1 - 7 July 2020
 Tbilisi, Kobuleti, Batumi     Georgia

Director:  Besik Gorjoladze

VII International festival “WONDERLAND” & “NEW LIFE” 2020
From Georgia with Love
01 July - 07 July 2020 


The festival is being held by FESTGEO company with the support of European Association of Folklore Festivals - EAFF and Municipality of Batumi.

The festival-competition consists of 2 stages and will be held in a resort location on the Black Sea coast in the Batumi State Music Center. During their stay in Georgia, collectives will have the opportunity not only to participate in the festival, but also to see many interesting and colorful places in our country, to get acquainted with Georgian history and culture.

WELCOME TO GEORGIA! Georgia, the country of St. George, intoxicated by the sun, filled with light, dancing, singing, proud, loving and in love... Georgia welcomes you, this is a country of elegance and sadness... The country of natural artistry and eternal celebration, sparkling temperament, warmth, vivid emotions, unsurpassed hospitality and unforgettable impressions. The country known for its hospitality: “Guest is the Messenger of God” reads a Georgian proverb. Over the centuries, the Georgian people have built up their traditions of hospitality. From generation to generation, love and unlimited respect for the guest, devotion to the duties of the owner, and a traditional feast were passed on. According to Georgian folk poetry, hospitality is valued more than courage and skillful possession of weapons. Georgian folklore idealizes a welcoming, generous master, condemns the avaricious. A country that falls in love with everyone who has visited it at least once! Georgia is hospitality, it is the sea and mountains, it is the gentle sun, it is architecture, traditions, it is... breathtaking! Our tours to Georgia are distinguished by high-quality service and reasonable prices.

Region of Adjara

One of the most beautiful regions in Georgia, Ajara is situated in southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline. Ajara operates as an autonomous republic in Georgia and has its own flag and coat of arms. Turkey borders Ajara to the south. Christianity started to spread throughout Georgia in the 1st cent. AD from Ajara, and it became the state religion in the 4th cent. AD. The apostles Andrew and Simon preached in Georgia. According to some sources, Matthew the Apostle was buried in Ajara in Gonio. Gionio-Apsaros fortress is also associated with famous mythos about Argonauts, who landed here to find Golden Fleece. Batumi - the "Pearl of the Black Sea" as it is often called - is administrative centre of Ajara. European architects undertook numerous projects in Batumi at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Batumi is still a place of numerous architectural innovations. Ajara's visitors especially admire the region's pristine and unaltered nature. The region is particularly intriguing for eco tourists. The coastline of Ajara is a favorite destination among tourists visiting Georgia and is famous for its numerous resort areas. Ajara's coastline resorts are located within the municipalities of Kobuleti.

City Kobuleti

Climatic resort Kobuleti is located on the Black Sea coast, north-west of Batumi, at a height of 5 meters above sea level. The main attraction of the city of Kobuleti, the famous beach of small pebbles. The climate is subtropical, the summers are hot. Sea bathing season - from May to October. Kobuleti is known for its one of the longest streets of the Black Sea coast, which is lined with hotels of different levels of service and beaches. Most of the beaches Kobuleti sand or small pebbles.

City Batumi

Batumi is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations on the Black Sea. Batumi's juxtaposition of ancient and modern architecture, its historical port, serene botanical garden, Seaside Boulevard, European squares and streets - not to mention its world-class hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars - make up the face of modern Georgia. It is important to note that in 2012 American Academy of Hospitality Sciences nominated Batumi as the best tourist destination of the year. In the second half of the 20th century European architects flocked to Batumi and designed numerous unique architectural designs. Development of Batumi was closely connected with the global economic and industrial development. During this period Nobel Brothers and Rothschild family started their commercial activities (businesses) in Batumi.

Sunny Georgia is waiting for you with love!
Let your talents conquer Georgia, and the wonders of Georgia will conquer you!

Objectives of the festival:

  • Cultural exchange between Georgia and other countries of the world;
  • Creation of additional conditions and search for new forms of synthesis of various arts: literature, music, choreography, vocal, fine arts and others within the framework of the festival-contest program;
  • Popularization of culture, ideas of humanism and continuity of generations through comprehensive creative development of the individual;
  • Uniting, preserving and developing national cultures, creating an atmosphere of respect for the historical heritage and cultural values ​​of different countries in the creative process;
  • Attracting leading figures of culture and art to cooperation with creative teams;
  • Increase of professional skills and qualification of heads of creative collectives;
  • Exchange of experience and achievements in the field of theatrical creativity of representatives of various theatrical schools and national traditions;
  • Creation of environment and conditions for creative communication, establishment of creative contacts and development of friendly relations between collectives and between team leaders;
  • Education of artistic taste and familiarizing young performers with the best examples of culture and art;
  • Identification of talented gifted youth and promotion of its creative growth;
  • Stimulation and development of children's, youth and adult creativity;
  • Creation of an atmosphere of a creative holiday.

