2 - 4 August 2019
  Rashche – Saraj      North Macedonia

Adults Childrens's Dances Choirs / Songs Orchestras Habits

Director:  Ylber Idrizi

Place where the festival will be held – the village of Rashche, Municipality of Saraj, Skopje region, Republic of North Macedonia.
Period of the Festival – 2, 3 and 4 August 2019 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Every evening – performance of groups. Gala performance of the winners on Sunday evening.
The guests will be in Rashche - Saraj SKOPJE on 02.08.2019 14:00h and will leave after breakfast on 05.08.2019.


Participants in the festival should take part in one of the following age groups:
  • younger than 16 years old;
  • older than 16 years old.

Conditions for participation:

  • The participant groups should have totally 25 members including administrative staff and dancers.
  • The leaders of the groups attending festival will be staying in hotels.
  • Dancers will be accommodated at houses of volunteered families.
  • The performance time of the groups will be between 10-15 minutes.
  • The groups who will participate in the festival should inform us about the number of people in their groups with a chart that includes the name surname, sex, and date of birth of every member of the group including the administrators and dancers.
  • At pointed dates there will be cortege and activities. During the free time, will be visited historical places of Rashce – Saraj, SKOPJE.
  • There will be three protocol visits and some gifts and plaque will be given to the participants during the visits. If you would like to present your own gifts during these visits, please feel free to do so.
The Festival program is evaluated by a team of experts: folklorists, musicians, choreographers, ethnologists.

Assessment criteria:

choice of the repertoire;
proper interpretation of music and sound;
mastery of the performance-style, diction, narrator ability ;
artistic value of the performance;
choice of the folklore costumes – structure and function of the costumes depending on the region;
-”playback” sound is forbidden to be used.

Festival Awards:

Grand Prix DUFLLA
Place I, II and III
Mayor's prize
The most complete stage Presentation
Best Choreography
Best Rhapsode - Idriz Çilafi
The most popular Folk Group
The most authentic point of the Festival
Best Recital - Ibrahim Krosi
The most complete traditional outfits
The best dancer
Public Prize
The Medial Prize
Organizing committee should appoint the day and order of participating of each ensemble or individual performer who will be informed in advance.
The official program of the Festival will be shown on the official site of IFF DUFLLA minimum 7 days before the beginning of the festival.
The organizing committee has right to change the program, if it is necessary.
Official night performances will be organized in two parts:
First part includes participation of the children performers and ensembles;
Second part includes the participation adults performers and ensembles.
Groups and individual performers should confirm their participation in the Festival before 25th of July 2019.
All participant expenses are covered by the organizer except for travel.
The organisation committee shall provide a person in charge for each foreign group for welcoming and logistic support during their stay in Rashche, Saraj Municipality and Skopje for the period of the Festive days .
Reception and registration desk, upon arrival, is organized in the Primary School of Rashche village - DRITA.
Participants provide to IFF “DUFLLA” – Rashche 2019 copyright, publishing and broadcast by radio, TV, DVD recordings of the performances during the Festival.

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