 0.2 = 460 EURO. This amount should be deposited on the appointed account. The discounts will be substracted by the final payment that will be made at the arrival day.
The sender covers all bank taxes.
All filled in and signed applications will mean acceptance of the terms laid by the present regulations.
Unambiguous text: The artists or presenting organizations, if approved by the jury to participate in the Fest, step back to the organizers the right to be recorded on video and audio, arranged in a program, presenting the fest and broadcasted by a TV channel or some other way, for which a contractual agreement will be signed.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
Next stage payment 20% for booking of accomodation.
Rest of payment 70% - 15 days before start of festival, or on registration with permission of organizers.


Other Editions

4 – 8 September 2024

XXI Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2024"

Tsarevo - Kiten - Primorsko Bulgaria
30 August – 3 September 2023

XX Black Sea Fest „Euro Folk 2023”

Tsarevo, Kiten Bulgaria
31 August – 4 September 2022

XIX Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2022"

Tsarevo, Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 6 September 2021

XVIII Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2021"

Tsarevo, Kiten Bulgaria
2 – 7 September 2020

XVII Black Sea Fest "Euro Folk 2020"

Tsarevo, Kiten Bulgaria
4 – 9 September 2019

XVI "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2019"

Tzarevo - Kiten Bulgaria
5 – 10 September 2018

XV "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2018"

Tsarevo - Kiten Bulgaria
30 August – 4 September 2017

XIV "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2017"

Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 10 September 2015

XII "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2015"

Primorsko - Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 10 September 2014

XI "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2014"

Primorsko - Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 10 September 2013

X "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2013"

Primorsko - Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 10 September 2012

IX "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2012"

Primorsko - Kiten Bulgaria
1 – 10 September 2011

VIII "Black Sea Fest - Euro Folk 2011"

Primorsko - Kiten Bulgaria

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