"PROMYKI" is a group representing Wieliszew Commune, Mazovian province, Legionowski county in Poland. The ensemble cultivates Polish dances, songs and traditional customs as well as Polish national dances. It was established in the autumn 1998 and functions attached to the local administration of a commune council.
The ensemble consists of more than hundred young dancers. Members of the ensemble take an active part in National Tournaments of Polish National Dances. Our dancers won the events organized in Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan, Torun, Olsztyn and other cities in Poland. One of our dancing couples has got the actual champion title in Polish National Dances.
The repertoire of the group covers not only traditional songs and dances from Żywiec, Śląsk, Lublin, Kraków, Warszawa and Kaszuby regions but also Polish national dances such as polonez, krakowiak, kujawiak, mazur and oberek. Every dance from our repertoire is presented to the audience by dancers dressed in traditional costumes from certain regions. In spite of dances the ensemble has got many folk songs in its repertoire.
In 2004 we represented our country - Poland during Festival Nationale dei Giovani in Ferriere, Italy. The group performed eight well-applauded shows. In 2005 we were by the International County Wandering Festival in Szeged, Hungary; in 2006 we represented Poland during Musical Feasts Euro Folk 2006 in Bulgaria (Grand Prix of the Festival).
In 2007 we participated in 48. Aksehir International Folklore Festival in Turkey ( Harman Folk Festival ) and Saint Luigi Tissi Folklore Festival on Sardinia, Italy. Everywhere we were always warmly welcomed. All the audience and the Organizers underlined the high, professional level of performance and the mastery of presentation.