5th "Melodromos Festival of Choir" 2024

Thessaloniki - Greece
19 - 20 October 2024

With great pleasure, we invite you to take part in the 5th "Melodromos Festival of Choirs" organized by local Choir, Cultural Association and Municipality in Thessaloniki Greece.
Our purpose is the promotion and preservation of cultural and spiritual musical heritage.

The metropolis of Thessaloniki has a population of over a million and is the biggest city in the northern part of Greece. It is built by Thermaïkos and Strymonikos Gulf, on fertile grounds resting beside the Rivers of Axios, Gallikos and Loudias, as well as the lakes Koroneia and Volvi. Findings prove that Thessaloniki has been inhabited since prehistoric times, marked by multiculturalism, yet its present day modernised state is charmingly intertwined with archaeological sites, byzantine churches and other significant monuments from the past.
Thessaloniki is a busy, bustling city at all times of the day but especially at night when it becomes brighter and colourful.


Type of groups that can participate: Choirs of all kinds

Conditions for participation:

  • The event is a two-day event, specifically Saturday 19 October and Sunday 20 October 2024 with a start time of 19:00, which will take place at the "Mikis Theodorakis" Multifunctional Center of the Municipality of Kordelios - Evosmos in the city of Thessaloniki.
  • You have the right to choose the day if your answer is within a reasonable time. Please respond to us immediately in case of your participation. Also, if the answer is positive, we would like the songs of the repertoire, a short biography of your Choir, as well as a photo to create a program, along with the application form for participation.
  • The presentation time of the Choir is 20 - 25 minutes.
  • The festival is not competitive.
  • A CV of your Choir is requested, as well as a photo of it.

Participation fee:

  • Simple registration - participation: 30 € per person (without accommodation)
  • Full Package, registration, participation and accommodation: The Organizers can give you suggestions/ proposals and prices depending on availability and the category of accommodation.

The organizers provide:

  • The hall of the Cultural Center has a piano.
  • Commemorative diplomas will be awarded to all participating Choirs.
  • Free professional photography and videography. We will send them to you on usb, from the day of your participation.
  • Sweets, treats, water, liquor for all members of the Participating Choirs.
  • Optional Tour of the Center of Thessaloniki (Arch of Galerius, Rotunda, Greco-Roman Agora, Agios Dimitrios), (after consultation with us).
  • At the end of each evening there will be a tavern with a full menu for all participating Choirs at the price of 20 Euro per person. If you do not wish to attend, you must inform us in time.
Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.


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