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Folk music group « The Spring flute» - as a unique phenomenon in Russian culture.


«The Spring Flute» is not just the folk music group, it is a family, it is also a bridge between the cultures of East and West , a bridge between past and present.

«The Spring Flute» was founded in January 2012. Since then «The Spring Flute» has been winning in every Moscow and international festivals, taking only first or second places ( including the undoubted successes of Silver Diploma in the «Interfolk in Russia» contest in 2012 ). They were the first Russian group, playing at one of the most traditional European cultural events as the «Ocarina Festival» in Budrio, Italy, or a flute competition seminar in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. The youngest soloist in the band is eleven years old boy Nikolai. He is the first prize winner of the international Internet Music Competition in 2014 in Serbia and Grand Prix winner of the All-Russian contest «Cradle of Russia» in 2015. Unforgettable concerts of «The Spring Flute» had a great success in many places around the world, so as The Centre of Russian Language and Culture in Krakow, Poland; in Russian-German school in Munich, Germany; in Russian Cultural Centre in Vilnus, Lithuania: In Regional Museum Poltava, Ukraine. The Group has plenty of letters of thanks and the review at «Russkiy Mir» fund -

First of all, the group is interested in the promotion of modern Slavic flute - an ancient wind instrument, improved by the Ukrainian (Soviet) master Deminchuk in the XX century. Owing to the flute, the group managed to get acquainted with the remarkable musicians and craftsmen who have helped the band to walk through the chosen path of understanding the origins and essence of folk music.


The group also plays world popular instruments, such as Panflute; Italian Ocarina (clay flute); Chinese Ocarina Xun (埙, xūn) - one of the oldest instruments of the East; Kena (quena) - Latin America «Flute of sadness»; Lithuanian Lumzdelis; Celtic tin whistle; rare diagonal flutes - Transcarpathian floyara and Serbian Kaval. Repertoire includes music of various genres and eras, from folk songs and dances to classical works. In particular, it can be either popular jazz music or works by contemporary authors.


For example - a pair of short videos:

Short video about the group filmed by television «STS - Kursk» at the National Flute Playing Conference -

Performance on the City Foundation Day in Moscow in 2015 -

Few words more about «The Spring Flute»:

«Shmyrev family is a vivid example of the family relations formation on the basis of art. Music and music-making as the highest self pleasure and pleasure for the whole environment.» - Marina Kosmovskaya , professor of Kursk University ( Kursk )


 «This performance showed the importance and necessity of  this kind of music. It awakens the deep memory of our people , the love and deep respect for the common past of the Slavic people, the desire to remind the audience of our ancestors’ half-forgotten instruments, to show their beauty and perfection .» - Cultural Centre «Dom Ozerova» , Kolomna


«Our aggressive urban sound environment and fast lifestyle tends us to forget how beautiful and healing live music can be for our souls. Especially live music on traditional instruments and with such a wonderful performance!» - Marina Strukova , concert visitor.


«What is this concert amazing  for? First of all, kind and gentle way of sound that the flute - ancient, folk and rare instrument makes... The preservation and dissemination of our culture can be a unifying national idea» - Newspaper «Zemlya  Podolskaya»


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