The Heritage Dance Academy was established in year 2005 and since its creation it has educated and trained thousands of school/college/university students and adults in folk dances like Bhangra, Gidha, Jindua, Sammi, Dhammal, Ghoomer, Kalbelia and other performing arts like theatre, singing, folk orchestra, Gatka and promote the concepts, history, and symbolic representation of Folk Dances and other performing arts. It also offers recreational classes in Bhangra, Jindua, Sammi, Luddi, Ghoomer, Kalbelia, Dhammal, Dhol and other instruments for those who may not wish to compete, but are fascinated by the Punjabi culture. The Heritage Dance Academy represents its teams in competitions across the countries such as Canada, USA, Europe, South East Asia, South America etc and will aim to keep youth involved in the local community. Heritage Dance Academy also encourages youth from other ethnic communities to join in spreading cultural awareness and tolerance. This community building aspect has been unique to Heritage Dance Academy. Past competitions had involved individuals from different religions, communities, races, and ethnic communities displaying Heritage Dance Academy’s commitment to cultural diversity and unity. 
At this time, our representatives are in multiple cities across Punjab who are currently training hundreds of aspirants. Moreover, we have tie ups with various universities, colleges and schools whose students are getting  training from our academy and also performs at national and international level as a part of the academy. 



Stood 1st in all the world cup competetion hel in canada, stood 4 in the England in2006