The Grand Prix of the Black Sea Fest "Eurofolk 2013 " - Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus" was deservedly taken by the performers from the Comic opera for children - Romania. The dancers from Bucharest charmed the audience in Kiten and Primorsko and with their lovely choreography became the favorites of the jury. The Romanian ensemble has more than 60 titles in its repertoire and international appearances in Croatia, Israel, Austria, South Korea, India, Spain, France, Canada, USA, Italy, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Sri Lanka, as well as 18 international awards, 30 national awards received for performance, directing and scenography.

The jury members: the Strandja folk singer Zlatka Stavreva, Maestro Georgi Yankov and Mariana Nutsova, director at Eurofolk TV awarded the participants in the festival other more prizes in different categories. In the category "Folk customs" the first prize was taken by the mummers from the village of Taja; in the category "Authentic Songs" the first prize was awarded Trio "Avliga" from Dupnitsa; in the category "Folklore Ensembles" – the Ensemble for Folklore Songs and Dances at "Samorazvitie" Community Center from the village of Brestnik. In the category "Folklore Songs" the first prize was awarded to the group for folk singing "Avliga" from Slavyanovo; the dance group "Kalamitsa" from Tsalapitsa, Plovdiv province took the first prize in the category "Folklore Dances"; the "Shoger" Ensemble from Armenia took the first prize in the category "Folklore Dances - children". The Romanian guests from "Hora" Ensemble were awarded in the category "Folklore ensembles - children". The individual performer Veronika Hristova from Ichtiman took the first prize in the category "Processed folklore".

The anniversary edition of the Black Sea Fest "Eurofolk 2013" by tradition was officially closed by the director of the fest and president of EAFF Kaloyan Nikolov.



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