Dignified presentation at the festival in Veliko Tarnovo has the ensemble for music and folklore dances “Tineretea” (“Youth”) from the Technical University of Moldova. The group is  performing  in the XIX  Stara Planina Fest "Balkan Folk 2015" and VI Bulgarian National Championship "Euro Folk", which are held from 7 to 17 May in the old Bulgarian capital city.

The ensemble was founded in 1965 by Peter Furnika. At the scene in Veliko Tarnovo danced 14 men and  women who were part of the main student group in 1977 - 1978 .

According to artistic director Vasile Kiresh, which leads up  the group from 1989, for 25 yet his dancers are becoming laureates of national and international festivals. The ensemble has given performances in Moldova and abroad - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria. In some countries the dancers and musicians pleased the audience more than once, including the Bulgarian.

The repertoire of the orchestra is basically with folk character and includes popular instruments: bagpipe, clarinet, flute, accordion, trumpet, cymbals, violin, nay, Kobza (Moldavian folk instrument).

The artistic program of the Ensemble "Tineretea" includes folk dances, which are performed with different costumes depending on cultural areas of the country.

This year the ensemble will celebrate half a century anniversary of its creation, which will be celebrated with a grand concert in their homeland.

Do not miss to enjoy the folk festival fiesta in Veliko Tarnovo today, at 9th of  May. The program starts at 12:30 pm on stage at the summer theater in Veliko Tarnovo and at 18:30 participants from 7 countries will participate in a parade in the center of the old capital. You can learn more if you watch us online on EuroFolk TV.

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