14 - 19 September 2018
  Shanghai      China

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Shanghai Tourism Festival is a large-scale tourism celebrating event. The Opening parade is one of the traditional programs on this occasion. Many art ensembles from all over the world will be invited to join the gala. 
During the past tourism festival, around 11 million citizens and domestic and oversea tourists participated in the different activities of each festival. In the evening of the Opening, the leaders from different provinces of the state, and officers from different foreign consulates in Shanghai were present at the ceremony. Participants from countries like The Britain, Greece, Spain, USA, Mexico, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Lithuania, Bahamas, Finland, Korea, India, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Australia, Indonesia, Slovakia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Brunei Thailand and regions of Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participated in the opening parade. The event has left a brilliant and happy memory on domestic and foreign tourists and Shanghai public.
The Tourism Festival of 2018 will open on September 15th evening. We sincerely invite your ensemble to participate in the Grand parade of 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival Opening Ceremony.

General Schedule of Performances:

Sept.14 - Arrive in Shanghai, Rehearsal in night;
Sept.15 - Opening Ceremony of 29th Shanghai Tourism Festival at 19:30;
Sept.16 - Public show, visiting;
Sept.17 - Public show, visiting;
Sept.18 - Public show, visiting; Departure.
Sept.19 - Departure.


1. The organizing Committee will only cover the performers' expenditure during the period of STF:
  • City bus (Such as the routes of airport-hotel-airport, hotel-performance venues-hotel) to the days of Sept 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19;
  • Accommodations to the nights of Sept 14, 15, 16, 17, 18;
  • Daily Meals to the days of Sept 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19;
  • Tourist Accident Insurance in Shanghai;
  • A free Visiting in Shanghai
2. The organizing Committee will not undertake:
  • International transportation;
  • Visa;
  • Transportation to/from other city in China;
  • Performers' expenditure besides the STF;
  • Expenditure of Non-performers (guests/spectators/etc);

Explanation on Application – Opening Parade of 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival:

  1. This is a non-profit festival and participating groups are not getting any stipend.
  2. Arrival time: not later than the afternoon of September 14, 2018;
  3. Time of Opening Ceremony and Grand Parade: 19:30 on September 15, 2018;
  4. Number of performers: at least 35 members per team;
  5. Form of performance: performance during the parade, such as Wind Band, Marching Band, Flag Brandishing, Folk dance and any other style;
  6. Performing: Performing on main stage which is in front of VIP area. Performing along the parade road which has 3 or 4 stops for performances;
  7. Route of Parade: Along the Huaihai Road;
  8. Length of parade: about 2.2kms;
  9. Shanghai Tourism Festival Organizing Committee can also provide participants to some performing places in Shanghai for public performances.
  10. Expenditure: Shanghai Tourism festival organizing Committee can take charge of all participants’ accommodation/meals/bus during staying in Shanghai for 5 days. Participants should take charge for themselves the international traveling expenses and other cost of traveling to other cities in China.
If your group covers the pointed terms and conditions and you wish to participate it is required to fill an application form.
The Organizing Committee will send the Official Invitation letter after group is selected and accepted.

Let’s meet in Shanghai Tourism Festival, 2018!