Application dates:

FIRST STAGE: until 15/09/2020
SECOND STAGE: until 15/10/2020

THIRD STAGE: until 15/11/2020

Results –10 business days after the deadline for applications.

Depending on the award awarded by the jury, the team or individual performer will receive certificates from the companies in the amount of 150 - 1250 euros, which they can use when participating in our subsequent projects.

Main goals and objectives of the festival-contest:

Support for talented children, youth and adults. A unique competition that gives soloists and groups the opportunity to evaluate creativity by a highly professional international jury. Without going abroad you receive a diploma of the international festival-competition and thanks for teachers. Thanks to remote participation via the Internet, you can motivate your team to new creative victories at no extra cost, cultivate a healthy competition for worthy prizes, among which are authorial art exhibitions and invitations to free participation in other contests, including full-time ones, or participation in attractive preferential terms. Participation in this competition also promotes patriotic education - your team represents the culture of your country at the international level. Preparation for the competition entails an increase in the level of stage skill and experience of participants, gives new ideas to teachers.

Participants present a free program (does not include compulsory works). Participants must present themselves in a variety of musical and choreographic styles, languages ​​of competitive works (vocalists, reciters, theater). The organizers ask you to execute a program (works), in which participants are able to prove themselves in the best way - the choice of your repertoire, experience of stage activity, the ability to convey the style / form / rhythm / emotions of this work play an important role in the evaluation. The artistry of your creativity is one of the evaluation criteria. You can imagine a program consisting only of modern works, only Baroque, only classics, only works of the romantic period or any combination of works. You can submit a mono thematic program, works of only one author. Allowed authors-performers and works that have not been officially published.

No age limit, all genres.

Rating system - points.

Terms of participation in the festival-contest:

The contest is attended by children (from 5 to 16 years old), youth (from 16 to 25 years old) and adults (from 26 years old and above) groups and individual performers in the following nominations: vocals, choreography, instrumental genre, original genre, theater, art word, fashion theaters, visual arts, arts and crafts, photo art.

Nominations (amateurs and professionals):

Choreographic groups and soloists
1) classical ballet;
2) folk choreography, folk-stylized dance, ethnic dances;
3) ballroom dancing;
4) sports dances (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance, pop locking, and also other street styles);
5) modern choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic, etc.);
6) pop dance.
7) social dances (Argentinean tango, balboa, bachata, boogie-woogie, waltz, West Coast swing, Zook, Irish dance, country, kizomba, lindy hop, car, merengue, reggaeton, rueda, salsa, samba de hafiyera, semba, forró, hustle and others);

8) fashion show and etc.

Instrumental groups and soloists
1) string instruments;
2) keyboard instruments;
3) plucked tools;
4) wind instruments;
5) percussion instruments;
6) folk instruments;
7) bow instruments;

8) electronic musical instruments and etc.

Vocals (choirs, ensembles, musicals, duets, trios, soloists)
1) academic vocals;
2) jazz vocals;
3) rock and rap;
4) folk vocals;
5) pop vocals;

6) musicals and etc.

DPI and Fine Arts, photo and video art, animation, fashion theaters
1) fashion theaters;
2) students of art schools and children's art schools;
3) students of art schools, academies and institutes;
4) young professional artists.

5) photo and video creativity (photo workshops, photo exhibitions, studios, authors).

Original genre
1) circus, clowning, acrobatics, original plastic, juggling;
2) an illusion;
3) pantomime, pop miniature, theater / theater miniature;
4) readers.

Age categories:

  • up to 6 years
  • 7 - 9 years
  • 10-12 years
  • 13-15 years
  • 16-19 years old
  • 20-25 years
  • from 26 years old
  • mixed age category
  • teacher – student
For beginners and for those who take part in contests for the first time in all  nominations regardless of age there is a category of DEBUT.

Competitive requirements:

  • Each ensemble, duet, soloist can present 2 competitive compositions lasting 2-5 minutes each. For those who have not yet developed a competitive repertoire, participation with one piece is allowed.
  • The TEATR nomination (group performance) may present the full play or fragment up to 20 minutes.
  • The execution time for the nominations CINEMA and CARTOON is from 1 minute to 20 minutes.
  • The nomination DPI / ISO / PHOTO represents no more than 2 entries, format no more than A3. The subject and technique of work execution is diverse. Technique and names of works required prescribed in the application.
  • Instead of a link to the video for the nomination of DPI / ISO / PHOTO photo works, entries for the competition are sent to the organizers. Files must be signed with the participant's last name and the name of the work.
  • The organizers reserve the right to use the materials sent about the team and materials received during the festival (radio recordings, photos and videos shooting), to advertise the festival without fees to participants.

Awarding of the participants of the festival-contest:

  • The participants are evaluated by a highly qualified jury consisting of recognized figures culture invited by the organizers;
  • All participants will receive commemorative diplomas (Participant, Laureate of 1,2,3 degrees, GRAND PRIX)
  • Letters of thanks for educators and leaders;
  • Ensembles are awarded with diplomas and cups of the festival;
  • soloists and small forms - by registered diplomas and medals;
  • Grant certificates and invitations to participate in other international competitions for preferential terms.
Up to 7 points - Participant Diploma;
7 - 7.9 points - Laureate Diploma of the 3rd degree;
8 - 8.9 points - Diploma of the Laureate of the 2nd degree;
9 - 10 points - Diploma of the Laureate of 1 degree.

Participation fee:

  • solo - 20 euro
  • duets - 30 euro per duet
  • small forms of 3-5 people - 50 euro per group
  • groups of 6 and more people - 10 euro per person

* Additional nomination is paid in the same way as the main one.

Free participation: disabled children and orphans. Free participation is possible.

upon presentation of a copy (scan) of the corresponding document sent together with application and video / photo file. Quota of seats for free participation for each season limited, the final decision on each specific application is made by the organizing committee, given the total number of applications received.

How to pay:
- bank transfer in euro;
Bank expenses at the expense of the payer.

Participation fee includes:

  • processing applications;
  • preparation of video / photo materials for the Jury;
  • the work of the jury;
  • statement of diplomas and letters of thanks for teachers and heads of institutions, sending documents by e-mail (documents are certified by a seal and signature from Organizing Committee);
  • Media coverage of the event.


Video is transmitted using links on youtube (check for viewing restrictions!). Do not delete the submitted video until receipt diploma.

The video recording should not contain editing or any special effects. Shooting should be done with a tripod, in high quality, without acoustic dips.

The shooting is carried out on stage, in the assembly hall or similar premises, video from another competition or concert is allowed. Sound reproduction - high-quality, all the nuances of the performance should be clearly audible.

The participant must be in stage clothes. For dance groups-shooting conducted by the general plan, so that the entire picture of the performance was visible. Without mounting and special effects.

Members are responsible for complying with copyright laws and related rights. Allowed to use videos shot during other contests.

Filing an application means acceptance of the Regulation.

Any group willing to participate must submit an Application form.


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