7th edition of International Folklore Festival PIERIA Paralia was held from 2nd to 7th of July in the Olympic Riviera, Katerini - Greece.

"The opening ceremony and performances were attended by all the mayors of the three municipalities of Pieria, the Chairman of the regional unit of Pieria, and representatives of national football teams who participated in the 14th European Youth Championship Cup in Pieria." announced the festival director, Mr. Panagiotis Pagonidis.

According to his words, the previous festival in North Pieria from 26th of June to 1st of July also was held with great success. The hosts welcomed groups and representatives of more than 10 countries.

"Our expectations for VIII International festival in South Pieria 27 August - 01 September are for even greater success," Mr. Pagonidis positively said.

During the festival, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and people, make new friendships, share experiences and contacts with other folklore groups. Furthermore, during their stay they will have the pleasure to enjoy the Greek hospitality, crystal blue sea and bright Greek sun.

More about the opportunity to apply for participation in the VIII International Folklore Festival Litohoro - Dion - Platamonas can learn on the official webpage of the festival in EAFF.

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