Sankt-Petersburg      Russia

Choir of Russian folk songs “A.A. Epova”

National Choir of Russian songs to “Kirov” Palace of Culture was founded in 1950. One of the founders of the creative team is Anna Alekseevna Epova - a true connoisseur of folk songs. She led the team for 32 years. During this time the choir not only stood up, but boldly entered the creative life of the country. In 1963 the Choir for Russian songs was awarded the title "national".

After Anna Alekseevna Epova over the years, the choir was led by B. Kalintshev, E. Balashov, N. Dumtsev.
From 2002 to present day the choir is headed by Natalia Goryanina. Accompanist - A. A. Smirnov.
In 2006 a dance team was created to the choir.


2002- Certificate of participation in the festival "We, the people of Petersburg"

2005- Diploma grade 2 at the City’s competition “Victory’s Salute”, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in Great Fatherland War.

Laureate of the Festival "Folk Art" - 100 years of trade unions in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
2006– Diploma 2 grade of the First Folklore Festival in Tsarskoe selo "Take Care of Yourself, Russia"

2007– Laureate 1 grade of the 4th International Musical festival „World of Sounds”

Awarding the title of „National team”.

Diploma for a high professional level from the 18th International Festival "Folklore Year” (city Velká Bystřice, Czech Republic)

2008- Diploma 1 grade of the 3rd  Folklore Festival in Tsarskoe selo "Take Care of Yourself, Russia”

Diploma from the 2ndFolklore Festival in Krasnoe selo "Skylarks, come and bring the spring"

Diploma for participation in the Festival "Holyday Rings" (city of Tihvin)

Diploma for winners in the Song competition „Festival of Colors” (city of Pavlovsk)

Diploma for laureate from the City competition for folk arts and amateur folklore creative work.

2009– Diploma for laureate from a competitive examination of folklore songs "А.А.Epova".

The repertoire of the Choir of Russian folk songs contains more than 50 works: old Russian folk songs and melodies, and verses.

Special place in the repertoire of the Choir take songs with folk melodies.

The Choir actively cooperates with the Orchestra of Russian folk instruments to Viborgski Palace of Culture. Jointly implemented works present a classical repertoire of the Russian national choir.