15 - 17 May 2020

Director:  Victoria Mikhailova

Competition stage 12 x 15 m
Gala concert on the stage of Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre


Arrival of groups / participants to Lviv.
Meeting of teams by organizers.
Settlement. Excursions to the "heart" of Lviv - Market Square and Market streets, Biatarsky Lviv, Austrian Lviv, Polish Lviv, Lviv suburbs - Zhovkva, Krekhiv monastery, Univska Lavra.
Beginning of competition:
  • contest scene 12x15
  • Online live streaming of the competition
  • Discussions with the jury of performances 16.05.2019 "round table"
VII Festive Ball of Galicia
Continuation of competition:
  • Online live streaming of the competition
Discussions with the jury of performances 17.05.2020 "round table"
For groups free of performances:
  • excursion programs
  • workshops
Gala concert and awarding on the stage of the Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre
Online live streaming of the Gala Concert.
Attention! The sequence of activities can be changed


  • Grand Prix
  • Laureate 1,2,3 places - get a cup and a diploma
  • A diploma winner 1,2,3 places - get a diploma
  • Valuable gifts from the organizers!
As part of the competition:      
Within the framework of the competition:
Free dance workshops for leaders and participants

Terms of participation:

The festival is competitive.
Invited to participate:
         Solo - apply with one performance. Duration of work up to 3 min.
         Small forms, collectives, ensembles apply to participate in with two performances in one genre category with a total duration of 8 minutes. (on / off)
         Participants have the right to participate in several genre categories if there is a separate application for participation with 2 numbers in the genre category and a separate fee for each application.
Age categories:
Group I - younger age group                     7 - 9 years old
Group II - the middle age group                10 - 13 years old
Group III - Senior age group                     14 - 17 years old
Group IV - adults aged                              18 years old
V group is a mixed group
Up to 30% of older people in the younger category are allowed.
  • "Folk dance" - The collectives represent folk dance or folk-styled dance based on the folklore of the country represented.
  • "Classical Dance" - Representation of the original classical heritage or a new interpretation based on ballet works.
  • "Modern dance" - Executions in this category may be in the following styles:
    • jazz dance (folk jazz dance, afro jazz dance, Broadway jazz dance, lyric jazz dance, jazz-modern dance, etc.);
    • contemporary dance, contact improvisation, etc.
  • "Ballroom Sports Dance" -  Formation:  European or Latin American programs - by choice of contestants
    • ensembles (6-8 pairs)
    • small forms (2-5 pairs)
  • "Variety dance" - children's dance (plot dance for children 1 and 2 age groups)
  • "Vocal and Choreographic Collectives" - Choreographic performance of the collective. Vocal works are performed under the "minus" phonogram or "live" vocal accompaniment. The use of back-vocals phonograms is allowed.
  • “Street dance” - hip-hop, disco, break dance, jazz-funk, kramp, etc.;
Other choreographic forms:
Show – program
Eastern dance
Criteria for evaluation:
  • The technical level of performance
  • Dance composition
  • Acting skills
  • Originality
  • Work of the teacher-choreographer
  • Costumes
  • Choice of music

Participation fee:

  • 69 Euro per person - 4-6-8 people in room in HOSTEL
  • 82 Euro per person - 3-4 people in a room in HOTEL (10-15 minutes to the city center)
  • 123 Euro per person - 2-3-4 people in room in HOTEL (city center)
    • For a group from 15 people - every 16th is FREE
On the territory of Ukraine, settlement takes place in UAH at the NBU rate on the day of payment according to the invoice.

Participation fee includes:

  • accommodation for the selected number of days
  • for managers, separate living conditions are possible (by appointment)
  • 2 meals per day, starting with the dinner on the day of arrival, and ends with breakfast on the day of departure
  • transfer railway station - hotel - railway station
  • transfer to the venue of the competition (in the case of a remote residence)
  • bonuses to leaders
  • 15 + 1 for free
  • tour of the old part of Lviv
  • VII Festive Galician Ball. The team leader accompanied by two couples (4 persons) is invited for FREE!
  • dance workshop
Extra charge:
  • entrance tickets at the museum
  • extra meals: lunch from 5 EURO / person
  • festival fee
    • Soloists - 22 € / person - for 1 competitive number
    • Small forms (2-4 participants) - 16 € / person - for 2 competitive numbers
    • Teams, ensembles, collectives (˃ 4 participants) - 11 € / person - for 2 competitive numbers
Participants receive from the organizers souvenirs of the festival: badges of the participants of the festival, festival magazine, notebooks / magnets, line - bookmarks, calendars, pens, etc.
* the set of symbols may be changed


The composition of the jury is organized by the organizers of the representatives of culture and art of Ukraine and Europe, public organizations, mass media and other prominent personalities from different regions of Ukraine and other countries of the contest-festival. The permanent composition of the jury consists of 5 people. The composition of the jury may increase depending on the number of participating countries. The chairman of the jury is elected by the Organizing Committee.
The evaluation is 10-point scale. The decision of the jury about the division of prizes and the Grand Prix is confirmed by protocols according to the number of points scored by each contestant. The jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix in the absence of a sufficient number of points. The Jury's decision is final and can not be reviewed.
Confirmation of participation in the festival-contest
To participate in the festival you need to submit an application electronically.
The organizers confirm participation in the festival after the application and send out the requisites for payment of the festival fee.
For soloists - vocalists, a pre-submission of video or mp3 is required
Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.