Terms and conditions of participation:

  • Entries can be made by the traditional and stylized national dance groups.
  • Each group selected to participate in the Festival (through an official invitation) shall make an advance payment to the Festival, which is a confirmation of willingness to participate in the event.
  • The cost of participation is:
    • 1) up to 25 people: 6 euros per person per day (including the group managers and drivers)
      • accommodation in three-bed and four-bed rooms
      • the participants shall be divided with regard to their gender
      • accommodation and catering shall be provided within the festival’s premises
      • the group manager shall be provided with a single room
    • 2) for each extra person the fee is 25 euros per person per day
      • accommodation in three-bed and four-bed rooms
  • Candidates shall fill in Entry Form (thus expressing their consent to the terms and conditions specified in the rules and regulations), and then submit it to the Festival’s offices.
  • The candidates shall submit the following documents:
    • short CV of the ensemble in English;
    • 10 high quality colour pictures or slides of the ensemble for the Festival catalogue (in JPG format),
    • recent video recordings (in AVI format)  with ensemble’s performances which will be presented during the Festival (see §3 article 4)

Obligations of the organizer:

  • The Organizing Committee shall send an official invitation confirming participation in the Festival to the selected groups by 10.05.2022.
  • Folk groups playing live music shall prevail over groups presenting playback in the selection process
  • During the Festival, the Organizer provides:
    • accommodation
    • 3 meals a day
    • standard healthcare
  • For groups arriving by plane, the Organizer shall provide a free bus service for the duration of the Festival (according the schedule of the Festival) with the exception of transport from and to the airport.
  • All participants shall be presented with gifts and commemorative diplomas .
  • Each group shall be assigned with a guide (a group guardian) who shall be at the group manager’s disposal.

Events of the festival:

  • The Festival is based in the city of Puławy.
  • The main aim of the Festival is to promote folklore, culture of individual nations as well as international cooperation.
  • The Festival is not a competitive confrontation.
  • The duration of the Festival: 8-14.08.2022
  • The folk groups shall be ready to take part in the Festival’s programme with:
    • three different performances up to 10-15 minutes (total 30-45 minutes)
    • a fragment of the performances for the purpose of the parade of about 2 minutes
  • The Festival’s programme comprises:
    • the opening ceremony
    • performances on open-air and indoor stages (in Puławy and nearby towns)
    • the parades
    • meetings with local authorities
    • evening of national traditions
    • closing ceremony
  • Taking photos and recording is an integral part of the Festival. (see §4 article 11)

Obligations of the participants:

  • The advance in the amount of 30% of the fee shall by paid by 30.06.2022 and the remaining amount shall be paid by 30.07.2022 to the account number provided in the official invitation.
  • Should a group perform to playback music, the recording shall be provided by the group in the audio format. Live music (band) is preferred.
  • The Groups travelling by bus shall cover the cost of transport. The bus shall be at their disposal for the whole of the Festival. The Participants shall cover the cost of kilometres travelled.
  • For the Groups arriving by plane, the Organizer may arrange a bus transport from and to the airport. The cost of the transport in the amount of 2 € / 1km shall be covered by the group.
  • The Participants are obliged to have medical and travel insurance.
  • The potential costs of the required entry visa on the territory of the Republic of Poland shall be covered by the participants within their own scope.
  • The Groups shall bring national flags and souvenir gifts for exchange with the other participants and local authorities.
  • The Participants of the Festival shall not make any other engagements within the Festival period and shall take part in all organized events.
  • The groups shall not leave the Festival earlier than after the closing ceremony, which will take place on 14.08.2022.
  • The participants shall strictly observe the Festival program and the schedule of the day provided by the Organizer.
  • The groups, bands and soloists shall not receive any fee for the participation in the Festival as it is in the case of:
    • TV and radio recording.
    • posing for photographs.
    • interviews
  • In case of any damages or material losses, the costs shall be covered by the participants

Safety regulations:

  • The Organizer shall provide disinfectants and masks.
  • Only vaccinated persons or holders of valid Covid-19 tests may take part in the Festival.
  • The Organiser shall not cover costs of the participants’ potential quarantine.
  • The participants of the Event shall abide by the Organizer’s recommendations aimed at providing security and order.
  • The Organizer is entitled to remove from the Festival premises participants who do not abide by the provisions specified in rules and regulations herein. The removed participants shall lose their right to damages and claims against the Organiser.
  • Current sanitation standards as well as ministerial decrees specific to COVID-19 pandemics shall be complied with.
  • The participants shall disinfect their hands and cover their mouths and noses with a masks or face shields for the whole period of staying withing the Festival’s premises. The exceptions are stage performances, for the time of which the Organiser shall express consent not to implement the mentioned above safety measures.

Final provisions:

  • The participants shall be provided with a tentative Festival programme along with the official invitation. The final programme of the Festival shall be provided to the participants on the day of arrival.
  • Shall the Festival be cancelled due to:
    • restrictions preventing the Event from taking place, the organising committee shall return the whole amount of paid advance to the participants account within 14 working days from the date of the Festival cancellation.
    • the Organiser’s fault, the organising committee shall return the whole amount of the paid advance to the participant’s account within 14 working days from the date of the Festival cancellation.
  • Shall the participant fail to take part in the Festival  due to his fault, or random events not related to the Organiser, the advance payment shall not be returned.
  • In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of the Civil Code in force on the territory of  the Republic of Poland, shall apply.
  • Groups applying for participation in the III World Wide IFF 2022, declare that they have read these rules and regulations and agree with its contents in full.
Applications for participation in this festival are accepted only from collectives members of EAFF.
For new collectives - EAFF members fill in an Application form for Membership - http://eaff.eu/en/membership/groups


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