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Казачья джигитовка, Иван Тархов, 7 лет

Тархов Иван Сергеевич

Геленджик Russia
Культура и боевые искусства казачьего народа.
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Traditional Folk Song

Nurim folk Arts Performing Troupe

Republic of Korea
The content in the video is "Youth song(CheongChoonGa)/Boat Song(BaeNo-lae), Frequent Boat Song(JajEunBaeNo-lae)" a traditional Korean folk song.
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Senegal Simb dance ballet

Simb lion dance culture of senegal

London uk Senegal

Hello my name is Moulaye lion of Senegal Simb dance ballet culture of Senegal? really appreciated to meet you guys my job is doing performance one world culture I’m living in uk London and I’m member of UNESCO really like to have contact with you…

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Песня традиции Узбекистана


TASHKENT Uzbekistan
Фольклорно этнографический ансамбль "Тарона"исполняют песню АЛЛА (колибелная)Показываем узбекские национальные традиции.
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Winner 1st prize American Charm Online Competition for SMPNegeri 19, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia Dance

DKI Jakarta Indonesia
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Ratoeh Jaroe Dance

Ratoeh Jaroe of SMPN 19, Jakarta - Indonesia


Ratoeh Jaroe Dance is a dance from the province of ACEH, it’s one of the most popular dances in Indonesia. The elements of dance looks so harmonious. This dance is performed as a picture of daily life interaction and cohesiveness of the people of…

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Indian Fun Folk Garba dance video cover

Team Danceathon

Mumbai India
Its' an intro video for our animal welfare fundraising workshop - Dance for a Cause, where different people from different places volunteered themselves to create this introductory fun dance cover.
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Mama Africa

Gnawa Karden

Agadir Morocco
We say hi to all the countries in Africa
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Sauti/ la voix/ voice

François Byemba misangu

Goma Democratic Republic of Congo

Un spectacle dont la diversité culturelle, vu la RDC a plusieurs tribus , les conflits sont permanent mais dans une guerre, pendant et après la communauté victime ne cesse de chercher la résilience.

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The Third Orchestra - The Southampton Story

The Third Orchestra

Southampton United Kingdom

The story of The Third Orchestra's recent Southampton project, at Turner-Sims Concert Hall, with excerpts and interviews etc. Including work with 3 splendid local artists Anna Durance, cor anglais, Matt Brombley, electronics and Issa Farrah, spoken…

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