18 - 22 June 2022
 Herceg Novi     Montenegro

Adults Childrens's Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras

Director:  Mr. Aleksandar Petreski

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is situated between Mount Orjen and the entrance to the most beautiful bay in the world – the Boka Kotorska. The town was established in 1382, when a Bosnian ruler King Tvrtko I Kotromanic established it in Topaljski Bay, with the intention of building the town with trade, maritime and crafts activities. He called it Sveti Stefan. As the youngest town on the Adriatic Sea it was called Castrum Novum and Castel Nuovo. It got its current name during the rule of Herzeg Stjepan Vukcic Kosaca during when it developed and flourished. The Turks conquered it in 1482 and ruled there almost 200 years until 1687, with a short period form 1538-1539 when it was conquered by the Spaniards.

Herceg Novi is recognizable by the abundance of mimosa trees and its numerous flights of stairs. It is a ‘city of the sun’, thanks to the large number of sunny days all year round. The centre of Herceg Novi is Stari Grad (Old Town), decorated by buildings dating back to the epochs of Sahat – Kula (1667) and Kanli – Kula (1483). Fortress Spanjola (1538) and Fortress Forte Mare (1687) are only a part of the cultural heritage of this renowned town. Full of thick greenery, Herceg Novi hides numerous kinds of tropical flowers. Towards the end of January the town becomes scented with the subtle fragrance of yellow and green mimosas and the festival of Mimosa Holiday is dedicated to this flower. During the summer months many festivals are organized to further enrich the tourist offer of this enchanted town.

The beginnings of the Herceg Novi tourism are connected to the XIX century. Back at that time the tavern of Sjora Roza and the café "Bella Vista" are mentioned. Still, the precursor of the modern hotel keeping on the Montenegrin coast is thought to be the Hungarian nobleman Antal Magyar from Budapest, who in the 1902 built a "Boarding house on the green beach" in Zelenika, which later became hotel "Plaza" (BEACH) – Zelenika. As in all other town on the Coast, Herceg Novi also has a mild Mediterranean climate; with dry and warm summers and mild winters. In the summer months (July and August) the town has approximately 10, 7 sunny hours per day. The sea temperature in Herceg Novi during the summer is 22 – 26 Cº, and with approximately the same daily air temperature it allows the swimming season to last up to 5 months.

Purpose of the festival:

The main purpose of this festival is to bring different cultures closer through songs, dances, music and interesting national costumes. The main idea of the organizers is to bring to the festival different choirs, folklore and modern dance groups from different countries and different parts of the world and to give them the exclusive opportunity to display their artistry and creativity on the stage. The participants will have the opportunity to meet new people, establish new friendships and learn about different cultures and traditions. The idea of the festival is to develop communication and dialogue between diverse cultures, by nurturing tradition as well as modern dance styles, thus combining the traditional and the modern in a timeline that will take the spectators from history to modern times.

Conditions of the festival:

  • Groups from all over the world can take part in this festival.
  • Folk dance groups, modern dance groups, choirs, but also majorette teams and brass bands and orchestras are welcome to apply.
  • The number of participants and followers is not limited.
  • There is no age limit.
  • It is necessary to prepare minimum one program with the duration of 10 - 12 minutes per program.
  • Each group should bring the national flag of the country that they represent.
  • It is also necessary to visibly display panel on which the name of your group and the name of your country is inscribed.
  • It is recommended that groups should bring about 12 – 15 small gifts for exchange.
  • Participants can perform with orchestras (recommended) or with recorded music (on CD or USB).
  • In order to participate in this festival, every group needs to fill in an application form. When applying, if possible, please provide some photos, videos or brief history of the group. These materials will be used for promotional and advertizing purposes (in advertisements, fliers and posters).
  • After receiving the application form and completion of advance payment, the organizer will send an official letter of invitation for participation at the Festival.

Participation fee:

Accommodation in villas and apartments: 
  • 85 Еuro per person for 3 nights half board (2 meals per day)
  • 99 Еuro per person for 4 nights half board (2 meals per day)
Accommodation in Hotels:
  • 105 Euro per person for 3 nights half board (2 meals per day)
  • 125 Euro per person for 4 nights half board (2 meals per day)
If there are 24 paying participants in a group, the 25th will be free of charge.
Supplement for double room is 8 euros per day per person.
Supplement for accommodation in a single room is + 50% of the price to be paid for the single person accommodated in such room.
Important! Montenegrin Tourist Tax and Insurance (1.5 euros per person per day) is not calculated in the price and is to be paid after arrival and accommodation.

Participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation according to the price selected and meals (HB: breakfast and dinner).
  • 2 double rooms per group with no supplement to be paid (one for the leaders of the group and another for the drivers of the bus). The rest of the rooms are with 3 and 4 beds.
  • Free parking for the bus.
  • On request, each group will have a person available to accompany them on their excursions.
  • On request, a professional tour guide can be hired to accompany the group on their excursions, but the travel guide expenses will be covered by the group.
  • Certificates for participation.


Day 1: 18.06.2022
Checking in the hotel, free time for individual activities.
Meeting with the organizer in order to discuss details about the festival.
Dinner in the hotel.

Free night.

Day 2: 19.06.2022
Breakfast in the hotel.
Visiting the Old Town of Herceg Novi.
Festival evening (Performances).   
Dinner in the hotel.

Free night.

Day 3: 20.06.2022
Breakfast in the hotel.
(Optional) Boat cruise.
Parade on the main street and finishing in the location where the performances will take place.
Second festival night and closure of the festival.

Dinner in the hotel.

Day 4: 21.06.2022  
Breakfast in the hotel.
Visiting Budva, Tivat, Kotor (Groups go on these excursions with their own bus).

Dinner in the hotel.

Day 5: 22.06.2022
Breakfast in the hotel.

Checking out of the hotels.

*The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the festival program.

Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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