14 - 20 July 2019
  Tsaghkadzor      Armenia

Adults Childrens's Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Processed Styled

Director:  Mr Robert Mkrtchyan

International festival ''Happy Planet''
Tsaghkadzor Armenia
The festival is being held in Tsaghkadzor, which is considered a developed Armenia's tourist cities.
The city was fascinated with its mild and healthy climate. A ropeway was built on Tsaghkadzor's picturesque mountains in 1972, which led to development of mountain skiing sport. Here is also the home-museum of famous Armenian scientists Orbely's brothers.
The main purposes of festival is the cultural development, friendly relations between different nationalities and acquaintance, cultural exchange.
Terms and conditions of festival:
Groups, ensembles, individuals, solo, trio and quartet can participate in the festival. The festival consist of 2 parts: competitive and non- competitive. The Participants can  take part in both if they want.

Festival sections:

1. Choreography -  folk, modern, latin, classic.
2. Song – folk, estrad, classic.
3. Painting
4. Musical instruments

Age groups:

  • A  group:    8-12 years old
  • B group:     13-15 years old
  • C group:     16 years and older

The jury of festival:

The professional jury of festival will invite from different countries and they will assess the participants.

Evaluation criteria:

  1. The  technique of performance
  2. The art of performance and  (theatrical ) scenic  mastery
  3. The costumes, used during the performance
  4. The singularity   and originality of composition


The festival starting with parad, national costumes and flag.
In time of parad every group should participate 1 national dance should have duration 2-3 minutes. The parad continue to the square of Tsaghkadzor, where should be the concert.
The first day the group should present 1 dance, which should have duration 5 minutes.
The second day competitive day the group should present 2 dances, each of them should have duration 5 minutes. Every dance with their costume.
The third day the award of prizes and Gala concert, in time the participants should present 1 composition. They should compete for Grand Prix.
The festival have 2 Grand Prix, one for age 8-15 year old andother for 16 years and older.
And exchange of national dances the other countries participants should teaching others their 1 national dance. The leaders and participantsshouldhave master class, which should spend the member’s of jury. They should get the international certificate.


The participants will be awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
The best groups will be awarded in different nominations:
  1. The best dancing technique
  2. The best dancing ensemble
  3. The best scenic mastery
  4. The best performance
  5. The best music
  6. The best costume
  7. The sympathy of spectators

Participation fee:

  • 150 Euro per person

Participation fee includes: 

  • accommodation in 3*** hotel (6 nights / 7 days)
  • full board - breakfast, dinner and lunch
  • transfer
  • If the group consist of 25 participants - 1 is free.
  • 3 excursions: 1. Like Sevan; 2.  Ropeway; 3. National museum
The participants should send 10% of payment - guarantee fee payment ot EAFF. 
The participants should send 10% of payment deposit to the main organizer of the festival for booking hotels in advance till 31st of May, the rest (80%) upon arrival.
Note: That group which will not send payment that group don’t accommodate in hotel.
Additional excursions:
  1. Excursion to  the Yerevan and in Cognac factory  - 15 Euro
  2. Dilijan (Hagharcin) -  10 Euro
  3. Add excursion like Sevan  – 5 Euro
  4. Aqua park – 15 Euro
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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