16 - 18 February 2018
  Vienna      Austria


Director:  Mr. Dragan Petkovich

Application Form

  until 26 January 2018

We invite you to the International Dance Competition "Vienna Dance Open"
16 - 18 Feb 2018


Coming to hotel, the accomodation, optional leave for Vienna sightseeing, accompanied by the local experienced guides. Sightseeing of the former Habsburg capital, now one of the leading cities of European culture: Belvedere, Karlskirche (Charles’ Church), Karlsplatz (Charles’ Square), Musikverein (Music Society, the host of the famous Vienna New Year’s Concert), Sezession (Secession), Naturhistorisches Museum (Museum of Nature History), Kunsthistoriches Museum (The Art History Museum), the big circular boulevard Ringstrasse with the Parliamentom, Burgtheater, The City Hall (Rathaus), Votivkirche Church etc. the walk thorugh Hofburg and the city centre Stephansplatz (St. Stephen’s Square) and Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Church). After the sightseeing, the free time. Accomodation to the hotel. Overnight stay.
Breakfast. After the breakfast preparing for the competition. Start Vienna Dance Open 2018. Optional: Common friendly party of the participants from all groups! Overnight stay.
Breakfast. After the breakfast the optional sightseeing of the unique summer palace of the Habsburg dynasty Schönbrunn.While walking thorugh the lavish rooms of the edifice, you will feel the power and the wealth of the ruling dynasty. After the sightseeing of the inner palace, walk through the grandious garden and the creations of the Schönbrunn gardeners. Make the most beautiful photos the Gloriette viewpoint. The time for the free activities in the city centre. In the afternoon there is a possibility of optional sightseeing of the highest building in Austria, the famous Danube Tower, where you can have the wonderful view to the city and its surroundings. All participants have to go to their own point of return with the hope to see each other next year!


  • Solo, Duo/Trio
  • Group: 4 -10 dancers
  • Formation: 11 - 30 dancers

Age category:

  • Baby: 5,5 years and less
  • Mini: 5,6-8,5  years Children: 8,6-12,5  years
  • Junior: 12,6-16,5 years
  • Senior: 16,6 years and up

Time limit:

  • Solo, Duo/Trio: 1.00-2.00 min
  • Group: 2.00-3.00 min
  • Formation: 3.00-4.00 min 

Dance disciplines:

  • Open
  • Contemporary/Modern
  • Ballet
  • Jazz Style
  • Art Dance
  • Musical Theater
  • Folk Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Acro Style
  • B Boying
  • Hop  Style
  • Street Style
  • Disco Style
  • Production Number
  • Street Jazz/Funky Jazz/MTV Dance
  • Belly Dance
  • Cheerleading
  • Latin Show
  • Standard Show
  • Majorette

Dance floor:

  • 10X10 m, ballet floor


  • one choreography/one song/one cd (audio format, with wrappers )!!! 

Participation fee:

  • 89 Euro per person / 4**** Hotels
  • paying goes in several month payments till departure)
  • Fee for participation in the contest program:  30 Euro per participant

Participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation in hotels like Hotel Pyramida **** www.austria-trend.at/eventhotel-pyramide.at , Hotel Senator ****, Arion City Hotel ****, Hotel Messe Prater Wienn ***…based on 2 BB (bed and breakfast) in 1/3 rooms ( 1/2 + 1 );
  • Organisational costs;
  • 1 free place on each 25th member; (25 +1)
  • First fee for participation at Vienna Dance Open 2018.;
  • Awards for dancers: MEDALS and DIPLOMAS for all dancers, CUPS for groups and formations (1st/3rd place awarded), SPECIAL AWARDS for free participation in some of our festivals (Vienna, Prague, Rome, Rimini, Spain, Amsterdam, Serbia...)

Participation fee does not include:

  • extra dinner in the hotel (from 12-18 €) or dinner in the Restaurant (from 7-12 € ) with possible delivery to your choosen hotel;
  • there is a possibility for extra BB day in Hotel Pyramida **** for 30€ per person per day, or in some other hotel from 28€ per person per day;
  • optional sightseeing (Vienna, Schönbrunn Castle, Danube Tower, discotheques...)
  • travel insurance
  • additional payment for 1/2 rooms is 5€ per person per night;
  • every next fee for participation at Vienna Dance Open 2018. is10€ per dancer per choreography

Notice: after choreography application deadline, we will send you all your choreographies to check if everything is ok, you will have 48h to answer us. After this deadline additional application, changes or cancelation, will no longer be possible, and all fees have to be 100% paid!!!

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

Application Form     until 26 January 2018