Festival nominations:

The competition is attended by children, youth groups and individual performers from 5 years and above in the categories: vocal, choreography, instrumental genre, theater, fashion theater, pantomime, photo creativity, artists. Children's, youth and adult creative groups, and little form (with two or three numbers), all genres and directions from Georgia and other countries of the world. Age and number of participants are unlimited.

I. Vocals - classical, folk, pop, jazz, academic, rock, rap, soul, musical.
1. Solo;
2. Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;

3. Choir.

II. Choreography - folk, ethnic, pop, classical ballet, ballroom dancing, modern, jazz, neoclassical dance, sports dancing: techno dance, electro-bugi, street dance, hip-hop, break dance, disco, pop locking, etc.
1. Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;

2. Ensemble.

III. Instrumental genre - folk, classical, jazz, percussion ensembles, guitarist ensembles, jazz-style ensembles, chamber orchestras, symphony orchestras, orchestras of accordionists and accordionists, ensembles of folk instruments.
1. Solo;
2. Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;

3. Ensemble.

IV. Theater and fashion theater, pantomime, photo art, artists.

Age categories:

Vocal and instrumental genre:

  •  Age category 5 - 7 years
  •  Age category 8 - 10 years
  •  Age category 11 - 13 years
  •  Age category 14 - 16 years
  •  Age category 17-19 years
  •  Age category 20 - 24 years
  •  Age category 25 and above

Choreography, fashion theater, pantomime, original genres, circus art, photo - creativity, artists, decorative and applied art:

  • Age category 5 - 10 years
  • Age category 11 - 15 years
  • Age category 16-19 years
  • Age category 20 - 24 years

Evaluation criteria:

  • Performing Arts
  • Technique for performing movements
  • Compositional numbering
  • Stage / plastic, costume, props, performance culture
  • Complexity of the repertoire
  • Repertoire compliance with performance capabilities and age category
  • Performer
  • Selection and compliance of musical and choreographic material
  • Artistry, the disclosure of the artistic image
  • Degree of ownership of the instrument
  • Technical capabilities of the ensemble performance
  • Artistic interpretation of a musical work
  • Technical capabilities of performers
  • Decoration of the program, props.
In the program of the festival-contest: competitive performances in nominations, master classes, entertaining and extensive excursion program on the most interesting places of Georgia.

Organizational conditions:

  • The organizing committee prepares and conducts the festival-competition.
  • The order of the performances is determined by the organizing committee in advance, performances are conducted in both blocks and separate numbers.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the rules of the competition.
  • The contest is applied not competition, but the qualification principle of the evaluation of the competitive program.
  • Jury decisions are not subject to appeal.
  • The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the evaluation of the jury members and the awarding of the title to the participants.
  • The contest program is evaluated by the jury in each nomination, taking into account the age of the performers indicated in the applications.

Competitive requirements:

  • Each performer (soloist) must submit 2 competitive compositions lasting 3 to 4 minutes, and choreographic groups 2 competitive dances up to 6 minutes each number.
  • All compositions should be recorded on flash media and sent in advance to the mail of the festival organizers. It is also necessary to have backup copies of tracks !!!
  • Each sound recording must be on a separate FLASH medium with the name of the work, the name of the ensemble and the name of the artist, as well as the duration of the work.
  • The application must indicate whether a breakdown of numbers is needed or whether the work will be carried out in one block.
  • Be sure to include in the application the surname and names of the festival participants and their leaders, which should be printed on the diploma. In case of errors in surnames and first names in the applications you filled in, diplomas will not be reprinted!!!
  • And also it is necessary to indicate the technical rider of the participants!!!
  • During competitive performances (vocalists), both groups and soloists are prohibited from using plus phonograms !!! All participants perform a song accompanied by a minus soundtrack. Soloists can use recorded backing vocals that do not duplicate the main melody, duets, ensembles sing without recorded backing vocals.
  • MANDATORY coordinate in advance with the sound engineer technical issues on connecting musical instruments and equipment!!!
  • And register all requests in a technical rider!!!
  • Each participant: an Artist and a Photographer, must submit no more than 2 entries, format no more than A3.
  • Subjects of works for artists: “MY GEORGIA” or “WONDERLAND”.
  • The technique of the work is diverse;
  • The subjects for photographers are diverse.


  • Performances will be evaluated by an international jury.
  • Based on the results of the competition, we reward the participants of the festival at the gala concert.
  • All participants will receive letters and souvenirs from the organizers of the festival company “FESTGEO”.
  • Teams and individual performers will be evaluated by the jury in nominations taking into account age categories.
  • The international jury awards: Grand Prix of the festival; Titles of Laureate of I, II and III degrees in each nomination and age category; Diplomas.
  • Special prize from the organizers of the festival!
  • People's Choice Award!
  • Special diplomas and prizes, according to the jury, are awarded in the following categories: “Opening of the festival”, “For artistry”, “For the youngest participant”, “Best performance”, “Originality of the performance”.
  • If there are no worthy applicants for the Grand Prix and prize places these places are not awarded!
  • The program of the gala concert is determined by the director of a production group based on the decisions of the jury.
  • The decision of the international jury is final and not subject to change!
  • The winning collectives and individual performers will receive many interesting offers from the FESTGEO company about taking part in festivals and competitions held both in Georgia and abroad organized by our company and our partners.



