I International Festival Contest "WONDERLAND" from Varna with love will be held at a resort city on the Black Sea coast, in the State Concert Hall of Varna.

During their stay in Bulgaria, the participants will have the opportunity not only for taking a part in the contest but also to observe many of interesting and colorful places in the country, to get acquainted with its history and culture.


Varna is a huge resort city with a rich centuries-old history, located along the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. With an amazing number of curious corners and attractions. Varna is one of the oldest cities in Europe. In ancient times the city was known as Odessos. The historical life of the city can be viewed underground, on the ground, in museums. Each street, lane will tell you about the different periods of the city - Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman. Varna - interesting, historical, hospitable, paradoxical and winding... A city that will be interesting for everyone!

Conditions of participation - festival nominations:

The competition is attended by children's, youth groups and individual performers aged 5 years and above in the following categories: vocal, choreography, instrumental genre, fashion theater, pantomime, photo creativity, artists. 
  • Vocal - classical, folk, pop, jazz, academic, rock, rap, soul, musical and art song.
    • Solo;
    • Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
    • Choir.
  • Choreography - folk dance, folk - stylized dance, ethnic dance, pop dance, classical ballet, ballroom dancing, modern, jazz, neoclassical dance, sports dances: techno dance, electro - bugi, street dance, hip-hop, break dance, disco, pop locking, etc., "Flamenco"
    • Solo;
    • Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
    • Ensemble.
  • Instrumental genre - folk, classical, jazz, percussion ensembles, guitar ensembles, jazz-style ensembles, chamber orchestras, accordion and bayan orchestras, folk instrument ensembles, vocal and instrumental ensembles. piano; Wind and percussion instruments (trumpet, oboe, clarinet); Folk instruments (button accordion, accordion, guitar, plucked strings, gusli, dombra); String - bowed (violin, viola, cello, double bass, kobyz); Variety instruments (electric guitar, electric guitar bass, keyboards, percussion, drum kit), Rock groups.
    • Solo;
    • Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
    • Ensemble.
  • Fashion theater, Pantomime, Original genres "Circus art"
  • Photo - creativity, Artists, Arts and crafts

Age categories:

  • Vocal and instrumental genre
    • Age category 5 - 7 years
    • Age category 8 - 10 years
    • Age category 11 - 13 years
    • Age category 14 - 16 years
    • Age category 17 - 19 years
    • Age category 20 - 24 years
    • Age category 25 and above
  • Choreography, fashion theater, pantomime, original genres, circus art, photo - creativity, Artists, Decorative and applied arts
    • Age category 5 - 10 years
    • Age category 11 - 15 years
    • Age category 16 - 19 years
    • Age category 20 - 24 years
    • Age category 25 and above

Evaluation criteria (Performing skills):

  • Movement technique
  • Compositional construction of the number
  • Stage performance / plasticity, costume, props, performance culture
  • The complexity of the repertoire
  • Correspondence of the repertoire with the performing abilities and the age category of the performer
  • Selection and matching of musical and choreographic material
  • Artistry, disclosure of the artistic image
  • Degree of instrument proficiency
  • Technical possibilities of ensemble performance
  • Artistic interpretation of a musical work
  • Technical capabilities of performers
  • Artistic design of the program, props

Contest requirements:  

  • Each performer (soloist; duet; trio; etc.) must present 1 competitive composition lasting 3 - 4 minutes, and choreographic groups 1 competitive dances up to 6 minutes each number. All compositions must be recorded on a flash drive and sent in advance to the festival organizers.
  • Mandatory is to have backup copies of the tracks!!!! 
  • Each sound recording must be on a separate USB cable indicating the title of the work, the name of the ensemble and the name of the performer, as well as the duration of the sound of this work. In the application it is necessary to indicate whether a breakdown of numbers is needed or the work will be carried out in one block. Be sure to indicate in the application the surname and names of the festival participants, and their leaders, which must be printed on the diploma. In case of mistakes in the surnames and names in the applications you completed, the diplomas will not be reprinted!!!!! And also you need to specify the technical rider of the participants!!!!! 
  • During competitive performances (vocalists), both groups and soloists, it is forbidden to use plus soundtracks!!!!!
  • All participants perform a song accompanied by a minus phonogram. Soloists can use recorded backing vocals, not duplicating the main melody. Duets, ensembles sing without recorded backing vocals. 
  • MANDATORY!!!!! To negotiate and agree in advance with the sound engineer technical issues on connecting musical instruments and equipment!!!!! 
  • And register all requests in the technical rider!!! 
  • Each participant: Artist and Photographer, must submit no more than 2 competitive works, format no more than A3. 
  • Subject of works for artists: "WONDERLAND" ("WONDERLAND")
    • The technique of performing the work is varied;
    • Subjects for photographers are varied.

