27 - 30 October 2018
  Kazan      Russia

Adults Childrens's Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Habits Authentic Processed Styled Pop, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop

Director:  Ruslan Lukichev

Kazan is "the third capital of Russia", founded more than 1,000 years ago. This is one of the largest cultural centers of Russia. In Kazan, with the support of UNESCO, was created the world's first Institute of World Culture, and in 2013 hosted the most ambitious XXVII World Summer Universiade. Unique cultural and historical heritage of Kazan attracts tourists from all over the world. Kazan Kremlin with its famous mosque Kul-Sharif, "falling" tower Syuyumbike, Spasskaya Tower, Cathedral of the Annunciation and other monuments has a leading position in popularity – both among tourists and the Tatar people. We invite you to participate in the III International Festival "Kazan patterns" in May 2015. Perhaps your team will be awarded the Grand Prix!


27 October 2018. Day 1. Sightseeing (transfer is provided)
Arrival of the group to the station, meeting with guide. Recommended arrival time: from 9.00 to 12.00. Meeting with the guide: no earlier than 9.00.
Boarding the bus. Sightseeing tour of Kazan (Kazan Kremlin, the National Cultural Center "Kazan", Marjani Mosque, the Complex of the Kazan University, Holy Cross Church (where the copy of the Kazan icon of God's Mother of the XVIIIth century returned from Vatican City is being stored). The sightseeing tour goes along the oldest city streets: the Kremlin street, the Bauman street, the Big Red street, the Karl Marx street and others).
Walking tour of the Kazan Kremlin (You will see: Syuyumbike Tower, Palace Church, Governor's Palace, Kul-Sharif Mosque, Annunciation Cathedral, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, the Complex of the Gun Yard, Manezh, etc).
Transfer to the hotel. Check-in time after 14.00. Early check-in in the hotel is possible only if there are free rooms available.
Organizational meeting with the leaders of the groups.
Completion of the first day. Free time. Optional - additional excursions *.
28 October 2018. Day 2. Festival (transfer is provided)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Boarding the bus. Transfer to the festival. Registration of contestants.
Rehearsal of the concert program according to the schedule.
Opening ceremony. Welcoming words of the jury and the Organizing Committee.
Performances. Round-tables.
Round table for teachers and group leaders devoted to topical problems of education in the field of culture and arts. Discussion of performances of contestants, discussions with the members of the jury.
Gala concert. Disco.
Awarding Ceremony. Presenting diplomas, cups and souvenirs. Presenting letters of thanks and certificates of participation to the teachers and group leaders (during the round table).
The closing ceremony of the festival. Informal communication of the contestants, exchange of contacts.
Transfer to the hotel. Completion of the second day. Free time.
29 October 2018. Day 3. Free time (groups may visit the Water Park, workshops and so on).
Breakfast at the hotel.
Free time. Optional - additional excursions.* (Visit of one of the largest water park of Europe), excursion along the streets of Kazan, the dinner in the restaurant with national cuisine and a workshop, visit of  the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, visit of the "Kazan Hermitage" (the only branch of the Russian State Hermitage); evening sightseeing tour of Kazan etc.)
Completion of the third day. Free time.
30 October 2018. Day 4. Svijazhsk (transfer is provided)
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure from the hotel no later than 12.00. Boarding the bus.
Bus excursion in Svijazhsk. Svijazhsk was founded in 1551 by Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. 1551 the fortress was built in 4 weeks from the pre-built sections from the Uglich area which were floated down the Volga river. It became the base of Russian troops during the siege of Kazan in 1552. In the middle of the XVI century the Sviyazh fortress exceeded in size the territory of the Novgorod Kremlin, Pskov Kremlin and Moscow Kremlin. Since 1998 Sviyazhsk is a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Svijazhsk is one of the most popular tourist sites of Tatarstan and has a wide range of attractions: Holy Dormition Monastery, the Assumption Cathedral (1556-1561), bell tower of St. Nicholas Church (1556), Sviazhsky Ivanovsky Convent, Church of All the Afflicted (1898-1906) , Sergius church (end of XVI - early XVII century), Sviazhsky Trinity Sergius Monastery (inactive) Wooden Trinity Church (1551), Constantine and Helen Church (XVI-XVIII centuries), Monastery Makarevskoy desert Sviyazhsky reserve on the other side of the Volga.
Return to Kazan. Transfer to the train station. Recommended departure time: after 17.00. Free time before the departure. Completion of the festival program.
 * - Not included in the registration fee

Participaton fee:

(according to the preferred category of accommodation)
  • 89 Euro (per person) Category "Economy" – Quadruple and 5-bed Rooms with shared bathroom, business breakfast.
  • 99 Euro (per person) Category "Economy+" – Double and Quadruple Rooms with shared bathroom, buffet breakfast
  • 115 Euro (per person) Category "Standard" – Standard Double (Twin) Rooms with Bathroom, buffet breakfast
  • 135 Euro (per person) Category "Comfort" – Standard Double (Twin) with Bathroom, buffet breakfast, European level of comfort.
    • If there are 15 paying participants in a group, the 16th will be free of charge.
** WARNING! Number of hotel rooms is limited! We book the rooms only after receiving prepayment. 3-bed rooms are available upon request.

Participaton fee includes:

  • accommodation in Kazan (4 days/3 nights);
  • meals (3 buffet breakfasts and 2 lunches);
  • sightseeing tour of Kazan;
  • walking tour of the Kazan Kremlin;
  • guided bus tour to Svijazhsk;
  • meeting the group at the railway station (for groups of 10 people or more);
  • transfers according to the festival program;
  • diplomas, certificates, cups, invitation & thank-you letters and souvenirs for contestants.

Participaton fee does not include:

  • entrance fees to museums and tourist sites;
  • additional sightseeing tours and transfers;
  • transfer "station-hotel-station" for small groups (less than 10 people) - on request;
  • visas & transport charges;
  • additional night of stay at the hotel.
** WARNING! If a sightseeing tour or transfer is rescheduled by the applicant's request to the date or time differing from the standard festival program all expenses shall be covered by the contestant according to the issued invoice.
Organizational fee for one nomination (not included into the participation fee):
  • 12 Euro for one ensemble participant (no more than 180 EUR for an ensemble)
  • 20 Euro for a soloist
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment