International Art
Festival - Competition
 Kamchia Reserve -
a unique combination of sea, forest and dunes


  • Grand Prix
  • Laureate 1,2,3 places - get a cup and a diploma
  • A diploma winner 1,2,3 places - get a diploma
  • Valuable gifts from the organizers!
  • Thanks diplomas to the teachers, managers, concertmasters for preparation and participation in the festival-contest


The evaluation is 10-point scale. The decision of the jury about the division of prizes and the Grand Prix is confirmed by protocols according to the number of points scored by each contestant. The jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix in the absence of a sufficient number of points. The Jury's decision is final and can not be reviewed.


June, 28 - 29
Arrival of participants / teams,
Settlement, technical fees,


June, 30 - July, 2 
Opening of the Festival-Competition.
Modern multifunctional stage Atrium.
Competitive performances.
Discussion of competitive performances with the jury of the festival.
Plein air of artists.
Sea tour, concerts, master classes, excursions.

Gala concert. Awarding.

July, 3 - 4
Free days.

Rest on the sea, excursions.

July, 5

Departure home.

*At the request of the collective, the stay can be extended.

The sequence of events can be changed while maintaining the total volume declared by the organizers.

WARNING! The groups of children and students should not be more than 15% of adults. Otherwise, the group is considered as adult.

Terms of participation:

The festival is competitive.

Genres: choreography, vocal, instrumental genre, folklore / ritual theaters / folklore ensembles, theater / puppet theaters, fashion theaters / fashion shows...

Invited to participate:
  • Solo - apply with one or two performances. Duration of 1 work up to 3 min.
  • Small forms, collectives, ensembles apply to participate in with two performances in one genre category with a total duration of 8 minutes (on / off).

Participants have the right to participate in several genre categories if there is a separate application for participation with 2 numbers in the genre category and a separate fee for each application.

Age categories:
  • «Tsyomochki» - the smallest age group - 4-6 years old
  • Group I - younger age group - 7-9 years old
  • Group II - the middle age group - 10-13 years old
  • Group III - Senior age group - 14-17 years old
  • Group IV - adults aged - 18 years old
  • Group V - mixed group
Up to 30% of older people in the younger category are allowed.


  • "Folk dance" - The collectives represent folk dance or folk-styled dance based on the folklore of the country represented.
  • "Classical Dance" -  Representation of the original classical heritage or a new interpretation based on ballet works.
  • "Modern dance" - Executions in this category may be in the following styles:
    • jazz dance (folk jazz dance, afro jazz dance, Broadway jazz dance, lyric jazz dance, jazz-modern dance, etc.);
    • contemporary dance, contact improvisation, etc.
  • "Ballroom Sports Dance" - Formation: European or Latin American programs - by choice of contestants
    • ensembles (6-8 pairs)
    • small forms (2-5 pairs)
  • "Variety dance" - children's dance (plot dance for children 1 and 2 age groups);
  • "Vocal and Choreographic Collectives" - Choreographic performance of the collective. Vocal works are performed under the "minus" phonogram or "live" vocal accompaniment. The use of back-vocals phonograms is allowed.
  • “Street dance” - hip-hop, disco, break dance, jazz-funk, kramp, etc.
  • Other choreographic forms:
    • Show – program
    • Show-bellydance
    • Eastern dance
Criteria for evaluation:
  • The technical level of performance
  • Dance composition
  • Acting skills
  • Originality
  • Work of the teacher-choreographer
  • Costumes
  • Selection of musical material
INSTRUMENTAL GENRE: two competition numbers commonly up to 7 min.
  • Strings and plucked instruments (soloists, small forms 2-4 people)
  • Wind instruments (soloists, small forms 2-4 people)
  • Folk instruments (soloists, small forms 2-4 people)
  • Orchestras and Ensembles

The choice of the competitive program at the discretion of the contestant!

Criteria for evaluation:
  • Degree of possession of the instrument
  • Purity of intonation and musical structure
  • The complexity of the repertoire and arrangement
  • Ensemble performance
  • Mastery of dynamic amplitude of sound

FOLKLORE CREATIVITY / THEATERS: two competition numbers commonly up to 8 min. Word, dance, gesture, music, action that people used during rituals, holidays, rituals. Folk-ethnographic collectives are invited, representing numbers and programs created on the basis of folklore, customs and rituals.

THEATRICAL ART / PUPPET THEATERS: duration up to 10 min. Collectives present small stage forms, solo performances, sketches, scenes from plays and plays that have a composition-finished character.

Criteria for evaluation:
  • Completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of the theme of the work;
  • Disclosure and brightness of artistic images, performing level;
  • Scenic (plastic, costume, performance culture)
  • Artistic design of the play, props;
  • Diction actors;
  • Correspondence of the repertoire of the age category of the performer;
  • Artistic value of the repertoire;
  • Position of the director;
  • Acting skills.

CIRCUS ART: variety art sports duration up to 5 minutes (individuals, small groups of up to 5 people, collectives: plastic show, acrobatics, rubber, juggling, clowning).

Criteria for evaluation:
  • Level of training and performance skills;
  • Technical capabilities of the performer;
  • Artistry, scenicism (plastic, costume, performance culture)
  • Creative approach to the selection of the repertoire;
  • The complexity of the program;
  • Stage design of the program, props.
Other nominations in accordance with accepted applications.

Participation fee:

For groups of 15 people there is a special offer 15 + 1 leader for free.

  • 215 Euro per person - Children (up to 18 y.o.)
  • 249 Euro per person - Adults

Accommodation in Kamchiya nature reserve (Bulgaria)!!!

Kamchia is a territory where the forest, river, sand dunes and the sea are uniquely combined!

Kamchia Beach - one of the most picturesque places in Bulgaria - a wide beach line of clean fine sand, equipped with awnings, a shower and changing rooms.

The International Children and Youth Center "Indigo" is one of the most modern complexes in Bulgaria.

The use of a sports center, which offers a professional environment for various sports:
  • 2 swimming pools 5 and 10 m Semi-Olympic and Olympic-size;
  • a multifunctional sports hall, hall for artistic gymnastics;
  • platforms for football, tennis, volleyball, basketball.

4 meals per day, buffet with a drink during meals (juices, tea, water). Fresh vegetables and fruits are on the daily menu.

Settlement of children in 3-4 local rooms with amenities. In all rooms there are: TV, refrigerator, telephone, balcony (table and chairs on the balcony), bathroom with hairdryer, WC.

On the territory of the resort:
  • Reception with English and Russian-speaking administrators
  • Safe
  • Pool 
  • Fitness room
  • Table tennis tables
  • 2 conference halls
  • Professional dance hall with mirrors and climate control
  • Multifunctional concert hall
  • Football and volleyball fields
  • Children's disco
  • Restaurant

Participation fee includes:

  • Accomodation in hotel complex
  • 4 meals per day
  • Every 16 participant for free 
  • Bonuses for the teams heads

Participation fee does not include:

  • Visa
  • Festival participation fee:
    • Collectives (up 9 persons inclusively) – 25 €/participant
    • Collectives (from 10 to 20 persons) – 22 €/participant
    • Collectives (from 21 persons) – 20 €/participant
    • Painters – 20 €/participant
    • Soloists – 39 €.
    • In case of individual participation and participation in the team participant pays only 39 euros.

Festival-competition SAMOCVITY is not a commercial event. Contributions for participation in the festival are charitable and are directed towards the development of the arts of Ukraine, the organization and holding of the competition, the prize fund of the competition.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.


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