2 - 10 June 2018
  Ankara      Turkey

Choirs / Songs

Director:  Prof. Süleyman Tarman

02 June – 10 June 2018
Ankara – Turkey
(5000 participants)
  Ankara, formerly known as Ancyra and Angora, is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. It is Turkey's second largest city after Istanbul. Ankara was Atatürk's headquarters from 1920 and has been the capital of the Republic since its founding in 1923, replacing Istanbul following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The government is a prominent employer, but Ankara is also an important commercial and industrial city, located at the center of Turkey's road and railway networks. The city gave its name to the Angora wool shorn from Angora rabbits, the long-haired Angora goat (the source of mohair), and the Angora cat. The area is also known for its pears, honey, and muscat grapes. Although situated in one of the driest places of Turkey and surrounded mostly by steppe vegetation except for the forested areas on the southern periphery, Ankara can be considered a green city in terms of green areas per inhabitant, at 72 square metres (775 square feet) per head. Ankara is a very old city with various Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman archaeological sites. The historical center of town is a rocky hill rising 150 m (500 ft) over the left bank of the Ankara Çayı, a tributary of the Sakarya River, the classical Sangarius. The hill remains crowned by the ruins of the old citadel. Although few of its outworks have survived, there are well-preserved examples of Roman and Ottoman architecture throughout the city, the most remarkable being the 20 BC Temple of Augustus and Rome that boasts the Monumentum Ancyranum, the inscription recording the Res Gestae Divi Augusti.

What / Where is Ankara? 

  • Info about Ankara please click here

Conditions of participation:

  • Live performance
  • Free concert program for max. 20 min.
  • Only for Choirs from 7 to 77

Festival Program:

  • 1-st day: Beginning of Festival
  • 2-nd day: Rehersals and Festival Concerts
  • 3-rd day:  Rehearsal and Festival Concerts
  • 4-th day:  Rehersals and Festival Concerts
  • 5-th day: Gala Concert and Diploma Awards

Participation fee:

  • Double Room: 200 Euro
  • Triple Room: 200 Euro
  • Single Room: 300 Euro

Participation fee includes:

  • Free participation of all concerts
  • Rehersals/concerts, diploma for conductor/choir, diploma for all participants
  • Accommodation in selected (5*) hotel
  • Breakfast & dinner, (free water and one soft drink with meals)
  • Free participation and accommodation for the conductor
  • Piano at concert hall
Additional offers that can be booked for whole group:
(all tours including transfer from/to hotel, excluding museum enterance)
Excursion 1 – Half Day – 20 Euro
  • Anitkabir – Ataturk’s Mosoleum,
  • Ankara Ethnography Museum
  • Ankara Castle
 Excursion 2 – Half Day – 20 Euro
  • Cer Modern
  • War of Independence Museum
 Excursion 3 – Half Day – 30 Euro
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
  • State Art and Sculpture Museum
  • Ulus (Old City)
 Excursion 4 – Half Day – 30 Euro
  • Beypazari  Old City (100km from Ankara)
  • Visit of Historical Old Houses
  • Traditional foods, testing and shopping
Transfers from/to Airport/Hotel:
  • If you need a transfer for your group don’t worry. We can fix this also. Please send us your arrival airport and number of person. Then we will calculate a transfer fee per person.
Extend your stay:
  • If you wish extend your stay after/before festival or want to visit another city/destination in Turkey, please send us your inquiry.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.