2 - 5 November 2018
  Riccione – San Marino      Italy

Childrens's Dances Processed Styled

Director:  Mrs. Svetlana Rumenova

San Marino is the world's oldest republic and Europe's third smallest state. It lies 657 m above sea level with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and Adriatic coast, and is situated only 10km from Rimini. Legend has it that the founder of San Marino, a stonemason, arrived from the island of Rab in Dalmatia and climbed Mt. Titano to found a small community of Christians, persecuted for their faith by the Emperor Diocletian. San Marino is made up of a few towns dotted around the mountain sides. The capital of San Marino is itself called 'San Marino' and is situated high up on a mountain top. The capital is surrounded by a wall and three distinct towers overlook the rest of the country. The site "San Marino: Historic Centre and Mount Titano" has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.
The towns surrounding the capital are more industrial and generally not as attractive as the main city. San Marino is 20 times bigger than Monaco and half the size of Liechtenstein.

Conditions of the competition:

Nominations in 3 categories:
  • VOCAL:
    • I category: academic singing;
    • II category: jazz singing;
    • III category: folk singing;
    • IV category: pop singing;
    • Folk instruments (accordion, accordion, balalaika, etc.)
    • Wind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc.)
    • Classical instruments (guitar, piano, violin, cello, etc.),
    • Variety instruments (electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion, etc.)
    • Variety dance
    • Folk-stage dance
    • Folk-stylized dance
    • Modern dance
    • Classical dance
    • Children's dance
    • Street dance
    • Belly dance
Age groups of the participants
  • I) younger than 6 years old
  • II ) 7-9 years
  • III) 10-11 years
  • IV) 12-13 years
  • V) 14 -16 years
  • VI) 17 – 19 years
  • VII) 20 – 27 years
  • VIII) over 28 years
* The group age is based on the majority of the participants.
General technical requirements: In the presence of audio in electronic form, phonograms must be sent in advance by e-mail, after registration of the application. (Phonogram file format: mp3, wma, wav. Phonogram file name format: SURNAME Name - Song name. Replacement of the repertoire is possible at registration at the competition.  


  • The Jury will give 1 prize of 500 euro in each category, NOT IN EACH AGE GROUP FOR EACH CATEGORY
  • The winner of the Grand Prix is ​​determined in each genre: "Vocal", "Instrumental performance" and "Choreography". They become one of the laureates of the I degree, who received the largest number of votes.
  • The winners of I, II and III degrees are participants who won I, II and III places in each category in each age category. They are awarded cups, prizes and souvenirs.
  • I, II and III degree winners are participants who won 4, 5 and 6 places in each category in each age category, they are awarded medals.
  • Participants who do not win the main awards of the competition receive the diplomas of the participants.
  • The jury has the right not to award, but also to duplicate certain places at its own discretion.

Jury of the competition and general evaluation criteria:

  • The composition of the jury is formed and approved by the Organizing Committee of the competition. The jury of the competition is formed by specialists of culture and art, famous artists: composers, singers, choreographers, variety artists, teachers.
  • When there are situations when there are no worthy candidates for the Grand Prix and prizes, the Grand prix and prizes are not awarded.
  • The jury does not take into account national and social features, material possibilities.
  • Participants are evaluated in each nomination, in each age category. The jury evaluates the performance by closed voting.
  • The jury can share the title of laureate and diploma between several participants.
  • Decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal.
  • The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury and the awarding of seats to the participants.

Competitive requirements, specified in the score sheet of the jury:

  • Purity of intonation;
  • Range of voice;
  • Artistry and scenic culture;
  • Choosing a repertoire;
  • Correspondence of the singer's appearance to an essay.
Instrumental performance:
  • Technique of performance;
  • Composition;
  • Musicality, virtuosity, sound culture;
  • Understanding the style, artistic interpretation of the musical work, selection of the repertoire;
  • Artistry, stage appearance, general impression.
  • Theme and selection of the repertoire;
  • Performing skills;
  • Dance composition;
  • Costumes and props;
  • Acting skills.

Participation fee:

Participation fee includes:

  • 3 days accommodation  in 3 or 4-bed comfort  rooms, TV, private bathroom with a shower and hot water 
  • days full board /rich italian breakfast on buffet , lunch and dinner with rich buffet with vegetables,  1st course, 2nd course, desert and water/
  • Excursion to San Marino
  • Degustation of typical italian food
  • Support our staff during the festival
*Supplement for double room – 5 euro per day per person.
*Supplement for single room – 15 euro per day per person.
*Participating fee for soloist – 40 euro
For groups of 25 participants, 26th is serviced free of charge, for the groups with over 40 participants, 41st, 42nd and 43rd are serviced free of charge.
Upon request organizers can arrange bus transfers from airports to the hotel for additional fee.
The participation fee does not include:
  • Tourist tax: EUR 2 per person and night in hotel*** and EUR 3 per person and night in hotel****
  • Additional day in some of the hotels: 35 euro per person in hotel***, 45 euro per person in hotel****
  • Optional tours 
  • Transport, insurance...
For submitted application from 17th of November 2017 till 31th of December 2017 you will receive 5% discount.
Any soloist/group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
As a next step, the group should pay an amount of 30% of the overall cost to the Organizers of the festival.

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