26 - 29 June 2020 Online

Director:  Mr. Panagiotis Pagonidis

“INTERNATIONAL MOMENTS” 2020 will take place online on YouTube!

Due to COVID-19 and this uncomfortable situation we are living, we decided to held an international online live streaming competition on YouTube and performance opportunity to worldwide amateur musicians, singers and dancers.
This online contest is a convenient way for participants to perform without paying traveling costs and with Internet technology, participants can expand their exposure. They may gain internationally representative recognition, while making closer the distance between participants and the global music circle.
Welcome In this international online competition… so simply!
Send your request and your videos together with your application form!

  • Free style video
  • There are no restrictions on video
  • Participants may perform in forms of solo, ensemble or teams.
  • No age limitation is imposed.
  • Only one piece of work shall be performed in the submitted video.
  • 2 videos can be submitted by each participant or group
  • The time of each video should not exceed 3’ minutes
Nominations: ⠀
  1. Vocals
  2. Instrumental music
  3. Choreography

Ages and Categories:

  • Participants are amateur musicians, singers and dancers.
  • For ensemble groups, the age category takes the average age of the members (i.e. dividing the total age of members by the number of members)

Category Description

  • Category A    Aged 5 or below
  • Category B    Aged 6-8
  • Category C    Aged 9-11
  • Category D    Aged 12-14
  • Category E    Aged 15-17
  • Category F    Aged 18-21
  • Category G    Aged 22-49
  • Category H    Aged 50 or above

First round:

  • The competition takes place in form of video submission. The performance will be judged according to the participant’s performance skills, musical sense and the overall performance. Merit or Distinction participants are qualified to participate in the Finals of the competition.
  • The 'Most Popular Video Award' will be awarded to the participant with the most ‘liked’ video.
  • One winner will be selected from each category. Winners will be invited to participate in the finals.


  • Participants will compete for the title of ‘Grand Prix - International Moments Champion’. 
  • The jury of the competition is experts, organizers of international festivals, competitions and artists. 


  • Outstanding performers will be awarded a Merit or Distinction certificate. 
  • All participants will receive certificate of participation.
  • Finalists from each category will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards according to their standard of performance (no limitation on the number of recipients for each award)
  • All certificates will be sent electronically.
  • The mission of awarded prizes (trophies or medals) should be submitted upon application and the postage is at participants’ own cost.

Competition fee:

  • 50 Euro for Solo or Duet  
  • 65 Euro for Groups or Ensemble

Important dates:

  • Application Deadline: 15 June 2020
  • First round: 26 June 2020
  • Finals: 29 June 2020


The videos submitted by participants should fulfill the following requirements:
  • Participants can film the video at any time point of the year
  • There is no limitation on the venue, dress code and technique of video shooting. Participants may self-arrangement the shooting matter according to their own conditions. Use of professional cameras or equipment is not a must. Videos taken with simple equipment, such as mobile phones, are enough.
  • The competition committee may upload the videos to the website, YouTube channel or other online platforms for the competition, promotion or other uses without notifying participants.
  • Accept .avi .wmv .mov .mpeg4 .mp4 only
  • The video file should be uploaded to any online document-sharing and cloud services platform (e.g. Google Drive, Drop box, etc.). The download link should be submitted upon application.
  • Any uploads to online video-sharing websites (e.g. YouTube) that could not be downloaded directly are not accepted.
  • Please ensure that the competition staff can directly download the video through the download link. If the video can only be downloaded with a registered account, the video will not be processed.
  • Participants should ensure that the document can be downloaded normally at any time point before 15 June.
  • Any submitted links, files and documents that could not be identified, searched, opened, downloaded and played will not be processed.


The application method is simple!
Fill in and submit the application form before the deadline (15 June).
  1. Film the video for competition
  2. Upload the video to online cloud storage platform (e.g. Google Drive, Drop box, etc.)
  3. Fill in and submit the application form


First round:
  • Participants with outstanding performance will be awarded Merit or Distinction results

Types of Awards



Merit, Distinction and certificate of participation


Participants with Merit or Distinction results can advance to the finals


 Most Popular Video Award' certificate and    prize 
  • (Postage of the prize at participant’s own cost)


  • Participants will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards according to their standard of performance
  • Participants and “Grand Prix - International Moments Champion”

Types of Awards



Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate


Trophy or medal


Winners will be selected from each category


“Grand Prix - International Moments Champion” prize and certificate of participation

  • (Postage of the prizes at participant’s own cost)

Hurry up to apply for June 15!

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