XI International Children's Folklore Festival "Licidersko srce" will take place from 15th to 20th of August in City of Uzice and nearby touristic destination and towns
This international manifestation is looking to promote and share the folklore and tradition of different nations to strengthen the friendship and the identity of each country, but also to promote Western Serbia as very attractive touristic and cultural destination
Festival is supported by Town of Uzice, Ministry of Dducation and Ministry of Culture.

Obligations of the ensembles:

  • TIME AND DATES: The groups are expected to arrive in Uzice on 16th of  August after 15 o’clock (first meal is dinner), and leave in the morning hours on 20th of August (after breakfast).
  • NUMBER AND AGE OF PARTICIPANTS: The groups may have 32 people in total (including group leaders, drivers, participants, accompanying people, etc.). Participants must be children from 10 to 16 years old. Each extra person will pay 30+20€ by day, but this must be arranged in advance (because of place of the accomodation)
  • INSURANCE: All the members of groups should have medical insurance.
  • TRAVEL COSTS: The travel costs to and from Uzice should be covered by the groups. (Transportation from Belgrade to Uzice and back and also transportation during the festival, will be organized for the groups which come by plane.) Each group will make about 200km more by bus because of performances in nearby towns and visiting touristic destinations.
  • PERFORMANCES: The festival program includes opening and closing ceremony, daily animations, evening concerts and street parades in Uzice and nearby towns. All groups have to prepare program of about 3, 5,10 and 15 min. Groups must have live folk orchestra.
  • OTHER: Each group should bring the national flag and five gifts for exchange (Organizer - 1, Mayor of Uzice - 1, the representatives of the other towns - 3 small). Each group should also bring the costume (one male and one female) for the exhibition, which will last as long as the festival lasts - 5 days and those costumes will be shown all those days, so the groups can not use them during the performances. The group should also bring one bottle of national drink to be served during the opening of the exibition.
  • !!! The leader of the group is responsible for the behavior of the ensemble, and every damage that group makes during the festival, will be charged.

Participation fee:

  • 30 Euro per person (groups with max. 30 people)
Each group should send as soon as possible:
filled application
3 digital photos (good resolution)
short history in english (about 10 sentences)
video material with the part of ensemble's programme (or link to see the ensemble)
After choosing the ensemble, the organiser will send the official invitation.
Chosen group should send by e-mail, until the 1st of July:
the list of participants(with name, surname, function in ensemble, date of birth and pasport number)
5 sentences in english about the costume od their region (country)-for the exibition

Obligations of the Organizer:

  • ACCOMODATION: The organizer provides full accomodation for groups in student’s hostels (with three meals per day and medical service if needed). We can not provide rooms for couples.
  • GUIDES: Each group will have one or two guides who speak English
  • Organizer will send neccessery details about the program, accomodation and all festival’s events on time.
Ensembles which can arrange exchange (to invite our ensemble to participate in some festival in their country with the similar conditions) will have advantage in selection.
Very important fact:  the advantage in selection will also have the ensembles which have the recommendation of their National Section of CIOFF
If you have some special request about the food, or something else, please inform  us on time.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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