Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, located on the slopes of the Medvednica mountain and along the banks of the Sava river.

The high peaks of the cathedral can be seen from afar. For centuries, the city has been a center of culture and science. Zagreb is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. It is a vibrant city that offers both culture and entertainment and is a favourite destination of all ages.

In the 1000-year-old Gornji Grad (Upper Town) are the Presidential Palace, the historic St. Mark's church, an authentic pharmacy working since 1350, the Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, the Croatian Parliament and many museums and galleries. All of them are located on romantic stone streets lit by gas lamps in the evening. The other extraordinary area - Donji grad (Lower Town), has many restaurants, cafes, theaters and parks that make it an amazing place. There are many green spaces and avenues in Zagreb. Despite the rapidly developing economy and transportation, the city has retained its charm and relaxed atmosphere.

Town Host - Dugo Selo, Croatia
Dugo Selo is a small hystorycal city and it  is a 20 km drive from Zagreb city centre. Dugo Selo is a part of Zagreb metropolitan area.


Arrival - Check in at hotel - 17:00 Technical conference with all leaders of groups to discuss the program of festival - Dinner

Breakfast - Optional excursion - Dinner - Preparation for the concert
19:00 Opening Ceremony, presentation of Jury and concert for all groups (Competition)

Breakfast - Optional excursions - Dinner

18:00 Ceremony and concert of all groups (Competition). Awards.

Breakfast. Departure of the groups

* The organizers reserve the right to change the program of the "II European Folklore Festival and Competition".


Terms and conditions for participating in the contest:
  • groups who are willing to participate in the "II European Folklore Festival and Competition" have to complete and sign application form
  • all participants pay their own travel expenses
  • the Organizing Committee provides accommodation and cultural program (excursions) by agreement with the participants
  • the presence in various events is required (official opening, official closing, activities or others)

A) solo section (instrumental and voices)
B) Folklore songs groups
C) Folklore dances groups
D) Folklore mix ensembles
E) Instrumental groups (Ensemble and Orchestra)


1° CLASS. (90 - 100 points) - 1st Prize diploma
2° CLASS. (80 - 89,99 points) - 2nd Prize diploma
3° CLASS. (70-79,99 points) -  3rd Prize diploma

The GRAND FINALIST for each Categories is the competitor who gained the 1. prize, but not less than 95/100 points.

1° CLASS. EXCELLENCE (95 - 100 points) - 1st Prize diploma, Cup, medal and special prize
1° CLASS. (90 – 94,99 points) - 1st Prize diploma, medal
2° CLASS. (90 - 94,99 points) - 2nd Prize diploma, medal
3° CLASS. (80-89,99 points) -  3rd Prize diploma, medal

Jury members:

  • Dario Cebić
  • Robert Mihovilić
  • Mario Zbiljski
  • Mario Pleše
  • Nebojša Salopek

* The decision of the jury is final.

Participation fee:

  • 130 Euro per person - 4 days/ 3 nights - half board /breakfast and dinner/
  • Accommodation in 2 or 3-bed rooms

* Supplement for single room - 15 Euro per person per day

Participation fee without using accommodation:
  • Soloist 20 Euro
  • Ensemble or small group 50 Euro
  • Orchestra 75 Euro

Participation fee doesn't include:

  • Travel 
  • Personal expenses
Any group, willing to participate, must complete an Applicaiton from.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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