3 - 7 MARCH 2023
Safi, under the name Safim ( Zaffim or Asfi ), is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, hence its foundation date is unknown. According to historian Mohammed al-Kanuni, Safi must be identified with the ancient Thymiaterion or Carcunticus and was founded by the Carthaginian Hanno during his Periplus as related by Pliny the Elder. Under the Almohads it functioned as an important port to the capital Marrakesh. The city was under Portuguese rule from 1488 to 1541; it is believed that they abandoned it to the Saadians (who were at war with them), since the city proved difficult to defend from land attacks. The Portuguese fortress built to protect the city is still there today. After 1541, the city played a major role in Morocco as one of the safest and biggest seaports in the country. Many ambassadors to the Saadian and Alaouite kings during the 16-th 18-th centuries came to Morocco via Asfi; its proximity to Marrakech, then capital of Morocco, helped expand the maritime trade in the city. Louis De Chénier, consul of the French court in Morocco in 1767, reported that the city was the only usable seaport at the time. A French Navy captive, Bidé de Maurville , who wrote the account of his stay in Morocco in his 1765 book Relations de l'affaire de Larache, reported the presence of an important number of foreign trading houses in the city: Dutch, Danish, British and French. After the Sultan Mohammed ben Abdallah built the city of Mogador, he banned foreign trade in all Moroccan ports except in his newly built city. Consequently, Safi stopped playing a leading role in the Moroccan trade. Safi's patron saint is Abu Mohammed Salih. In 1942 as part of Operation Torch, American forces attacked Safi in Operation Blackstone. During November 8-10, 1942 the Americans took control over Safi and its port and took relatively few casualties compared to the other operations at Casablanca and at Port Mehdia .

Conditions for participation:

  • Performance of a free program 30 minutes. 
  • Performance at open and closing ceremony presentation of country 5 minutes.
  • Groups from all world and Europe can take in the festival.
  • Folk dance groups, folklore instruments, music groups folklore songs, folkloric fairy tales, rituals
  • Age participants 12+
  • Maximum 40 people
  • Bring small gift for exchange, national flags, visible panel of group name.
  • Provide brief history, photos, video and material for advertising of groups.
  • Participation at international exchange culture workshops, lectures, exhibitions
  • After receiving the application form and completion of advance payment, the organizer will send an official letter of invitation for participation of the festival.
  • Balance of the payment in the festival should completed 60 days prior to arrival.
  • Arrival at nearest airport Marrakech “Menara” Airport Morocco where all groups will be meet and transfer to hotel in Safi.

Participation fee:

  • 350 Euro per person - accommodation in 3* hotel for 5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS on-base BB (breakfast and one dinner) in triple room
  • 400 Euro per person - accommodation in 3* hotel for 5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS on-base BB (breakfast and one dinner) in double room
  • 450 Euro per person - accommodation in 3* hotel for 5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS on-base BB (breakfast and one dinner) in single room
  • 20 paying participants - 1 person free of charge (20+1)
* Hotel will be walking distance to art city center.

Participation fee includes:

  • Organization and implementation of the festival;
  • Concert of all groups at art city center mainstage / 3 performances;
  • Diploma and certificate for all participants;
  • Hotel, breakfast and one dinner;
  • Stage with sound and lighting equipment;
  • Official group photo and DVD of group on departure;
  • Bus transfers airport - hotel - airport;
  • Culture workshops, exhibitions, lectures, films;
  • Marketing expenses. 

Participation fee doesn't include:

  • The flights
  • Insurance
  • Domestic transfers
Additional services - with an additional charge:
  • Tour to Essaouira with guide
  • Tour to Casablanca with guide
  • Tour to Marrakech with guide.


Arrival all participants to SAFI, meet & greet by representatives of festival, check in to hotel, sightseeing to Safi, rehearsal at city art centre /timing will be done separate for each group/, fellowship
Breakfast at the hotel. Workshops and cooperation with local youth community.
18:00 pm Open ceremony for festival, presentation each country participant 5-10 min presentation delegation folkloric dance, music ,song, poem,instrument etc..on their free choice .All groups perform in their national costumes. Grand fiesta - fellowship, Meeting Safi officials
Breakfast at hotel.
13:00 -15:00 International exchange culture workshops, dinner or TRIP BY REQUEST
18:00-23:00 Grand performance all groups on the main stage of festival set up by organiser of festival
Breakfast at hotel. Freetime, culture workshops, support local art-purchase souvenirs, lectures OR TRIP BY REQUEST
18:00 pm Closing ceremony of festival, awards of diplomas, fellowship, “arabian disco” local DJ, WITH MOROCCAN TEA CEREMONY
Breakfast at hotel, trip to Essaouira by request
Departure to the Airport
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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