27 - 30 April 2018
  Thessaloniki      Greece

Choirs / Songs Authentic Processed Styled

Director:  Mr Stratos Tsichlas

Thessaloniki, a sea front city with a historical presence more than 2.300 years, is situated in North Greece and it is the second in population city of Greece. It is a major economic, industrial and political centre and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe; its airport and its commercial port are also of great importance. The pleasant Mediterranean climate and the hospitality of the people living in this historical city guarantee an unforgettable visit. 
Staying in Thessaloniki displays also a special archeological and cultural interest. In this way, the choirs can combine their participation in the Festival with the visit to the historical monuments of the city and daily trips in the surrounding area.
The Festival is dedicated to  Peace,  Friendship,  Collaboration,  Brotherhood  and Solidarity  of people.

Conditions of the festival:

  • The Festival does not have a competitive character.
  • All kinds of choirs  (children, youth, adult, female, male and mixed)  can participate.
  • Dancing performances-choreographies that accompany the choirs are welcome.
  • For the first time, the 8th Festival gives the opportunity to dance schools or dancers' groups to participate with choreographies inspired from the world Musical repertoire.
  • The main performance will take place at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Ceremony Hall 1.100 seats situated in the center of the city.
  • The Festival Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday 22nd of April in the morning, at the  Roman Agora-Forum, with the participation of all the choirs that will take part in  the festival.
  • In each concert 2 honory diplomas will be awarded. The audience prize and the artistic committee prize.                                                                                     

Conditions for participation:

  • The choirs, have to arrive in Thessaloniki on Friday 27t April 2018, at noon.
  • All choirs will have to depart on Monday  30 April 2018, after breakfast.
  • During the performance, each choir had to interpret five  (5)  songs of which three  (3)  at least should be Musicals while the other two (2), free choice. Of course the free choice songs should be consistent with the   character of the Festival. They could originate from pop music, jazz or from cinema soundtracks.
  • The Organizing Committee preserves the right to quit the implementation of the program of a choir, in case that  the schedule duration will be exceeded.  
  • Friday 27 April 2018 and Sunday morning on 29 April 2018 the Festival schedule is free. Choirs that do not include Musicals in their  repertoire, could participate with a repertoire of their own  choice.
  • The Organizing Committee of the Festival reserves the exclusive right for radio or television broadcasting and for the recording, filming or photographing of the Festival without any compensation to the participants (choirs- choir conductors-choir members). The choirs participating will obtain the audiovisual material (DVD-Photos) free of charge from the Organizing Committee.  
  • The repertoire of the choirs that will be sent and accepted can not be replaced without prior approval of the Artistic Committee.
  • The Festival Hall is equipped with a piano. Choirs intending to use other musical instruments, will have to take care themselves of their hiring and transportation and to inform the Organizing Committee accordingly.
  • The choirs have also to inform the Organizing Committee  in case of soloist participation at their program.
  • The choirs that wish to use other instruments apart from the piano, or they have soloists, they  will have to inform the Organizing Committee  timely.
  • The day and the order of appearance of each choir will be determined by the Organizing Committee and the choirs  will be timely informed for this.
  • The choirs should submit to the Organizing Committee a copy of the music works (scores) to the performence

The organizers provide:

  • The accommodation of the choirs  will be in double rooms, in hotels of  3* in the city of Thessaloniki.
  • For every group of  20 people one person in double room free of charge will be provided.
  • Two meals a day  (breakfast and dinner) will be offered while on Sunday the  29  of April  at night there is going to be a traditional Greek party with full food and drinks where each choir can present dances and songs from the place of its origin. 
  • The choirs from abroad will be escorted by an English speaking person.
  • Sightseeing around Thessaloniki one of the days at noon.
  • Α memorabilia symbol of the Greek civilization Peace and Friendliness - will be given to all choirs participating in the Festival..
  • Print festival material to all choirs will be provided.
  •  All choirs will receive a diploma of participation.

Participation fee:

  • 138 Euro per person (for 3 nights ) in 3* stars hotel.
  • 158 Euro per person (for 3 nights) in 4* hotel
  • 178 Euro per person(for 3 nights) in 5* hotel
If you wish to prolong your stay we can inform you for the cost
Participation fee includes everything mentioned above

Additional services:

  • Tourism program can be available in agreement with the organizers.
  • At your leisure you can visit resorts in neighbouring prefectures of  Thessaloniki, like the beautiful crystal  clear  beaches Chalkidiki and  Pieria, the city of  Edessa with its waterfalls, you can visit the  mountain  Olympus and also the unique archaeological sites of  Vergina,  Dion or Pella. 
  • You may rent a coach for your optional excursions outside Thessaloniki.
  • The choirs who wish to take lunch, will have a discount at the price of the lunch at the hotel they are  staying or could have a meal in city restaurants suggested by the Organizing Committee, at reasonable prices. 
  • The choirs can arrive earlier or extend their stay in Thessaloniki. The cost per day per person varies  depending on the choice of the hotel class as follows.
  • The choirs, who apart from the English speaking escort would like to have a guide  for their tour in the city  they have to ask it from the Organizing Committee and it is going to be on their own cost.
    Entrance tickets to museums or leisure activities are not included in  the participation  price.
  • Choirs coming by airplane and will require bus  transportation they will be charged with an extra fee.

The Artistic Committee of the Festival will select the choirs that will participate and they will be informed the soonest possible.
We look forward to meet you in Greece in April!!!
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.