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Girls from Dvorjanky

Children's folklore ensemble "Čečinka"

Bratislava Slovakia


Folklore ensemble / mixed / - reworked performances.

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Performances of the Folklore Foundation "OSMANEAN GRAUSOR"

Folklore Foundation "OSMANEAN GRAUSOR"

Unirea Romania


Song "HAI LA ROATA"; Dance costume - Southern Moldova (Galati area): Bordeiasul-Braulski Sarbesc-Tropka-Boytaneasca; Song "DOINA-DUNARE, DUNAREA MEA!"; Dance costume from Baragan: HORA-FLORICICA-BRANZA-BRAU.

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Dr. Dario Cebic

Dugo Selo Croatia


Dario Cebić and Tamburitza Ensemble of the Dugo Selo Music School.

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Newari dance

Raju Maharjan, chadani bajracharya

Lalitpur Nepal

This is a typical dance of newari community..this dance is perform a festival and special occasions.
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"Mpok Cantik"

Unit Kesenian Querencia

Jakarta Selatan Indonesia


Defined on Betawi dance tradition and re-developed into Betawi's creation motion. Telling about a collection of beautiful teenage girls who gathered and sighed together. The story is taken from everyday life like teenagers. 

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"Menari Bagus" - Eka Resmiati Gunnarsson, Patricia Velasco, Amra Crupic

North Sumatra Indonesia


"Menari Bagus" is a group of dancers from the Swedish Indonesian Bagus Association (Bagusföreningen) performing the dance "TARI TOR-TOR". It originates from the ancient traditions of the Batak people in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Historically, the dance is performed during ceremonies to describe…

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"Tari Topeng"

Artemis Minoo Putri Fahim Moghadam & Anna Zahra Adolfsson

Malmoe Sweden


Mask dance from Jakarta, Indonesia. Dancers: Artemis Minoo Putri Fahim Moghadam & Anna Zahra Adolfsson

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Dance of a song from Graovo

Folklore dance group "MERAKLIYCHE"

Kopanitsa Bulgaria


Dance of a song from Graovo: "Staro graovsko horo" - "Diviotinsko horo" - "Kopanitsa" - "Vitanovsko horo". 

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Shyrun Patrick

Sentul Malaysia


The Mangunatip dance is a traditional dance performed by the Kwijau of the Murut Tribe. The word  “Mangunatip” came from the word “Apit” which means “Pits” in the game will be dancing through the bamboo and bamboo are beaten.

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Folk Dance - Sri Lanka

Nelum dandeniya

Badulla Sri Lanka


A folk dance based on the rural lifestyle associated with agriculture in Sri Lanka.

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