1 - 4 November 2018
  Sochi      Russia

Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Habits Authentic Processed Styled Pop, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop

Director:  Ludmila Pritulchik

The beaches and embankments are located side by side with snowy peaks and ski slopes! The heritage of the Olympic Games offered modern infrastructure and new architectural monuments to the city. The arts festival in Sochi is a wonderful possibility for children to show their talents at the stage of the famous resort!
Salute to Talents International Project was established in 2008. Salute to Talents is the system of prestigious international festivals-contests for children and youth combined with extensive excursion program. During 2018-2019 many festivals-contests were held in various cities all around the world. The Super final of the festival season will be held in October 2019. The Ist degree Laureates at any of the festivals-contests held during the festival season 2018-2019 in the framework of the Salute to Talents project, are allowed to take part in Super final. Super final prize fund is 500 000 rubles.
Participation in the festival-contest is possible for those creative groups and soloists, who filled up the Request form and paid a participation fee and touristic program. The participation fee is calculated by the art-manager of the festival-contest according to the Application. The cost of touristic program is calculated according to the prices posted on the site of the Salut to talents project and its partners and according to Application. Accommodation, transfer and excursions for the participants of the festival-contest are ensured by official project partners only.


  1. Instrumental art. Classical. Folk. Pop. Jazz
  2. Vocal art. Academic. Folk. Pop. Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble
  3. Fine art. Painting and graphics. Photo. Applied arts.
  4. Choreography. Classical dance. Folk dance. Pop dance. Folk stylization. Modern dance (jazz, modern, contemporary). Modern dance (street dances). Modern dance (experimental). Ballroom dance. Childish dance.
  5. Theatre. Drama theatre. Art of declamation. Musical. Mimics and Gesture theatre. Fashion performance. Puppet-show
  6. The original genre
  7. Foklore crativity
The participation in the nomination “Choreography. Childish dance” is allowed only in pre-school and junior age group.

Group categories of participants:

  • Soloists
  • Small Groups (2-3 participants)
  • Ensembles
  • Choirs (vocal groups over 12 people)
  • Orchestras (instrumental ensembles of more than 8 people)

Age categories of members:

  • Pre-School age group – up 7 years
  • Junior age group – 7-10 years
  • Middle age group – 11-13 years
  • Senior age group – 14 -18 years
  • Mixed junior age group – average age of 12 years or less
  • Mixed senior age group – average age of over 13 years
  • Adult age group – over 18 years
Each age group allows participation of up to 30% of members out of the fixed age ranges. 

Rules of participation:

Participation in the festival-contest means participation in one nomination, one age category, and one group category. In the frames of one participation ensembles, choirs and orchestras present a program of two different items performances of the duration of not more than 4 minutes. In the nominations “Theatre” and “Instrumental art” (ensembles and orchestras) it is allowed to present only one performance of the duration of no more than 10 minutes. In the nomination "theatrical creativity", if there is a technical possibility and in conjunction with the organizing committee, it is possible to increase the time of performance to 30 minutes. At the same time, every additional 10 minutes, in excess of the established by the Regulations, are paid as additional participation. Soloists and small groups present a program of one performance of the duration of not more than 5. In the nomination “Instrumental art” soloists and small groups may present two performances of the duration of not more than 5 together. In the nomination "Choreographic Creativity" a presentation of one performance of duration of no more than 10 minutes is allowed. If the participants exceed the time limit, jury is entitled to stop the performance and disqualify the participants.
Choirs present a program with a duration of at least 8 and not more than 15 minutes. The minimum number is 2 songs, at the same   time they must be different. At least one song should be performed a capella. 
In the nomination "Folklore Creativity" groups present a concert-contest program of a mixed genre with a duration of no more than 8 minutes.
Rehearsals and performances are held strictly in accordance with the schedule provided by the art-manager of the festival-contest. Changes to the concert program are accepted by written notification of the art-manager of the festival not later than 21 days before the beginning of the festival tour.
Participation in the “Fine art” nomination is held in the form of exhibition which takes place during the festival-contest. In the frames of one participation it is possible to present 1 or 2 works (all works should be signed), the size of the works (the base area of craftwork) should be 50x70 cm or less.
In case of using the sound recordings the participants should send them to the art-manager of the festival by e-mail and also bring it on a flash drive. All the technical and musical equipment which is necessary (technical rider) should be indicated in the Request.
The winner of the Grand Prix and\or the diploma of 1st degree is allowed to participate in one of the festivals-contests of the Salute to Talents project in the same nomination without participation fee during one calendar year.
* – The organizer has the right to change dates of the festivals-contests.
** – The participant may take part in one festival-contest as a soloist and as a member of small groups only once. Members of the groups, if they participate more than once, get a 20% discount for the second and following participations. Those, who take part in the nomination “Fine Art”, pay a participation fee as soloists with the discount of 50%.

