The group "Flor Ribeirinha" ("Riverside Flower") was established by Mrs. Leonor Dominica and is related to the singularity of folklore in the town of Cuiabá, West Brazil. It is one of the most popular groups performing siriri in the state of Mato Grosso. It was created on 27 July 1995 and was originally called "New Hope."

The typical of Mato Grosso Siriri dance includes elements of the major ethnic groups in Brazil - Indians, blacks, Portuguese and Spanish. Therefore, the group's repertoire features a diverse choreography, joyous melodies and lyrics that have the main theme "River of Life" and religious traditions.

The second half of 1990 is characterized by active work of the group when in Brazil increased desire to reassess the cultural heritage of communities. In this context, the folklore group became an institution that preserves and distributes material and symbolic elements of culture.

The performances of the group are characterized by catchy rhythms, harmonized through the rhythm of the violin, "owl" and ganza. The dances are performed by men, women and children who sing and dance. Singing of the choir is sometimes monotonous – the music is Indian, but it also highlights the peace and musicality of colonists religious music. The tempo is marked with percussion, which is yet a legacy from African music.

Body in dance is used as an instrument to materialize the lifeblood of sound and symbolic elements. The music is danceable and is adapted to the rhythm of the body. The movements of the dancers are rooted in ancient traditions.

The group was represented the culture of Cuiaba in fantastic media network programs, has been made presentations of a high cultural value throughout Brazil.