Awarding of participants of the festival-contest:

  • The performances will be judged by an international jury.
  • According to the results of the competition, we award the participants of the festival at the Gala Concert.
  • All participants will receive diplomas and memorable gifts from the organizers of the festival.
  • Collectives and individual performers will be evaluated by the jury in nominations, taking into account age categories. The international jury awards: The Grand Prix of the festival, as well as in each nomination and age category, the titles of Laureate of I, II and III degrees, as well as the title of Diploma winner are awarded.
  • Special prize from the organizers of the festival! People's Choice Award! According to the jury, special diplomas and prizes are awarded in the following nominations: "Opening of the festival", "For Artistry", "To the youngest participant", "Best performance", "Originality of the performance".
  • If a situation arises when there are no worthy contenders for the Grand Prix and prizes, these places are not awarded!!!
  • The program of the Gala Concert is determined by the director and production team based on the decisions of the jury.
  • The decision of the international jury is final and cannot be changed!!!
  • The winning teams and individual performers will be made many interesting offers to participate in festivals and competitions held both in Georgia and abroad organized by us, as well as our partners abroad.

Festival program:

Day I - 21 August 2023:
Arrival, meeting at the airport, registration, accommodation of participants and festival guests in a 3* or 4* hotel depending on the purchased package, rest
Lunch or Dinner Dependency from the arrival of the delegations
Meeting with the organizing committee
Free time

Dinner at the hotel

Day II - 22 August 2023
Breakfast at the hotel 
Free time at sea 
Lunch at the hotel 
Free time 

Dinner at the hotel

Day III - 23 August 2023
Breakfast at the hotel
Departure of the festival participants
Competitive performance in the State Concert Hall of the city of Varna. Preparation for the competition
The grand opening of the festival and the beginning of the competition program
Returning to the hotel
Lunch at the hotel 
Competition program (continued) - choreography, vocals, instrumentalists, etc.
Gala concert and rewarding of participants of the festival with memorable gifts from the organizers and diplomas
Return to the hotel

Dinner at the hotel 

Day IV - 24 August 2023
Breakfast at the hotel 
Rest on the sea 
Lunch at the hotel 
Free time 
Dinner at the hotel

On this day you can order an additional excursion/ trip
Disco for festival participants

Day V - 25 August 2023:
Breakfast at the hotel
Free time - rest on the sea 
(Additional excursions can be arranged upon request)
Lunch at the hotel
In the afternoon a sightseeing tour of Varna. We will also visit the shopping center of the city of Varna
Dinner at the hotel

Festive dinner for heads of delegations

Day VI - 26 August 2023:
Breakfast at the hotel 

Departure of the festival participants transfer to the airport

See you next year!!!

Participation fee:

  • Hotel 3* (all inclusive light): 340 Euro per person (Location in the city: "GOLDEN SANDS")
  • Hotel 4* (all inclusive light): 380 Euro per person (Location in the city: "GOLDEN SANDS")

Participation fee includes:

  • Transfer (minimum 20 people) - from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport.
  • All transfers during the festival. 
  • All transfers during the tour. 
  • Organization fee for the main nomination of the group.
  • Hotel at Golden Sands 5 nights/ 6 days (3x - 4-bed accommodation in 3* or 4* hotel rooms). 
  • A group with at least 20 participants, one double room is provided for no extra charge. 
  • Free place for the leader of the group according to the scheme: 25+1
  • Three meals a day - all inclusive (light).
  • Sightseeing tour of Varna. 
  • Diplomas, letters of thanks, gifts from the organizers to all festival participants and leaders.

Extra expenses:

  • Airplane tickets;
  • Delegation insurance;
  • Extra night at the hotel;
    • (hotel 3*) up to 12.99 years old - 35 Euro, over 12.99 years old - 40 Euro
    • (hotel 4*) up to 13 years old - 40 Euro, over 13 years old - 45 Euro
  • Additional charge for a double room is 15 Euro (for 3* hotels) per person per day;
  • Supplement for single room is 25 Euro (for 3* hotels) per person per day;
  • Soloists pay an additional registration fee to the main cost of the program 30 Euro;
  • "Small forms" (up to 5 people inclusive; soloists, duets, trio, quartets, quintets) additionally pay an organizational fee to the main cost of the program 25 Euro/ person;
  • Additional nomination 20 Euro;
  • Additional excursions are not included in the festival program.
  • In the festival package, the price for the transfer is indicated per group, based on a minimum of 20 people. A group with a smaller number of participants pays extra for the transfer service.

Additional information:

  • The organizers reserve the right to take photos and videos during contest, and after to use them.
  • Leaders are responsible for the health and safety of their Competitors.
  • Applications for participation in the competition assumes agreement with the "Regulations on the competition".
  • Participants of the competition arrive to the country at their own expense.
  • All issues not mentioned in the "Regulations" are decided by the organizers of the competition.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition program. Participants will be notified about changes in the competition program on the official page - Facebook not later than a week before the start of the competition.
  • Mandatory to inform the organizers about changes in the competition program no later than 3 weeks before the start of the competition. After that, the compiled program will not change!

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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