The “Gerak Bertingkah Titih Sri Hamzah” was established in the year 2006. Initially the group consistsof 15 students of primary and secondary school from different ages, the first appearance of which is on October 2006 on the occasion of the Malaysia Ministry of Education National Culture Festival, wherethey fleece the applause of the audience with the epic dance of Ramayana and Sita Dewi stories aswell as the Mengadap Rebab, which is the opening part in Makyong that had been recognise by the UNESCO as the Masterpieces Of The Oral and Intangible Heritage Of Humanity in 2005. Since the year of establishment, the group was growing every year and have born many talented students equip with theknowledge of our multiracial roots and heritage. In addition, the group is becoming better and betterand receives many acknowledgements on stage and in their performances at festivals throughout thedistrict, state, national and abroad. We, as the teachers here try to set out to create the best dancerspossible out of all of our students. We are really hoping that we can be part of the many glorious event throughout the world with the intention for promoting and sharing our Malaysian culture and artsvalues, in addition for the spirit of tolerance through culture exchange and development of co-operationin all spheres of arts and culture, and for stimulating the mutual knowledge and mutual recognition ofvarious world cultures through direct contacts between young artists from all over the world.


1- Champion of the Malay Traditional Dance 2005
2- Best Choreographed Malay Traditional Dance 2006
3- Best Folklore Performance, Malaysia Ministry of Education Culture Festival 2006
4- 1st Runner Up, Medley Traditional Dance in Kelantan Culture and Arts Festival 2007
5- Champion of the Malay Traditional Dance 2011