The European Association of Folklore Festivals provides its media channels, including - streaming platforms and pages on social networks, to fulfill its main mission, by promoting various video festivals and concerts.

The segmented audience of EAFF, interested in the dissemination and preservation of folklore, will gladly enjoy and appreciate the music and dance programs, and you will present what is worth to be seen and heardin front of even more viewers.

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We are expecting your proposals, which will satisfy the admirers of the folk arts and continue keeping alive the thrill of preserving and learning about traditions and customs, even during the current global situation!

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"Ode to Pirin"

Choir for Macedonian songs

Pleven Bulgaria

"Choban Neno"

Female folklore group "Detelina"

Simitli Bulgaria

"Under the power of eternal blue sky"


Avga China

Mazur szlechecki - masuria noble

The Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw Poland

"Veere päeva"


Pärnu Estonia


Folklore ensemble "Haelig"

Kyzyl Russia

African traditional dance

Beda Christopher

Arusha United Republic of Tanzania

"Оy, ti znav, nashto razom brav"

Ethno-group "Spivanochki"

Kamianske Ukraine

"Badarch monk"

"Otor" group

Ordos China

"Zavilo se horo, golyamo"

Simona Zaharieva

Haskovo Bulgaria

"Homeland of my mother"


Huh Hot China

"Izlel e Delyo haydutin"

Maksimiliana Popova

Sofia Bulgaria