Welcome to the "Mediterranean Folk Fest" – an exciting event dedicated to cultural exchange and the enchanting world of folklore. Located in the picturesque town of Lloret de Mar on the Mediterranean coast, the festival offers participants not only a stage for performances but also immersion in the unique character of this remarkable city.
"Mediterranean Folk Fest" is more than just a festival; it's an immersion into the world of cultural exchange, creativity, and unforgettable experiences. Join us and contribute to creating this unique folklore celebration!
Lloret de Mar, with its rich history and cultural heritage, will be the perfect backdrop for your performance. The main square of the city and its streets will be part of your stage, adding to the uniqueness of each performance.
The festival includes an exciting parade featuring all participating groups. Winding through the city streets, you'll uplift the spirits of spectators, showcasing the diversity of your culture through dance, music, and costumes.
Beyond the stage, you can enjoy the beauty of Lloret de Mar. Explore narrow streets, historical landmarks, and the endless beaches of the Mediterranean. Visit Barcelona, Montserrat, the Salvador Dali Museum, Girona, and other sights.
Special Features of this Festival: Why participate in this competition?
Cultural Diversity: The festival brings together folk dances, vocal performances, and decorative arts, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a myriad of cultures and traditions.
Unique Location: Situated in Lloret de Mar, the festival allows participants to perform on open city squares, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy.
Parade and Excursions: The organized parade and optional excursions enable participants to interact, making the experience more enriching and educational.
Memorable Awards: Each participant receives a certificate, gratitude, and an engraving from the city authorities, creating a valuable memory of the festival.
Friendly Atmosphere: "Mediterranean Folk Fest" brings together creative individuals from around the world, fostering a communicative space for exchanging ideas and creativity.
Award Presentation: The ceremony takes place on the city square, creating a festive mood and allowing participants to share their success with the audience.
Participating in "Mediterranean Folk Fest" is not just a stage performance; it's an engaging cultural journey tailored for you and your creativity.


  • Dance Ensembles
  • Vocal Ensembles
  • Choirs
  • Orchestras
  • Folk Instrumental Creativity
  • Decorative and Applied Arts

Conditions for Participation:

  • Each group must prepare a program of up to 15 minutes, either as a continuous performance or with breaks.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Mediterranean Parade: The festival includes a procession where all groups participate. Prepare the flag of your country and a sign with the name of your group, region, and country.

Memorable Awards:

  • Each participating group in "Mediterranean Folk Fest" will receive the following awards:
  • Certificate of Participation: Acknowledging your participation in this unique folklore event.
  • Gratitude: An official thank you letter from the organizers for your contribution to enriching the cultural diversity of the festival.
  • Engraving from City Authorities: An elegant engraving on a special base provided by the authorities of Lloret de Mar as a symbol of recognition of your creativity.


Stay Program at "Mediterranean Folk Fest" in Lloret de Mar, Spain
Day 1:
Hotel check-in from 14:00
Meet and greet with festival organizers
Dinner at 20:00
Day 2:
Breakfast at 8:00
Optional excursions at 09:00 (additional fee)
Parade of festival participants
First concert day on the city square
Dinner at the hotel
Day 3:
Breakfast at 8:00
Optional excursions at 09:00 (additional fee)
Lunch at 13:00
Second concert day on the city square and the award ceremony
Day 4:
Breakfast at 8:00
Check-out from the hotel by 10:00
Organizers have opportunity to modify the program
If you miss the lunch due to excursions or performances you have to ask for dry rations at the reception of your hotel the day before.

Participation fee:

3* Hotel Full Board:
  • Triple room: 165 Euro per person, extra day €45
  • Double room: 180 Euro per person, extra day €49
  • Single room: 230 Euro per person, extra day €64
  • Free services: Every 25th participant in the group receives our services for free.

Participation fee includes:

  • 4 days and 3 nights in a three-star hotel
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Participation in festival events and concerts
  • Interaction with other participants and exchange of creative experiences
  • Certificates of participation and other memorable awards
Additional Information:
Free services: Every 25th participant in the group receives our services for free.
For accompanying persons that not performing, a 10% discount on the package cost is provided.
 The price does NOT include the tourist tax! Tourist fee is payable by yourself at the hotel reception desk upon check-in.
INCREASE the number of days of your stay and we will organize an excellent excursion program for you! The price of additional days is indicated in the “price” section. For detailed information on excursion programs, you can check with our managers.
BOOK an excursion program in advance, ask our managers for details about our excursion offer.
Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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