The Festival “Planet of Arts” takes a place from March 2012 in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi, Republic of Crimea, Voronezh, Kazan with the data support of the Department of Culture in Moscow, state and civic organizations of the cities in Russian Federation in venue of competitions, and also in cooperation with the Foreign Embassies in RF, foreign centers under the Embassies (Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Austria and others), the international faculties of the Russian universities.

Aims of festival:

  • One of the main aims is the popularization of national traditions and culture of peoples, the formation of tolerance and interest in children for national arts and cultures of different countries of the world.
  • Teams from different countries and cities meet for exchange creative goals, communication, friendship and participation in the competition for the best collective in their genre.
  • Our festival-competition reflexes the creative scope of the countries and world people and unites different elements of all types of art: dances, music, fashion, painting and theatre. It is a platform where the creative community meets with the aim to show the unity and exchange knowledge and experience.
  • The competition is intended to promote the level rise of creative collectives under the leadership of experienced professionals and masters, involving pedagogues and their inmates in the international festival actions.
  • The engagement for cooperation with the creative collectives leading experts of culture and famous artists of Russia and other countries.

Participants of festival and age categories:

All amateur and professional creative groups (from 4 pers) could participate.

  • 0 group – from 3 to 6 years old (“small stars”) “Little Chap”;
  • I age group - 7-10 y/o. (group is divided into sub-groups based on taken application);
  • II age group - 11-14 y/o.;
  • III age group - 15-20 y/o;
  • IV age group – professionals from 21 years old
  • V age group – mixed
* Soloists and small groups participate in limited number.


  • vocal (academic, stage, folk, music children theatres);
  • choreography (classic, folk, stage, modern, children dance, hip-hop, dance-mix etc.);
  • choirs, orchestras and instrumental ensembles;
  • circus collective;
  • fashion theatres;
  • theatres collectives with special game, attraction and ethnic ceremonies programs;
  • groups of young artists and photographers;
  • young reporters;
  • sport art (judo, kung-fu etc.);
  • sport sections of rhythmic gymnastics;
  • fine art and decorative applied art
Art competition blocks
  • Art performances on theme «Art of Peoples of The World»;
  • Artists and photographers with works on theme “Peoples of the world”;
  • Handicraft and decorative applied art masters;
  • Young reporters and readers;
  • Sport sections with shows on scene or lobby.
General blocks of competition
  • Art performances on free theme;
  • «The Best» - the competition of owner of Grand-Prix for different festivals – 1 best performance for Special Prize and Gift!
  • «Premier» - performances presented the first time on big scene;
  • «LITTLE CHAP» - the youngest participants.
***Please note block in application near the nomination.

Evaluation criteria:

  • performing skills;
  • art level of the performance;
  • originality of the performance;
  • entertainment and stage performance culture;
  • delicacy of the costume;
  • culture of communication with other participants during performances and at the festival;
  • adherence to performance regulations;
  • charm and smiles.
Exhibition works:
  • artistic level of work performance;
  • originality and idea of work;
  • complexity of the work performed.
We welcome all types of fine arts, arts and crafts, photo art, etc.
Work on the nominations of painting and graphics, art photography must comply with the formats A1, A2, A3, have a rigid plate, if possible framed (without glass), or a mat with the presence of mounts for hanging. For the competition - 1 work for 1 participant.

Jury of the competition:

Jury of the Festival consists of the numbers of artists, representative of art schools who evaluate achievements of participants and give recommendations for continuing of creative way.


  • Prize Grand Prix – Grand-Prix, festival cup, perhaps in each nomination (according to jury).
  • Diploma Laureate 1st degree and cup.
  • Diploma Laureate 2d degree and cup.
  • Diploma Laureate 3d degree and cup.
  • Diplomante 1st degree and cup.
  • Diplomante 2d degree and cup.
  • Diplomante 3d degree and cup.

The number of laureates and diploma winners of each degree is not limited, determined by the jury. The competition has established a qualification rather than a competitive pricing principle.

Special prizes
  • MAIN SPECIAL PRIZES “Cultural diplomacy” and certification - awarded for the promotion of national culture and creativity of the peoples of the world in Russia and abroad
  • «Best ballet-master work»
  • “Honorary Prize of the Jury”
  • «Master of the Planet of Arts» - certificates to leaders for pedagogical and creative skills in working with the team
  • Cash certificates for future trips in the amount of 10 to 50 thousand rubles.

Participation fee:

  • 195 Euro per person
Festival fee for local participants and for collectives with festival package:
  • 12 euro/pers – from 10 pers, participants before 7 years old– 10 euro/pers.
  • 18 euro/pers. – 6-9 pers.
  • 21 euro/pers. – 3-5 pers.
  • 28 euro/pers. – soloists, duets

For the collectives from 6 persons it is possible to show 2 performances in the different thematic blocks for one festival fee. Every performance is estimated separately.

