18. International Competition and Folklore, Dance and Music Festival "RIMINI FEST" is a prestigious cultural event held during the summer months in Rimini – the pearl of the Adriatic coast. RIMINI is not only warm sea, amazing sand beaches and mild subtropical climate, but also rich cultural heritage, ancient history, the magic atmosphere that is familiar from the films of the legendary Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini.

International Competition and Art Festival “RIMINI FEST” is being organized with assistance of City Hall of Rimini and City Department for Music, Theater and Events. Famous Italian cultural and art workers are invited as members of the international jury. The main purpose of the International Competition and Folklore, Dance and Music Festival "RIMINI FEST" is to search for new talented performers, to present their skills and multicultural traditions to the audience and public of Rimini, to make new friends with the same interests, to enrich of the multinational culture on the basis of mutual respect for the cultural traditions of all the countries and nations of the world, to popularize the children’s and youth creative work, to improve professional skills and qualifications of teachers and art leaders.

Participation in the International Competition and Folklore, Music and Dance Festival "RIMINI FEST" will give the opportunity not only to perform on the city's best theater stages in front of the international jury and the Italian public, but also to tan and swim in the gentle Adriatic Sea, to see the unique historical and cultural monuments, such as Piazza Cavour with its luxurious palaces, Triumphal Arch erected by Emperor August, Malatesta Fortress of the 15th century and Malatesta church with a marvelous frescoes and bas-reliefs of famous masters, the Roman amphitheater from the 2nd century BC, where were gladiator fights. From Rimini you can take excursions to the independent republic of San Marino, Rome, Florence, Pisa, etc. Children can visit one of the largest amusement parks in Europe - MIRABILANDIA.

General conditions:

International Competition and Folklore, Dance and Music Festival “RIMINI FEST” is determined for soloists, ensembles and groups of young performers from different countries of the world. The competitive program of the participants is approved by the Organizing Committee on the basis of applications received. The schedule of the competitive programme for all participants is determined in advance and depends on the age of the participants. 

All participants should prepare a competitive program within the time limits specified for each competitive discipline: 4 minutes for soloists & duets, 6 minutes for small formations and 8 minutes for ensembles and art groups.

Participants of International Competition and Folklore, Dance and Music Festival “RIMINI FEST” are divided in the following age categories:

  • MINI KIDS - from 6 to 8 years,
  • CHILDREN - from 9 to 12 years,
  • JUNIORS 1 - from 13 to 15 years,
  • JUNIORS 2 - from 16 to 18 years,
  • ADULTS 1 - from 19 years to 25 years,
  • ADULTS 2 - from 26 years and older,
  • SENIORS - from 50 years and older,

The jury evaluates the skills of the participants during the competitive performance in each competitive discipline and in each age category in accordance with the 10-points evaluation systems. Results of the art competition and festival are being summed up by the end of all competitive performances.


The Organizing Committee awards diplomas of participation, diplomas of Laureate of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, Winner of the Grand Prix and festival medals to all participants. Ensembles and groups of 3 or more persons receive one big cup or trophy of the festival and Diploma, soloists and duets receive one small cup or trophy of the festival and Diploma. The absolute Winner of the festival receives the Grand Prix of the festival and Diploma Grand Prix. All teachers, choreographers, group and ensemble leaders also receive the Diplomas of Festival. 

Technical requirements:

All audio sound records for the competitive and festival program must be sent to the Organizing Committee by EMAIL at least 14 days before the event.
All audio sound records for the competitive program must be recorded in the usual audio format. All audio sound records must be of high quality, with clean editing and cuts. The participants must inform the Organizer if the music stops and starts again after pause or contains silence within the musical composition.


1st day, JUNE 18, 2023
Arrival to Rimini (Italy), self-transportation to the hotel.
At 15:00 – check-in and accommodation at the hotel. Relax on the beach.

At 20:00 p.m. – dinner in the hotel. Overnight in RIMINI.

2nd day, JUNE 19, 2023
Breakfast in the hotel.
FESTIVAL DAY PROGRAMME: stage testing, sound check, general rehearsal.
OPENING CEREMONY in the MUNICIPAL THEATER OF RIMINI, performances of the participants.
Return to the hotel.

At 20:00 p.m. – dinner in the hotel. Overnight in RIMINI.


3rd day, JUNE 20, 2023
Breakfast in the hotel.
A whole day trip to MIRABILANDIA – Italian amusement park, located near RAVENNA. It has an area of 30 hectares, with an additional water world area of 10 hectares. The most notable attractions are the “Katun” inverted roller coaster and the “iSpeed” launched coaster. It houses the 90 meter tall Euro-wheel, Europe's second tallest Ferris wheel (entrance ticket to the MIRABILANDIA PARK for participants of RIMINI FEST is for special discounted price – 25,-EURO per person + 10,-EURO per person/ transportation).
Return to RIMINI.

At 20:00 p.m. – dinner in the hotel. Overnight in RIMINI.

4th day, JUNE 21, 2023
Breakfast in the hotel. Relax on the beach.
At 19:30 – dinner in the hotel.


5th day, JUNE 22, 2023
Breakfast in the hotel.

At 20:00 p.m. – dinner in the hotel.
Optional: Trips to Republic of San Marino, Rome, Florence, Verona or Venice. 
Optional: In the evening – fascinating boat cruise along the Adriatic coast of Rimini!

6th day, JUNE 23, 2023

Breakfast. Check out from the hotel. Departure from Rimini.

Participation fee:

  • 189 Euro per person
    • every 25th person in the group is free of charge (24 paying participants + 1 free)
  • MEMBERS OF ART GROUPS – 25 EURO per participant / main discipline
  • TRIOS and QUARTETS – 40 EURO per participant / main discipline
  • SOLOISTS and DUETS – 50 EURO per person / main discipline

PARTICIPATION IN ADDITIONAL DISCIPLINES: - SOLOISTS and DUETS pay extra 10 EURO per participant / 1 additional discipline; - ART GROUPS pay extra 5 EURO per participant / 1 additional discipline

Participation fee includes:

  • 5 overnights in RIMINI in hotel cat. 3*on basis HB (buffet breakfast and dinner).
  • Accommodation in TRPL, QDRPL for participants and DBL/TWIN (max. 2 per group) for group leaders and drivers without extra payment. 

Additional / Extra payment:

  • EXTRA PAYMENT – CITY TAX RIMINI: On 1st October 2012, following decision no. 30 dated 14/06/2012 taken by the Municipal Council, integrated thanks to executive decision no. 948 dated 13/07/2012, the Municipality of Rimini introduced a Tourist Tax in amount of 2 EURO per person a night (exception for children under 14 years old and drivers) 
  • Extra overnight in hotel – 39 EURO per person a night with HB 
  • Extra payment for accommodation in DBL / TWIN – 40 EURO per person plus to Festival price
  • Extra payment for accommodation in SNGL  – 80 EURO per person plus to Festival price
  • EXTRA PAYMENT – BEACH SERVICE: approximately 15 EURO per  1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds. There are free municipal beaches No. 1 and No. 79 in Rimini. 
  • Travel expenses (COVID PASS, PCR tests, transportation  of participants to / from Rimini, travel insurance, entrance visa to Italy for participants from non-Schengen countries), transfers in Rimini, lunches, entrance tickets to sightseeing objects, tickets to public traffic, optional excursions
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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