ANTALYA is the land "where the sun laughs".
It was 2000 years ago… King Attalus II of Pergamum ordered his best riders: “Go and find a place on earth that all the kings and rulers would envy me on earth!"
Knowing the difficulty, if not the impossibility of the task, the riders began their journey. Days passed, months, but nothing around looked like the place described by their master. Finally, at the intersection of roads now called Cubuk Beli, the gates of paradise opened to them.
The evening froze with charm ... At the foot of the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by the greenery of untouched forests, the silver shores melted in the fire of the setting sun and the endless, indigo-colored, sea surface!
Descending down the hills of the Taurus, they felt themselves captivated by the abundance of colors of the heavenly plains. They saw incomparable natural beauty, and were convinced that they had finally found paradise. The riders galloped back to the king, and announced: "We have carried out your order! We have found Paradise!"
The king wanted to see everything with his own eyes. The riders showed the way. Seeing the place, King Attalus agreed that this is exactly what paradise should be, and ordered to found a city here. In a short time, the people of Pergamum built a magnificent city in this most beautiful place and named it in honor of their ruler “Attaleia - Attalea”.
Groups and performers from Spain, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Finland and Italy take part in the Contest.
This will be a kind of impetus for the creative development and professional growth of the participants, which will provide great opportunities and prospects.
You will be able to show your "class" and your skills. You will compete with high-level teams from 15 countries.
The performances will be judged not just by a professional, but by a super-star jury!

We, the organizers of the festival, have prepared for you an interesting program, exciting excursions and many surprises. And of course, the festival is an opportunity to make new friends and spend exciting festival days in Turkey.

Goals and objectives of the festival:

  • Strengthen international ties through art and culture and introduce the younger generation to international friendship.
  • Preservation of folk traditions and the transfer of cultural heritage to the younger generation.
  • Activation of creative activity, identification and disclosure of young talents.
  • Rapprochement of peoples and interpenetration of cultures.

Festival patronage:

City Hall of Antalya
Media partners of the festival: Leading mass media of Russia, Kazakhstan,Georgia. (press, radio, television, Internet portals).

Awards and prizes:

All festival participants receive:
1. Official diplomas of the international festival.
2. From the organizers - gifts.
In each nomination and age category, the titles of Laureate of I, II and III degrees, as well as the title of Diploma winner are awarded.
The jury assigns: Grand Prix of the festival!
Special prize from the organizers of the festival! People's Choice Award! Special diplomas and prizes, according to the jury, are awarded in the following nominations:
"Opening of the festival", "For artistry",
“To the youngest participant”, “Best performance”, “Originality of the performance”
If a situation arises when there are no worthy contenders for the Grand Prix and prizes, these places are not awarded!
The program of the Gala Concert is determined by the director and production team based on the decisions of the jury.
The decision of the international jury is final and cannot be changed!

The winning teams and individual performers will be made many interesting offers from the founders of the festival, to take part in festivals and competitions held by our partners abroad.

Additional Information:

  • The organizers reserve the right to take photos and videos during contest time, and distribute them.
  • Leaders are responsible for the health and safety of their Competitors.
  • Applications for participation in the competition assumes agreement with the “Regulations on the Contest”.
  • Participants of the Contest arrive in the republic at their own expense.
  • All issues not mentioned in the “Regulations” are decided by the organizers of the Contest.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Contest program.
  • Participants will be notified of changes in the Contest program at official page; Facebook: TeamTravel Elena no later than a week before the start of the Contest.
  • Notify the organizers about changes in the Contest program no later than 3 weeks before the start of the contest. After that, the compiled program will not change!

Participation conditions - nominations of the festival:

The contest is attended by children's, youth groups and individual performers aged 5 years and above in the following categories: vocal, choreography, instrumental genre, fashion theater, pantomime, photo creativity, artists.

I. Vocal - classical, folk, pop, jazz, academic, rock, rap, soul, musical and art song.
Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
II. Choreography - folk dance, folk - stylized dance, ethnic dance, pop dance, classical ballet, ballroom dancing, modern, jazz, neoclassical dance, sports dances: techno dance, electro - bugi, street dance, hip-hop, break dance, disco , pop locking, etc.), "Flamenco"
Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
III. Instrumental genre - folk, classical, jazz, percussion ensembles, guitar ensembles, jazz style ensembles, chamber orchestras, accordion and bayan orchestras, folk instrument ensembles, vocal and instrumental ensembles. Piano (electro-piano); Wind and percussion instruments (trumpet, oboe, clarinet); Folk instruments (button accordion, accordion, guitar, plucked strings, gusli, dombra); String - bowed (violin, viola, cello, double bass, kobyz); Variety instruments (electric guitar, electric guitar bass, keyboards, percussion, drum kit), Rock groups.
Duet, trio, quartet, quintet;
IV. Theater - Fashion Theatre, Pantomime, Original genres "Circus Art".
V. Photo - creativity, Artists, Arts and crafts.

