29 June - 2 July 2018
  Thessaloniki      Greece

Adults Childrens's Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Authentic Processed Styled Pop, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop

Director:  Mr. Panagiotis Pagonidis

Thessaloniki is the second most populous city of Greece. Often referred to as the co-capital of Greece. The population of the agglomeration is currently estimated at 790.824 inhabitants.
The foundation of the city in the Hellenistic period coincides with a critical phase in the history of the Macedonian Kingdom, starting from the early death of Alexander the Great and claim the throne of Macedon king from his descendants. In the 2nd BC century the city was conquered by the Romans, like the rest of the Greek area and the headquarters of the Roman theme of Macedonia. The importance of it appeared later on the intention of the transfer of the capital of the Roman Empire by Constantine the Great to the east, and was one of the candidate cities which had been suggested as a surrogate of Rome, to eventually selected Byzantium. After the Ottoman conquest by the Ottomans in 1432, remains in the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries. Thessaloniki was founded by Cassander and received its name in honor of his wife, Thessaloniki, which was half-sister of Alexander the Great and daughter of Philip II and the fifth wife, Thessaly Princess Nikisipolis. The city's position in the wider Macedonia-Thrace region, a seaport as a natural gateway to that area of the sea and the natural fortification render Thessaloniki both important strategic point and on the other hand commercial, transport and cultural crossroads since ancient times to the current years.

The idea behind this contest-festival is:

  • The union of all ages under the auspices of creativity, culture and art
  • The opportunity to present their work
  • Noble competition should inspire in the field of culture and art
  • The creation of the "largest group of friends" around the world
  • The acquisition of experiences
  • Building confidence in themselves and their abilities

The aim of the contest-festival is:

  • The acquaintance between members of different clubs and individual groups 
  • The exchange of views, expertise and culture
  • The fun and the acquaintance in a beautiful part of Greece, Thessaloniki.
  • Also during their stay, participants will have time to visit beautiful places, swim in the blue water, enjoy the Greek sun and the Greek hospitality.
  • Holiday, fun, rest. 

Participants in the festival:

  • In the contest-festival may participate soloists and artistic groups, without limitation in the number of participants
  • Participants at all ages .
    • MUSIC: Instrumental-music performance with all instruments (Classic, Pop, Jazz, Groups, Orchestras, Soloists)
    • SINGING: Classical, Pop, Jazz , Chorus, Music and dance groups (solo, duet, trio)
    • DANCE: Classical, Jazz, Modern, Break dance, Hip hop, Latin, Balroom (Solo or groups)
    • COSTUME SHOW: The theme for the creations is "Summer Sweets" 
  • The number of participations in the festival is limited
  • All participants (individual or groups) must bring the flag of their country

Organizational & Technical requirements for the programme of the contest-festival "INTERNATIONAL MOMENTS"


  • Participants present 2 songs (total duration 6 minutes).
  • The duration of each song should not exceed three minutes.
  • The music must be written to USB or accompanied of their own orchestra.
  • The song should not be playback. Vocals are permitted, if considered necessary for the best performance of the song and the participant performs the song live.


  •  Participants present 2 instrumental tracks and the duration of each track should not exceed five minutes.


  • Participants present 2 dances (total duration 6 minutes).
  • The duration of each dance should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The music must be written to USB or accompanied of their own orchestra.


  • Musical instruments, theatrical sets and anything relating to the presentation and execution of the participations not charged to the organizing committee of the contest - festival, but the participants themselves. They shall inform the organizing committee.
  • The rehearsals and the presentation of the participations are made under the guidance of the organizing committee. For the order in the presentation rehearsals and the contest - festival the participant will be informed in time.
  • Тhe organizing committee has the right to distribute festivals promotional material. It also reserves the right for radio or television broadcasting and recording, filming or photographing of the Festival, without any compensation to participants.
  • For all decisions responsible is the organizing committee.

Participation fee:

  • 157 Euro per person

Participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation in 3 * - 4 * hotels in the city of Thessaloniki or on the outskirts and includes:
  • 4 days (3 nights) 
  • 2 meals, breakfast and dinner
  • Accommodation in triple rooms
  • In a group of 30 people, one participant is free of charge (29+1).

Participation fee does not include:

  • Participants may arrive earlier or prolong their stay. For each day the cost is 39 € per person (2 meals, breakfast and dinner, in triple rooms) in the hotel which will be staying during the festival.
  • The stay in a double room, in case of availability, is an additional 13 €/ person / day.
  • The daily overnight stay, which is expected to be charged by the state in 2018.
  • Optional participation in the Greek Farewell Party, 20 € per person, with Greek and foreign music, beverages, soft drinks, juices, appetizers and fruit.
  • Optional excursions. The prices vary depending on the number of participants. Optional tours will be available at your convenience and could be arranged at the arrival of participants.
  • First aid for emergency cases will be provided, but medical services should be covered by the participants themselves. The safety of participants is exclusively personal responsibility of each participant
June 29th, 2018, Friday
Arrival Day. Check in at the hotel from 13:00 onwards. The person responsible for each country or group will inform you in detail about the final program. Free time to stroll in the market, relaxing, sightseeing or whatever pleases you. Dinner.
June 30th, 2018, Saturday
Breakfast. Free time until the afternoon or you can choose one of the optional excursions suggested by the organizing committee upon your arrival at the hotel. Lunch (in consultation with the hotel). Departure from the hotel around 19:00 and transfer to the festival area. During the show will be offered water, soft drinks, juices, sandwiches and pastries. Souvenirs will be given to participants by the local municipal authority at the end of the show.
July 1st, 2018, Sunday
Breakfast. Free time until the afternoon or you can choose one of the optional excursions suggested by the organizing committee upon your arrival at the hotel. Dinner and at 21:00 “Greek Farewell Party” for all participants with Greek and foreign music, beverages, soft drinks, juices, appetizers and fruit.
July 2nd, 2018, Monday
Breakfast. Departure of the participants to return to their homelands with the hope that this experience will stay memorable and the promise to meet again.
  • Certificates of participation will be given.
  • An invitation letter will be sent to participants who apply for it.
  • The festival program can be changed by the organizing committee, if necessary, for the best carrying out of the festival.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment. 

Аs a next step, 30% of the total amount should be paid to the account of the organization committee. Invitation letter will be sent to you after this deposit is being made.
In case of  cancellation of participation, no refund is eligible.

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