Additional nomination –50 euro/collective

Participation fee includes:

  • accommodation in a hotel 3-4* - 4 days\3 nights
  • two meals per day - breakfast and dinner
  • transfer for competition
  • city tour and transfer meeting at the airport and back (from 20 pers)

Program (approximate):

Saint Petersburg is a city that can inspire you to new creative discoveries. Different genres and types of creativity are represented. Festival days in the Northern capital will make you part of a large-scale forum of culture of the peoples of the world. Each child will receive a special diploma. Groups are always accompanied by a professional guide.

Day 1

Arrival in Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, called as “Northern Venice”. Few cities in the world can boast so many attractions, Museum collections, theaters, manors and palaces, parks and monuments. Along with Paris, Rome and Venice, Saint Petersburg is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Walk along Nevsky Prospekt. Nevsky Prospekt is the most iconic street in Saint Petersburg. It means as much to the inhabitants of the city as the Arbat does to Muscovites or the Champs-Elysees to Parisians. It is impossible to imagine a city on the Neva river without it. The Avenue is famous for its bridges: Zeleny (across the Moika river), Kazansky (Griboyedov canal) and one of the most famous - Anichkov bridge, which is thrown over the Fontanka river.

Registration of groups in the hotel. Festival meeting. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 2
Opening of an exhibition of art works. Master classes. Festival competition-concert. Greetings to the country for 1 min from groups (optional) in any language in a colorful version.
The "Creativity of the peoples of the world" competition. In the program of the day:
- performances of groups and soloists in all categories,
- greetings the guests of honor of the festival,
- taking photos with the members of the jury;
- the award ceremony for all participants of the festival;
- festival photography;
- presentation of sweet treats and gifts from sponsors.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 3
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Sightseeing tour of Saint Petersburg.
  • You will get acquainted with the history of the city, see the most famous historical places and architectural monuments of St. Petersburg: Peter and Paul fortress, Nevsky Prospekt, St. Isaac's, Kazan and Smolny cathedrals, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, better known as the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood, Palace square, Winter Palace, Strelka Vasilievsky island, etc.
  • Visit to the famous Hermitage Museum, one of the largest art museums in the world, which is located in more than 350 halls. A special place is occupied by the ceremonial interiors of the Palace. The state Hermitage Museum has a collection of over three million works of art and monuments of world culture. It consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures and applied arts, archaeological finds and numismatic material.
  • Visit St. Isaac's Cathedral (for an additional fee) - a unique monument of Russian architecture and one of the best cathedrals in Europe. This is an outstanding example of Russian cult art. The facades of the temple overlook Nevsky Prospekt and Griboyedov canal. This is one of the largest structures in the Northern capital.
  • Visit the Kazan Cathedral - one of the largest active churches in St. Petersburg, made in the Empire style.
For an additional fee:
  • Visit to the Russian Museum. Russian Museum is the country's first state Museum of Russian fine art, which has a collection of 400 thousand exhibits and represents the history of culture for more than a thousand years. The Russian Museum are the Mikhailovsky, Stroganov and Marble palaces, Mikhailovsky and Summer gardens, Mikhailovsky castle.
  • Travel along the canals of the Northern Capital - the Richness and beauty of the city is clearly visible from the deck of a ship, boat or yacht. For a long time, the shipping companies of St. Petersburg arrange excursions along the rivers and channels of the city, so that You can fully experience the grandeur and historical beauty of St. Petersburg.
  • Peterhof - the most beautiful of pearls, "fountain capital of the world" - these titles belong to the favorite country residence of Russian emperors "Peterhof"located 29 kilometers from St. Petersburg. In the parks of Peterhof there are approximately 150 fountains and 4 water cascades. Centre of the Imperial residence of Peterhof is the Grand Palace, overlooking its southern façade in the Upper garden with fountains, North - to the Great cascade in the Lower Park and the Gulf of Finland.
  • Participation in the Imperial ball at the Elaginsky Palace (reservation is required), a tour of "Night Petersburg", a visit to the Yusupov Palace (the richest family in the Russian Empire) and the history of the death of Rasputin, Kronstadt, the theater to choose from, and many other exciting excursions.
On request:
  • Departure to Vyborg, with a visit to Kronstadt and Mon Repo Park ("my vacation" - a charming estate on the shore of the Gulf of Finland by Ludwig Nicolai-mentor of Emperor Paul I). A one-day or longer visit to Vyborg, the main Russian fortress on the border with Finland, is possible.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Farewell evening of all participants of the festival. The festival lottery.

Day 4
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
Optional excursions.

Check out from the hotel.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.
Approved groups pay in advance a 10% guarantee fee, which is to be deducted at the final payment.

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