5 - 8 May 2018
  Vitebsk      Belarus

Adults Childrens's Competitive nature Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Habits Authentic Processed Styled Pop, Jazz, Modern, Hip-hop

Director:  Mrs. Ludmila Pritulchik

Cozy and picturesque Vitebsk is the cultural capital of Belorussia! Here the world-famous artist Marc Chagall was born. The city has been taking part in the Slavic Bazaar, the legendary international art and talent show for more than 20 years. One of the programs of the trip also offers visiting Polotsk, the oldest city in Belorussia.

Salute to Talents International Project was established in 2008. Salute to Talents is the system of prestigious international festivals-contests for children and youth combined with extensive excursion program. During 2017-2018 academic year (festival season) a range of festivals-contests is held in various cities all around the world. The Super Final of the festival season will be held in October 2018 in Saint-Petersburg. The 1st degree Laureates at any of the festivals-contests, held during the festival season 2017-2018 in the framework of the Salute to Talents project, are allowed to take part in Super Final.


1. Instrumental art: Folk; Classical; Pop; Jazz
2. Vocal art: Folk; Academic; Pop; Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble
3. Choreography: Folk dance; Folk Stylization; Classical dance; Pop dance (including folk stylization); Modern dance (Street way); Modern dance (jazz, modern, contemporary ), Modern dance (experimental), Ballroom dancing , Children’s dance
4. Theatre: Art of declamation; Drama theatre; Musical; Mimics and Gesture theatre; Fashion performance; Puppet-show
5. Fine art: Painting and graphics; Photo; Craftworks
6. The original genre

Group categories of participants:

  •  Soloists
  •  Small Groups (2-3 participants)
  •  Ensembles
  •  Choirs (vocal groups over 12 people)
  •  Orchestras (instrumental ensembles of more than 8 people)

Age categories of members:

  •  Pre-School age group – up 7 years
  •  Junior age group – 7-10 years
  •  Middle age group – 11-13 years
  •  Senior age group – 14 -18 years
  •  Mixed junior age group – average age of 12 years or less
  •  Mixed senior age group – average age of over 13 years
  •  Adult age group – over 18 years

The rules of participation:

Participation in the festival-contest means participation in one nomination, one age category, and one group category. In the frames of one participation:
- Soloists and small groups present a program of one item with duration not more than 5 minutes.
- Ensembles, choirs and orchestras present a program of two different items (acts), lasting not more than 4 minutes each. In the nominations “Theatre” and “Instrumental art” (ensembles and orchestras) it is allowed to present only one item lasting not more than 10 minutes. In the nomination “Theatre”, in case of availability, there is an opportunity to increase the time of performance till 30 minutes. Wherein, each next 10 minutes should be paid as extra participation. In the nomination “Choreography. Modern dance” it’s aloud to present one performance lasting not more than 8 minutes.
- Choirs present 2 or more varied songs with duration from 8 till 15 minutes. One song should be sung a capella.
Rehearsals and performances are held strictly in accordance with the schedule provided by the art-manager of the festival-contest. Changes to the concert program are accepted by written notification of the art-manager of the festival not later than 21 day before the beginning of the festival tour.
Participation in the “Fine art” nomination is held in the form of exhibition, which takes place during the festival-contest. In the frames of one participation it is possible to present 1 or 2 works (all works should be signed), the size of the works (the base area of craftwork) should be 50x70 сm or less.
In case of using the sound recordings the participants should send them to the art-manager of the festival by e-mail and also bring it on a flash drive. All the technical and musical equipment which is necessary (technical rider) should be indicated in the Request.

Jury of the Festival:

The jury of the festival-contest is composed of well-known actors, teachers of art disciplines, directors, leaders of art groups, culture and art figures, public figures. The list of jury members is not announced before the day of the festival. At the end of the festival teachers have the opportunity to discuss with the jury members all the performances and exchange their opinions. All the performances are estimated by generally accepted criteria: technical skills (according to nomination), artistry, the complexity of the repertoire (program), the creation of artistic character etc., according to the subjective jury’s opinions.