Age categories - vocal and instrumental genre:

1. Age category 5 - 7 years
2. Age category 8 - 10 years
3. Age category 11 - 13 years
4. Age category 14 - 16 years
5. Age category 17-19 years old
6. Age category 20 - 24 years
7. Age category 25 and above

Age categories - choreography, fashion theater, pantomime, original genres, circus art, photo - creativity, Artists, Decorative and applied arts:

1. Age category 5 - 10 years
2. Age category 11 - 15 years
3. Age category 16 - 19 years
4. Age category 20 - 24 years
5. Age category 25 and above

Evaluation criteria:

  • Performing skills
  • Movement technique
  • Compositional construction of the number
  • Stage performance / plasticity, costume, props, performance culture
  • The complexity of the repertoire
  • Correspondence of the repertoire with the performing abilities and the age category of the performer
  • Selection and matching of musical and choreographic material
  • Artistry, disclosure of the artistic image
  • Degree of instrument proficiency
  • Technical possibilities of ensemble performance
  • Technical capabilities of performers
  • Artistic design of the program, props

Contest requirements:

Each performer (solist) must present 1 competitive composition lasting 3-4 minutes, and choreographic groups 1 Contest dance up to 6 minutes. All compositions must be recorded on a flash drive and sent in advance to the mail of the festival organizers.

It is also necessary to have backup copies of the tracks !!!!
Each sound recording must be on a separate FLASH media indicating the title of the work, the name of the ensemble and the name of the performer, as well as the duration of the sound of this work. In the application it is necessary to indicate whether a breakdown of numbers is needed or the work will be carried out in one block. Be sure to indicate in the application the surname and names of the festival participants, and their leaders, which must be printed on the diploma. In case of errors in the surnames and names in the applications you completed, the diplomas will not be reprinted!!!!!

And also it is necessary to indicate the technical rider of the participants !!!!!
During contest performances (vocalists), both groups and solists, it is forbidden to use plus soundtracks!!!!!
All participants perform a song accompanied by a minus phonogram. Solists can use recorded backing vocals that do not duplicate the main melody, duets, ensembles sing without recorded backing vocals.
NECESSARILY!!!!! agree in advance with the sound engineer technical issues on connecting musical instruments and equipment !!!!!
Each participant: Artist and Photographer, must submit no more than 2 contest works, format no more than A3.
Subjects of works for artists:
The technique of execution of works is various;
Subjects for photographers are diverse.


DAY I - (15 JUNE)
Arrival, meeting at the airport, registration, accommodation of participants and  guests of the festival in a 4* hotel, rest.
(Dinner or lunch depending on the arrival time of the delegation)
Acquaintance with the organizing committee.
DAY II - (16 JUNE)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Start of the competition program at 10:30
Instrumental genre, choirs, choreography, fashion theater and vocals.
Lunch at the hotel.
Continuation of the competitive program.
Dinner at the hotel.
Entertainment program for festival participants.
Breakfast in the hotel.
Free time rest on the sea, animation program
Lunch at the hotel.
Departure of participants to Antalya.
Gala concert and awarding of participants will be held in the state concert hall in Antalya.
Dinner at the hotel.
DAY IV - (18 JUNE)
Breakfast at the hotel.
We are embarking on an exciting journey to “Pirate ship” (Extra charge)
Memorable excursions to ANTALYA, which will offer you to make the crews of "pirate" ships - this is not only a lot of impressions, but also an opportunity for a short time to plunge into ancient times, to feel the flavor of sailing on the endless Mediterranean Sea.
From the board of the ship you will be able to admire the dizzying slopes and cliffs of the cape crowned with fortress walls and towers, examine the ancient shipyard and see the remains of an Orthodox monastery on rocks inaccessible from the shore. You will be shown the entrances to the secret caves where the pirates kept their stolen wealth and where they hid especially important captives, expecting a ransom for them. Stops are waiting for you in the most beautiful bays, where you can swim in crystal clear water. Highly qualified animators will organize fun competitions for you, there will be a lot of music!
Lunch at the hotel (or dry rations)
Gala - dinner at the hotel.
DAY V - (19 JUNE) 
Breakfast at the hotel.
Free time.
Lunch at the hotel.
Free time.
Dinner at the hotel.
DAY VI - (JUNE 20) 
Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure of the participants of the festival

Participation fee:

  • 380 Euro per person (Hotel accommodation 4 ****)
  • Free place for the group leader according to the scheme: 25 + 1.

Participation fee includes:

  •  Transfer (minimum 30 people) - from the airport to the hotel and  back to the airport.
  •  All transfers during the festival.
  •  Organizational fee for the main nomination of the group.
  •  Hotel 5 nights / 6 days (3 – 4 children  accommodation in  rooms).
  •  For a group of at least 25 people, we provide one double room at no extra charge.
  •  Free place  for the leader of  the  group  according to  scheme: 25 + 1.
  •  Three meals a day - ALL INCLISIVE.
  •  Animation show at the hotel and on the beach.
  •  Diplomas for groups, letters of thanks, gifts from the organizers to all participants of the festival, leaders, an official invitation, participation in all events of the festival-competition: entertainment programs.

Participation fee does not include:

  • Air Plane tickets;
  • Delegation insurance;
  • Extra night in a 4* Hotel - 40EUR (children under 12 years old); 45 EUR (adults);
  • Additional charge for a double room is 20 EUR (for 4* Hotels) per person per day.
  • The supplement for a single room is: 50 EUR (for 4* Hotels) per person per day.
  • Soloists pay an additional registration fee to the basic cost of the program: 40 EUR. Duets: 60 EUR. Trio: 90 EUR. Quartet :120 EUR. Quintet: 150 EUR
  • Additional nomination 20 EUR.
  • Excursions that are not included in the festival package are additionally paid.  There is an additional charge for a private transfer.
  • Excursion - walk on the ship "PIRATES": 40 euros
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.
Next payment: 30% to the organizing team. The rest of the sum 60% is paid 30 days before the start of the festival.


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