Arrival, meeting at the airport, registration, accommodation of participants and festival guests in a hotel 3 *** or 4 **** depending on the package you purchased, rest. Lunch or dinner depending on the time of arrival of delegations.


Breakfast at the hotel. We leave the hotel and go on a tour of the Botanical Garden, on the “Cape Verde”. Lunch at the hotel. After lunch - Batumi Sightseeing Tour. Walk along the new boulevard of Batumi. Return to the hotel in Kobuleti or Batumi. Dinner at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Free time rest at sea (you can organize additional excursions at will). Lunch at the hotel. Free time. Dinner at the hotel. After dinner (for festival participants) we leave the hotel for the Tsitsinatela amusement park.

Amusement park "Tsitsinatela" is located near the resort town of Kobuleti. Translated into Russian, its name sounds like “Firefly”. In the evening, when the park begins to work, it all blossoms with the lights of a thousand small bulbs, bright lanterns, neon signs shining with neon. The lighting is so bright that the park is visible from afar and in the velvet darkness of the southern night really resembles a giant firefly. In the park there is entertainment for every age and taste. It is simply fun to wander through the park, gobbling up cotton candy and popcorn and enjoying the general atmosphere of the holiday. There are many cafes and toy shops on site. Festival participants will have the opportunity to ride any three rides at the expense of the festival organizers. Return to the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Departure of the festival participants to the grand opening of the festival in the hall of the music center of Batumi. Rehearsal - (for choreographic groups and the fashion theater 5 minutes are given for reconciling the stage). For vocalists and instrumentalists (2 minutes). The festival program starts at 11:30. Lunch at the hotel. Festival program (continued). Return to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Departure of the festival participants to the hall of the musical center of the city of Batumi. Rehearsal (for choreographic groups and the fashion theater 5 minutes are given for reconciling the stage). For vocalists and instrumentalists (2 minutes). The festival program starts at 11:30. Lunch at the hotel. Festival program (continued). Return to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel. Free time rest at sea (you can organize additional excursions at will). Lunch at the hotel. Free time. Dinner at the hotel. Gala dinner for heads of delegations.

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure of the participants of the festival transfer to the airport.

Additional information:

  • The organizers reserve the right to take photos and video materials during the competition, and distribute them.
  • Leaders are responsible for the health and safety of their competitors.
  • Applications for participation in the competition implies acceptance of the “Regulation on the competition”.
  • Participants of the competition arrive in the republic at their own expense.
  • All issues not mentioned in the “Regulation” are decided by the contest organizers.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition program.
  • Notify the organizers of changes to the competition program no later than 3 weeks before the start of the competition. After that, the compiled program will not back on!

Participation fee:

  • 140 Euro - Hotel, the cost per participant (four nights).
  • 240 Euro - Hotel 2**, the cost per participant (six nights).
  • 280 Euro - Hotel 3***, the cost per participant (six nights).
  • 340 Euro - Hotel 4****, the cost per participant  (six nights).

Participation fee includes:

  • Transfer (minimum 10 people) from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport.
  • All transfers during the festival.
  • All transfers during the tour.
  • Organizational fee for the main nomination of the group.
  • Hotel in Kobuleti or Batumi 6 nights/ 7 days (3x - 4-bed accommodation in hotel).
  • For a group with at least 20 participants, we provide one double room at no extra charge.
  • Free space for the group leader according to the scheme: 21+1.
  • Three meals a day - FB.
  • Sightseeing tour of Batumi.
  • Entrance to the Botanical Garden.
  • Diplomas, letters of appreciation, gifts from the organizers to all festival participants and leaders.
  • Entrance fees for 3 attractions in the park: “Tsitsinatela”, transfer to the park and back.

Participation fee does not include:

  • Air Plane Tickets;
  • Insurance of delegations;
  • Extra night at the hotel;
  • Extra charge for a double room is $ 10 (for 3*** hotels) per person per day.
  • Extra charge for a single room is $ 20 (for 3*** hotels) per person per day.
  • Extra charge for an extra night in a hotel in Kobuleti (3*** hotel) until 12.99 years old - $ 30, over 13 years old - $ 35.
  • Extra charge for an extra night in a hotel in Batumi (3*** hotel) up to 12.99 years old - $ 40, over 13 years old - $ 45.
  • Soloists additionally pay the registration fee to the basic cost of the program $ 30.
  • “Small forms” (up to 5 people inclusive) additionally pay the registration fee to the main cost of the program 25 $ / person;
  • Additional nomination is $ 15.
  • Additional excursions not included in the program of the festival.
  • In the festival package, the transfer price indicated for the group, based on a minimum of 10 people. A smaller group will pay extra for the transfer.
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

Festival Images