Prizes and awards:

All the participants receive souvenirs. In each nomination, age and group category the participants get the titles of I, II, III degree Laureates, as well as the title of Diplomant. Laureates are awarded with diplomas and cups. Diplomants are awarded with diplomas only. The jury also chooses the winner of Grand Prix from one of the 1st degree Laureates. Owner of the Grand Prix has an opportunity to participate in one of the festivals-contests of the Salute to Talents Project in the same nomination during the festival season without participation fee. Special diplomas which are issued if the jury decides that there are distinguished participants, are: “The best Choreographer”, “The best accompanist”, “The best choirmaster”, “The best Director”, “The best costume”, “The most artistic participant”, “The Youngest participant”, “Best fine art work”. Teachers, directors and accompanists will get official letters of gratefulness and certificates confirming that they attended a round table discussion.

Program №1 (Standard, 4 days)

1st day. 5th May 2018. Check-out
Arrival time recommended – from 8:00 to 12:00***. Receiving the group at the train station (after 8:00). Boarding the bus.
Sightseeing tour «Vitebsk, the capital of Belorussia».
Check-in after 14:00. Lunch. Excursions at extra cost. *
Night at the hotel.
2nd day. 6th May 2018. Festival
Breakfast. Festival day. Transfer to the festival.
Rehearsals. Opening of the Festival-Contest. Competitive performance. Round table for jurors and teachers. Gala concert and award ceremony. Handing out of diplomas and Winners Cups to the participants. At the end of the festival day all kids and teachers will get souvenirs. All teachers will also get letters of thanks and round table participation certificates.
Lunch during the festival at extra cost
Transfer to the hotel
Night at the hotel
3rd day. 7th May 2018. Free day
Breakfast. Free time or excursions at extra cost:
  1.  Excursion «Artistic Places of Vitebsk" with a visit to the art center and Marc Chagall Art Center *  Excursion to the Ilya Repin museum at the Zdravniovo estate*
  2.  Bus sightseeing tour around Minsk*
  3.  Quest-excursion "Legends of Vitebsk"*
  4.  Excursion to the Berezensky Biosphere Reserve *
  5.  Excursion to Polotsk with a visit to St. Sophia Cathedral *
Night at the hotel.
4th day. 8th May 2018. Check-out
Breakfast. Check-out before 12:00***.

Participation fee:

  • 127 Euro per person - Hotel Vitebsk - Standard rooms: rooms for 2-3 persons, facilities in the room
  • 130 Euro per person - Hotel Luchessa - Standard rooms: rooms for 2 persons, facilities in the room
  • 169 Euro per person - Hotel Luchessa - Business rooms: rooms for 2 persons, facilities in the room
  • 104 Euro per person - Hotel Vityaz - Block type rooms for 2+1, 2+2, 2+3 persons, facilities shared.
  • 15 persons + 1 for free
Participation fee for one nomination:
15 EUR for one ensemble participant (no more than 200 EUR for an ensemble), 25 EUR for a soloist

Participation fee includes:

  • 3 nights
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts, 1 lunch
  • Sightseeing tour around Vitebsk
  • Transfer according to the program ***

Participation fee doesn't includes:

  • Two-way tickets  Any museum’s admissions and ticketing
  • Extra excursions
  • Extra nights
  • Receiving the group before 8:00
  • Check-in before 14:00
* - not included into the price of the trip
** - The quantity of rooms is limited!!! Reservation of places in the hotel of the chosen category is made only after registration of the application (making an advance payment)
*** - If a group is arriving not at time recommended or on other dates, the price will be recalculated.
! Payment will be counted regarding to the rate of the Central Bank of Russia + 2%
! The price is valid for a group of 40 and more people. This price includes group transfer during the program. In case if the group is less than 40 people, the price will be recalculated.
! The price includes city tour in English or Russian languages. Extra payment for a guide will take place if the group has a need to have city tour in other languages.
! The price can change in connection with change of currency rate.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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