Jury of the Festival:

The jury of the festival-contest is composed of well-known actors, teachers of art disciplines, directors, leaders of art groups, culture and art figures, public figures. The list of jury members is not announced before the day of the festival. At the end of the festival teachers have the opportunity to discuss with the jury members all the performances and exchange their opinions. All the performances are estimated by generally accepted criteria: technical skills (according to nomination), artistry, the complexity of the repertoire (program), the creation of artistic character etc., according to the subjective jury’s opinions.

Prizes and awards:

All the participants receive souvenirs. In each nomination, age and group category the participants get the titles of I, II, III degree Laureates, as well as the title of Diplomant. Laureates are awarded with diplomas and cups. Diplomants are awarded with diplomas only. The jury also chooses the winner of Grand Prix from one of the I degree Laureates. Owner of the Grand Prix has an opportunity to participate in one of the festivals-contests of the Salute to Talents Project in the same nomination during the festival season without participation fee. Special diplomas which are issued if the jury decides that there are distinguished participants, are: “The best Choreographer”, “The best accompanist”, “The best choirmaster”, “The best Director”, “The best costume”, “The most artistic participant”, “The Youngest participant”, “Best fine art work”. Teachers, directors and accompanists will get official letters of gratefulness and certificates confirming that they attended a round table discussion.
The I degree Laureates of each festival-contest are allowed to participate in the Super final of the Salute to Talents project. The I degree Laureates of the “Fine art” nomination (nominations 9-11) are allowed to participate in the Super final of the “Palette of the World” project.


Sochi, 4 days
1st day. 1 November 2018. Arrival day and check-in
Recommended arrival time is from 8:00 to 12:00.*** Meeting with the guide at the railway station (after 8.00 a.m.).*** Meeting in the airport is possible for extra cost.
  • City tour of Sochi. You will visit the historical center of the city, city park, the bank of Black Sea. You will see monumental buildings, theatres and museums, will walk along picturesque sceneries. After visiting city, we will go to Olympic Park that hosted Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014 year.
*For extra payment you can order the trip through the Olympic park by golf cart (4-5 euro per person).
Transfer to the hotel. Check-in after 14:00.
Free time.
Night in the hotel.
2 day. 2 November 2018. Festival
Breakfast. Transfer to the concert hall.
Opening of the Festival-Contest.
Competitive performance.
Round table for jurors and teachers. Workshop (for extra cost).
Gala concert and award Ceremony.
Handing out of diplomas and Winners Cups.
Disco for participants.
In the end of the festival day all kids and teachers will get souvenirs. All teachers will also get letters of thanks and certificates from round table participation.
Lunch and supper during the festival day (for extra cost).
Transfer to the hotel.
Night at a hotel
3 day. 3 November 2018. Free day or excursions at extra cost
Tour to Krasnaya Polyana at extra cost:
  • The picturesque route will lead you to Krasnaya Polyana village. It is the center of eco-tourism and the main ski resort of Russia. You will have the possibility* to rise over 2200 meters and to admire the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. You will also visit the cultural and ethnographic museum and will see Mountain’s rivers.  
Coming back to the hotel
Excursions at extra cost:
  • Mount Ahun and Waterfalls of Agura*. Perhaps it is impossible to find on the Black Sea coast another peak that enjoys the same popularity as Mount Akhun. Being the highest mountain located close to the sea shore Ahun serves as a wonderful panoramic point. From the top viewing platform a unique view opens: the snow-white peaks of the main Caucasian ridge, the surroundings of Sochi, the vast blue of the Black Sea.
  • Tea Houses*. The tour acquaintance with the history of the emergence and spread of the world's northern tea. You will see the exposition in the museum of samovars, learn how to brew tea and the healing properties of this drink correctly.Visit the tea house "Russian terem", where you can try "Krasnodar tea" with jam.
Lunch. Dinner
Night at the hotel.
4 day. 4 November 2018. Check-out
Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel before 12:00 a.m.
Transfer to the railway station. Transfer to the airport is possible for extra cost.
Recommended time of departure is from 10:00 to 14:00.***

Participation fee:

  • Adlerkurort, Korall 3*  –  126 Euro per person
  • 15 people + 1 for free
Organisation fee for one nomination (not included into the participation fee):
15 EUR for one ensemble participant (no more than 225 EUR for an ensemble)
25 EUR for a soloist

Participation fee includes:

  • 3 nights in Adlerkurort hotel
  • 3 meals per day or 3 breakfast****
  • City Tour in Sochi and the Olympic Park
  • Bus tour to Krasnaya Polyana
  • Transfer according to the program***

Participation fee doesn't include:

  • Two-way tickets
  • Additional excursions
  • Any museum’s admissions and ticketing
* Not included into the trip price      
** The quantity of places in hotels is limited! Reservation of places in the hotel of the chosen category is made only after registration of the application (prepayment).
*** In case the group needs a transfer at another time or date, or from the railway station /   airport, which differ from those indicated in the program, the cost can be recalculated by including an individual transfer.
**** The meal system for each group is determined on site. If Rospotrebnadzor defines the group as an "organized children's group", then such a group eats on the portion system, and if not - then the food will pass through the buffet system.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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