Krakovany      Slovakia

The folk group Krakovienka was formed in 2002. Later, at the end of 2012, young dancers and singers set up the civic association Dance Group FS Krakovienka. In 2013, following a generational change, a new direction has emerged and group has received a registered trademark. The group leader is Ing. Bohumil Tonkovič and Mr. Tomáš Gasiorik takes care of the choreography and, of course, every member of the group contributes ideas for the program.

The group has a repertoire of dances from Krakovany, Myjava, Terchová and other regions of Slovakia. In repertoire we have not only dances but also traditionals, for example Wedding in Krakovany, Easter, Harvest etc.) Of course, the members are not only young but also older.

Folk group Krakovienka focuses on performances in Krakovany, near and beyond. The group successfully represents the village Krakovany at folklore festivals at home in Slovakia as well as abroad. It is worth mentioning the performance at the Hontianska parada Festival in Hrušov (Veľký Krtíš district), the Horehron Days of Singing and Dance 2015 in Heľpa (Brezno district), Adriatica folk festival 2013 in Crikvenica (Croatia), Genio folk festival 2014 in Vinci (Italy), IFF Macedonian Sun 2015 in Ohrid (FYROM - Macedonia) and IFF Suncev Breg 2016 in Nessebar (Bulgaria).