The group “Harnasie” has been active for 39 years in Canada and is affiliated to the Polish Highlanders Association in Canada to preserve the cultural heritage of the Polish immigrants and their descendants, who were born overseas. The group members believe that the spirit of Podhale lives in music, songs and dance. The highlanders’ traditions are as vibrant in Canada, as they are among the highlanders in Podhale. The leaders, Dorota Myrda and Sylwester Nowak try to maintain the authenticity of the dances, songs, dialect and costumes. They pay special attention to the younger generation of highlanders in hopes of preserving the transfer of highlanders’ freedom “Sleboda” and the pride they have inherited from their fathers. Never-the-less most important to them is to promote the highlander culture and traditions to the Polish-Canadian community and the multicultural Canadian society.