1 - 10 September 2023
 Espumoso     Brazil

Dances Choirs / Songs Master classes

Director:  Mr. Rogério Dambros

Application Form

  until 17 February 2023

General Conditions:

The “Mundo em Dança” Folk Festival , is hosted by GruPesquisa e AnDanças Sepé Tiaraju, and it will be holding from September 01-10, 2023 in Espumoso, RS - Brazil.
It is a folklore festival which is filled with dance performances, music concerts and workshops in multiple stages, parades, official visits, cultural exchanges and tours. The shows will be spread between Espumoso and neighbouring towns. Espumoso and surronding towns are fellow in this project and together they are open to diversity of folkloric or traditional manifestation by dance groups from all Brazilians states and foreign countries. The Organizing Committee will have the right to register images (filming and photographs) of the groups and presentations, whose purpose is for institutional records and event advertising, without ensuring the groups and its members rights for the use.


  • Only Groups Folklore and similar which have been selected after the registration period will be able to participate of the Festival de Folclore Mundo em Dança 2023.
  •  All the groups must have live music.
  • Each participating group must not exceed 25 (twenty five) participants, it including directors, musicians, dancers, support staff and so on.
  • For groups that do not have they own musicians (using playback), the maximum number of components must not exceed 17 (seventeen people).
  • In case of need the delegation may exceed the number of participants, however each extra people will be charged a fee of US$ 130.00 (one hundred and thirty US dollars).


With your application form, You have to send us :
  • The group's full name, address, state, country, email address and phone number;
  • Director's full name, identity document, email address and phone number.
  • A brief historic of the group;
  • Five (5) high resolution photographs in JPG format, indispensable for the event's advertising, therefore it is hereby agreed the right of publicity of them,
  • Videos with group’s performance. Ps. YouTube link is acceptable.

Obligations of the Selected Group:

  • Arrive in Espumoso / RS - Brazil or at Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre / RS - Brazil, on 01.09.2023 and return on 10.09.2023 by noon.
Important Information: The Festival de Folclore Mundo em Dança 2023 is NOT responsible for groups that do not comply with the arrival day and time established by the Organizing Committee.
Important Information: We recommend to the groups to have a health insurance, as we are not liable for any hospital expenses such as doctor appointments, surgeries and/or purchasing of medicines.

Organizer provides:

  • Accommodation: For up to 25 (twenty five) participants of each selected group, except Espumoso residents. The accommodation may be in dormitories or shared accommodation;
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the event, with predetermined schedules;
  • Ground Transport: From the at Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre / RS - Brazil, to the accommodations and return, as well as all transfers to attend the festival program;
  • Infrastructure: The Festival will provide all basic technical infrastructure (lighting structure, sound structure and dressing-rooms);
  • Guided tours: All guest groups will be accompanied to local sightseeing tours during their stay;
  • Guide or Interpreter: The group will be accompanied from their arrival until their departure of the Festival by a member of the Festival who will serve as a translator to the group’s chosen language, upon its confirmation of registration;

Any group, willing to participate, must submit an Application form.

Festival Images

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