21 - 27 October 2018
  Sichuan      China

Dances Processed Styled

Contact person:  Mr. Yajing Xue

Sichuan is a major national province, and ethnic minorities have created colorful and distinctive culture and art. Promoting and developing the culture and arts of the ethnic minorities and giving them a new era spirit. It is an important part of the spirit of the important speeches of the symposium on literary and art work of the General Secretary of the Peace and Ideology and the creation of the brand of "Bashu Culture." Efforts should be made to launch a series of outstanding ethnic cultural ensembles, to create a group of ethnic cultural brands with outstanding influence, to create a group of ethnic cultural backbones and leading figures, and to promote the prosperity and development of national cultural undertakings.
The Sichuan National Minority Arts Festival is held every four years. It is organized by People's Government in Sichuan.

General Schedule of Performances:

October 21st:   Arrive in Chengdu, transfer to Yibin;
October 22nd:  Preparation of Opening Ceremony;
October 23th:   Opening Ceremony of 8th China National Minority Arts Festival;
October 24th:   Culture activities and/or visiting;     
October 25th:   Culture activities and/or visiting;     
October 26th:   Culture activities and/or visiting;     
October 27th:   End and Departure


  1. The organizing Committee will only cover the performers' expenditure during the period of festival:
  • City bus (Such as the routes of airport-hotel-airport, hotel-performance venues-hotel) to the days of October 21-27;
  • Accommodations to the nights of October 21-26;
  • Daily Meals to the days of October 21-27;
  • Free Visiting;
  • Interpreter;
  1. The organizing Committee will not undertake:
  • International transportation;
  • Visa;
  • Transportation to/from other city in China;
  • Performers' expenditure besides the festival;
  • Expenditure of Non-performers (guests/spectators/etc);
Group Size: Maximum 30 members (include the group leaders or teachers);

Explanation on Application – Opening Ceremony of 8th Sichuan National Minority Arts Festival, 2018"

  • This is a non-profit festival and participating groups are not getting any stipend.
  • Arrival time: not later than the October 21, 2018;
  • Time of Opening Ceremony: 19:30 on October 23, 2018;
  • Number of performers: maximum 30 members per team;
  • Form of performance: Folklore dance and any other style;
  • Performing: 3-5 minutes in Opening Ceremony; 20-30 Public Performances;
  • Festival Organizing Committee can also provide participants to some performing places in counties for public performances.
  • Expenditure: Festival organizing Committee can take charge of all participants’ accommodation/meals/bus during staying in Sichuan for 7 days. Participants should take charge for themselves the international traveling expenses and other cost of traveling to other cities in China.
  • The Organizing Committee of festival will check your information, photos and videos. They will issue the Official letter of Invitation if your group is selected. That invitation letter is the final confirmation of acceptance to your group;
Let’s meet in China, 2018!